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G-Dragon‘s appearance continued on the 22nd’s episode of ‘Thank You‘, and two of the topics he touched upon were about his boss and mentor Yang Hyun Suk, and Big Bang‘s visuals.

MC Cha In Pyo had asked, “Is there someone who has played an important role in your life?” G-Dragon answered, “I think my best partner in life is Yang Hyun Suk. Even though he will intensely criticize me to my face, he always supports me from the back. I think that’s how I was able to become who I am now.

He reasoned, “If I do something wrong, he criticizes me. But he always praises me from the back. When I get praised by him after I get criticized, I receive even more strength.”

G-Dragon also brought chuckles as he honest remarked, “When we first came out as Big Bang, the public commented that our visual was bad even though we are supposed to be idols. But I was okay with that because I already heard that so many times from our CEO, so I was already used to it!”

He further touched upon the topic of the members visuals as he revealed Yang Hyun Suk used to say to them, “I know it’s going to be kind of weird, but you guys will be debuting as idols.”

G-Dragon, who had originally believed that he and Taeyang would be debuting as a hip hop duo, also went on to talk about his reactions to seeing the visuals of Daesung, T.O.P, and Seungri, who joined the group later. He said, “When I first saw Daesung, I was extremely surprised.” He then described his reaction to seeing T.O.P and Seungri’s visuals, which didn’t seem to belong with the rest of them, saying, “When I saw T.O.P, I thought, ‘Why is he with us?’ Then I saw Seungri and thought again, ‘And him also, why is he with us?’” bringing laughs with his humor.

source: akp

After G-Dragon chose Yang Hyun Suk as his best partner in life, Yang Hyun Suk returned the favor by revealing G-Dragon to be his most treasured YG Family member.

After the airing of G-Dragon on ‘Thank You‘, OSEN interviewed Yang Hyun Suk where he revealed, “Because I was busy working, I didn’t get to watch the broadcast. However, I am very thankful that G-Dragon talked about me in a good light. I want to say that out of everyone in the YG Family, the member who I treasure and love the most is G-Dragon.”

“The reason is because among the Big Bang members, G-Dragon was recruited into YGE at the earliest age of 13 years old and we built up a relationship for over ten years. G-Dragon is the artist who most frequently comes to the YGE building and recording studio, so he is the one who gets to speak with me the most. The artists who I’m really close with are G-Dragon and 1TYM member turned YGE’s main producer Teddy.”

Yang Hyun Suk continued, “Another reason I like G-Dragon is that unlike his tough charisma and bad boy image on stage, he is the most humble person I know off stage. Just like the photo uploaded on SNS prior to the ‘Thank You’ broadcast showing G-Dragon lifting up a chair for the staff, even after he became a top star, he is the first one to clean up the mess when producers and sunbaes eat their snacks in the office.

As an artist, one of G-Dragon’s biggest strengths is his creativity. He participated in all of the composition and writing of lyrics for all of Big Bang’s songs. His ability to come up with the melody and lyrics immediately after hearing the music is just mind blowing.

G-Dragon who is known as a fashionista is not only like that on stage, but also over the ten years he came into the office, he never wore the same thing twice. I am impressed with his artistry and consistent effort as a true fashionista."

He ended the interview with,G-Dragon is a friend who I think of as my real dongseng and family member. It is always an honor to work beside such a multi-talented artist. Is it really possible to find another artist like him in the Korean music industry? To a certain degree, I think of him as a very talented friend.”

source: OSEN via Nate + akp
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