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~~BTOB first anniversary mega post part two~

130322 BTOB Behind Story :: Happy 1st Anniversary BTOB ♡


source: btob fancafe and fyeah-btob

Reckless Family 2 new episode preview

source: eorang1004

Monkey leader tweet and selca
데뷔 1년..늘 우리 비투비 사랑해주시고 아껴주시는 전 세계의 모든 분들!진심으로 감사드립니다! 음악적으로 정말 훌륭한 가수가 될 수 있도록 정말 열심히 하겠습니다!약속! -은광 사진은 체크셔츠응가2탄ㅋ.ㅋ
One year since debut.. To all the people in this world who have always been giving us love and support! Thank you very much! We will work harder musically in order to become better singers! Promise! -Eunkwang
This photo is round 2 of Eunkwa’s checkered shirt ke. ke


source: Eunkwang, translated by fyeahborntobeat

Peniel chatting with fans on twitter

1주년 기념으로 멘션타임 시작!!!! ~프니엘~
[TRANS] since it’s our 1 year anniversary… MENTION TIME STARTING NOW!!!! ;D ~Peniel~

@OFFICIALBTOB hello how are you!!!
@dashtoyou_ i’m doing alright! what about you???
@OFFICIALBTOB really??????
@hhamnew no… just kidding.. haha of course really!
interents sorta slow so it might take a while to reply!~Peniel~ 인터넷이좀 느려고 좀 걸릴수도있어요!~프니엘~
@OFFICIALBTOB internets ? what’s wrong with your spelling peniel
@hoaziqah the internet is weird so the computer is lagging T_T
@OFFICIALBTOB we’ll wait! Aye I heart you gonna be the host for Pops In Seoul starting next monday omg GOODLUCK TO THAT!
@jongthighs thank you!!! (: i hope i do well T_T feel sorta burdened :P
@mong_jae HI! (:
@OFFICIALBTOB peniel oppa,when all of you will comeback? T^T
@niseek haha please wait a little bit more, BTOB really wants to comeback soon too
@OFFICIALBTOB Don’t tell the other members that you are my bias, they could get jealous. Ok? ily <3
@unniecornio ahha what if they read this tweet? :P
@OFFICIALBTOB can i have a birthday wish from you guys?
@junhyungshii happy birthday!! (:
@OFFICIALBTOB 오!!근데오빠들은왜케잘생겻어요^♥^??????????
[TRANS] Oh!! But why are are you (oppas) so good looking^♥^??????????
@miso5370smile 잘생겼어요?? ㅎㅎ 고마워요 >_<
[TRANS] Are we really good looking?? heu heu Thank You >_<
@OFFICIALBTOB 오빠안녕하세요 제인사를받아주세요
[TRANS] Hello oppa, please accept my greeting
@freese19 안녕하세요~~ ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Hello~~ keke
@OFFICIALBTOB where are the other members Peniel ? ^^
@kellylieww they’re chatting on our fan cafe! :P
@OFFICIALBTOB did you know that you have fans in places like Finland? we love you here~
@needlew thank you for supporting us!! >_<
@OFFICIALBTOB What did you eat for lunch today?
@aegbeatz i had brunch !! pancakes sausage scramble egg (:
@OFFICIALBTOB ดงกึน…how’s ur Thailand trip? Did u have a great time? Did u eat many thai foods?
@vallisamint no.. didn’t get to eat that many thai foods.. sorta sad ):
@OFFICIALBTOB im your biggest fan from Sydneyyyyyy!!
@biandanatadya sydney~~~ haha i wanna visit :P
@OFFICIALBTOB I like your style.. omg. “swag”
@ohsehyuns what style? lol
@OFFICIALBTOB why arent you replying me :((
@podaetoh sorry! i can’t reply to everyone ! there’s too many! i’m trying to reply to as many as i can!
@OFFICIALBTOB long time didnt see you tweet your selca *^*
@_crayonxx haha to be honest..i don’t really like taking selfies :P
@OFFICIALBTOB is the weather hot out there ?:)
@kellyyangyoseob actually it’s sorta chilly right now haha xP
[TRANS] Donggeun-ahㅠㅠ
@yoonnal12 안녕하세요~
[TRANS] Hello~
@OFFICIALBTOB am not melody but I like you and BTOB do you know thissssssssssssssssss?????????????????/
@FT_MBLAQ haha it’s ok! even though you’re not a melody thank you for liking us! ^^ woo!
@officialbtob 프니엘군ㅠㅠ 비투비 1주년 축하해요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 앞으로도 함께 가자구요오오오오오ㅠㅠ 근데 오늘 내 생일인데 제발 축하해줘요ㅠㅠ 부탁해요오오오ㅠㅠ
[TRANS] Peniel-goonㅠㅠ Congratulations on BTOB’s 1 year anniversaryㅠㅠㅠㅠ Let’s continue to walk together from now onㅠㅠ But today is my birthday please congratulate meㅠㅠ Pleaseeeeeeeeeㅠㅠ
@aya_0322_chyh 와~~ ㅋㅋ 생일 축하해요!!
[TRANS] Woahh~~ keke Happy Birthday!!
@OFFICIALBTOB I’ve lost my motivation to study.. Can you encourage me?
@NamjaTaemin_ why!?!?! you have to study!! i even started attending college again! study!!
@OFFICIALBTOB peniel, im an dubai melody reply me please :(((
@supaIuv whoa dubai~ haha thank you for the support (:
@OFFICIALBTOB every time you ignore me, a panda dies. save the pandas. say hi to me
@arvinakicksbutt saving pandas~~~
@OFFICIALBTOB 축하합니다추카합니다비투비하하안살은추카함니다~~
[TRANS] Congratulations congratulations BTOB always congratulations~~
@goeun913 감사합니다감사합니다축하해주셔서감사합니다
[TRANS] Thank you so much, thank you for congratulating us
@OFFICIALBTOB There are a few of us with the same dp, don’t get confused~~
@SY__c0590 haha it’s very confusing… lol
@OFFICIALBTOB I love you Peniel, today i have an exam can you please wish me a luck?? <3 :)
@harryinlove good luck!! DO WELL!!! fighting!
@OFFICIALBTOB im having a bad day today …. a little “hi” would help me feel a whole lot better … ㅠㅠ
@harryinlove good luck!! DO WELL!!! fighting!
@OFFICIALBTOB if you reply, i’ll do my homework, and i’ll go to a good uni, and i’ll find a nice job, and i’ll earn $ to see u guys in korea
@kyujongs ahhaah now go study! (:
@OFFICIALBTOB hey peniel!! what have you been doing recently and when is your next vlog!!! looking forward to it man!!!!
@linyingg sorta busy these days with school and practice so i haven’t been able to thing of a script for the next vlog.. sorry >_< i
[TRANS] Hello?….
@FT_primaPim 안녕하세요????
[TRANS] Hello????
@OFFICIALBTOB i know there were thousand fans keep mentioning u. Maybe u cant see my tweet. Nvm. Just wait with loves. /Wipe tears/
@derpsaylina_ saw it!! :D
@OFFICIALBTOB I won’t sleep till Peniel oppa tweets me back. My eyes are like O.O right now. Kekek. Sing me to scchhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep~~
@_hephap go to sleep1! zzzz
@OFFICIALBTOB peniel~! is it really you??? ;~;
@fujomarrew yes it’s really me (:
@OFFICIALBTOB 화이딩 비두비 ㅋㅋㅋ Fighting~
[TRANS] BTOB Fighting kekeke Fighting~
@Michi961015 감사합니다 (:
[TRANS] Thank you
@OFFICIALBTOB do you miss standing on the stage
@ohmycutebb yes.. i hope i can go on stage asap (:
@OFFICIALBTOB that’s it for today! sorry if i didn’t reply!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! :D ~Peniel~ 오늘은 여기까지입니다! 답장못했으면..죄송해요 ㅠㅠ 고마워요~프니엘~
source: Peniel, translated by fyeahborntobeat

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