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B1A4's interview with Myojo, aka the usual puppy love fest



Maknae's observation skills
To me, the existence of the other 4 members are indispensible. Especially Gongchan - he takes note of his surroundings and tells me about things I have missed out. Because of him, I have been able to concentrate better on my own work. Thank you.

What I enjoy doing
I think that to watch over the members is my role and my obligation. It may be a lot of work to care for them but to me, it's enjoyable.

Empire of entertainment, Japan
I want to hold another concert again. Wouldn't it be more fun to create songs just for the concert while directing it in a way that can only be done by us... Come to think of it, are there many amusement parks in Japan? I want to go... It's nice that Japan has so many enjoyable places.

A word to another member
Baro, your heart is really kind.

What are the members to you?
Jinyoung - Tree. He's reliable like a tree and as a friend, I can depend on him.
Sandeul: Chocolate. When I look at him, I gain strength. Also, (the similarity in that) to prevent it from melting, you have to maintain it.
Baro: Lemon. It's sour when you eat it, and it numbs your mouth (laugh) but it's full of vitamins.
Gongchan: Puppy. Even if people around see him as an adult, to me he is a cute puppy.

Baro the hard-worker
Baro is unstingy with his hard work. He thinks of himself as lacking, and works hard so hard with a firm will that makes me think "this guy, he's amazing". Despite being younger, I want to follow in his example.

Things I can do
Making songs that only B1A4 can do. But I can't do it alone. It is something that I can do only with the strength of the members.

Concert dreams!
I want to have more concerts. Be it formations, dance ideas... It'll be nice to enjoy with everyone while being on a stage that is filled with our opinions. Privately, it'll be good if everyone can take responsibility and motivate each other so that B1A4 can improve. Personally, I want to improve my mood by going to an amusement park!

A word to another member
To the other 4 members I love. Let's be healthy. Because I am also being watchful of my own health^^

What are the members to you?
CNU: Mirror. In many ways he is similar to me but he is also the complete opposite in other ways that makes me want to follow in his example.
Sandeul: Reference book. Through him, I often find the answers to my questions.
Baro: Robot cleaner. He doesn't say anything but he treats you well through his heart.
Gongchan: Cane. When anything happens, his existence is one you can depend on.


Commander Jinyoung
With his gentle personality and words, Jinyoung leads us on skillfully. Thanks to him, B1A4 has stayed out of trouble's way, and has a good relationship with each other.

Body management
If someone says that I look thin, I will improve my appetite by eating deliciously. On the other hand when I put on weight, I will bring down my appetite by eating as if the food is tasteless. This is something that only I can do!

What do you want to do?
Next time we have a concert, I want to do it in either a venue bigger than Yokohoma Arena or a venue where we are able to close the distance between us and the fans. Personally, I want to go to a hot spring. I have heard that it is really nice so I've been wanting to go.

A word to another member
Recently when I shake hands with CNU hyung... I feel his warm heart through his hands so I'm really happy.

What are the members to you?
Jinyoung: Tree. Like the big tree from picture book 'The Giving Tree', he is unselfish in giving his all for us.
CNU: Cane. He is the person I can most depend on when anything happens.
Baro: Mineral spring. He is like the spring I can depend on and rest at when I'm tired from mountain-climbing.
Gongchan: Psychic. He is able to control his win and losses in a game of scissors paper stone.

It'll be nice if you were always by my side
Once in an interview, I made a small mistake. I didn't even realize it, and CNU hyung was the only one who realized it then told me about it. Imagine if he wasn't around... Please always be by my side!

Giving my best
For B1A4, there is nothing that I can do alone... But! If it's for the members, I'll give my best and work hard no matter now. I can say that much for certain.

Famous ad-libs
I want to participate actively in making new songs. Currently, I am involved in rap-making and that is really enjoyable. I also like to draw illustrations so it'll be nice to be able to do that too.

A word to another member
Before we go on stage, the things that Jinyoung hyung tells to the 4 of us really gives me strength. Thank you!

What are the members to you?
Jinyoung: My bag. It's always with me, and has all the things I need.
CNU: Scratchback. CNU scolds me. When I was young, I remember being scolded with a scratchback whenever I did something wrong.
Sandeul: Variety program. He's always merry and cheerful. And you even learn many things that you learn from watching variety programs.
Gongchan: Pine tree. He's always quietly watching over us and just like a pine tree he allows us to rest against him whenever something comes up.


Sandeul's wisdom
This happened when we were in the car on the way to a live performance. That day, the condition of my throat was not too good. Sandeul made me drink a tea good for my throat, and taught me how to improve its condition. Thankfully I was able to complete the performance without any mishaps.

Maknae power
The thing that I can do for everyone, is it the role of a 'maknae'... When everyone is tired, I give everyone strength with my energy!

In between lyrics and interacting with the audience during the concert, I made them into one in my own way. I think "life" is about enjoyment.

A word to another member
Jinyoung hyung, this is a request... Please sleep in a more comfortable position. My heart hurts when I see you fall asleep sitting down from being so tired and busy>_<

What are the members to you?
Jinyoung: Blanket. When something happens, I can rely and rest on him. He would wrap me up warmly.
CNU: Fireworks. He is really passionate. Being next to him, I become passionate too.
Sandeul: Teacher. He teaches me many things, and I learn a lot from just his actions.
Baro: Ice cream. Like a cold and sweet ice-cream, he has a charm that you can't stop.

Credits: skipfire

I love their answers for 'what are the members to you'. They are too precious for this world, wae geuraeeee
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