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RIP shinee fandom

group shinee’s onew (real name lee jin ki) with after school’s jungah (real name kim jung ah) is in their first year of growing in love together. a person who knows both well said “onew and jungah have been dating for a year” and that “from awhile back onew chose jungah as his ideal type and with that, interest was founded for conversation [/relationship] to begin between them”. from 2010, onew has been saying on radio that his choice of ideal is jungah.

if we follow this person’s statement, even with busy schedules, they made time to enjoy dates, usually using jungah’s car to do so.

onew and jungah’s relationship is at once an idol-couple as well as a older woman-younger man couple. onew was born in 1989, jungah in 1983, making her six years older.

the two people were found recently at apgujeong in a sweet date without covering their appearance through the use of sunglasses or hats.

however, the romance between the two of them is one approached with caution by their companies. shinee’s sm entertainment stated that this was a ‘rumour from ages ago’ and that it is an ‘unfounded truth’, with after school’s pledis entertainment stating that they are ‘in the process of finding out’.

"in the midst of the news about group shinee’s onew and after school’s jungah romantic relationship, the companies on both sides have denied stating “they are just close, they’re not dating”.

jungah and her pledis entertainment through a phone call on the afternoon of the 25th have said “the two of them are just a close noona and dongasaeng, they’re not dating” and that “they have been close from some time back”.

and onew’s sm entertainment indeed said similarly, “they’re just close, they’re not dating”.

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