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Is this real life or is this just fantasy? Idol's dating Speculation Post.

These possible couples are from a list posted on Instiz, Bestiz and were translated by Netizenbuzz. Since Junki turned out to be true, could these be next?

Omona's star couple aka 'Gurl what are you doing' couple: Leeteuk/Taeyeon

People have speculated Taeyeon to have dated Wooyoung or Junsu but she's actually dating Leeteuk.

The Romantic Couple aka Cheesy couple who fap to Twilight: KhunFany

A lot of rumors saying Nichkhun dated Victoria but he's actually with Tiffany.

The American Couple aka Teeth couple: TaecSica

Taecyeon was in rumors with Yoona and Jessica with Kim Hyun Joong but Jessica and Taecyeon are actually together.

Nation's best kept secret aka 'His nakedness has healing qualities' couple: Eunhyuk/IU

IU was dating Eunhyuk around the time she talked about Taeyang and Yoo Seung Ho as her crushes

SM home wreckers aka Reflection in a spoon couple: Changtoria

Victoria has been dating Changmin since her WGM days with Nichkhun.

Beard couple aka SM is keeping Yunjae apart: GoHo

A lot of rumors about Yunho and actress Park Soo Jin but he actually used to date Go Ara.

Kangin dated Solbi and Lyn.

Dooley Couple aka That Hussy Stole OP's man: ParkHwa

Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye are dating.

F.T. Island's Jonghoon briefly dated Kang Minkyung and also briefly dated Sulli.
Other mentioned couples:

Yoona - Donghae aka Fish and Game couple.
Though if the CNB and Soshi interactions were real then she's getting some of that Jonghyun.

L - Hyosung

Taemin - Noncelebrity

Onew - After School Jungah (Junki is real)

Source: Instiz, Bestiz, Netizenbuzz

So who do you think is real? And who would you like to get together? Let's make this in to a crack pot ship post.
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