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Same old: SM is hell, YG is for the cool kids & JYP is like home

During the recent filming for ‘Ssul Jeon‘, the topic of, ‘If your child became a celebrity?’, led the MCs to conduct an analysis of the ‘Big Three’ entertainment agencies in Korea, SM-YG-JYP.

The MCs went into a detailed discussion of the CEOs, artists, and training system of these three respective agencies. Announcer Park Ji Yoon compared the agencies into different types of schools sharing, “SM is an academy of thorough training (like a military school), YG is an alternative school that emphasizes each students’ individual colors, and JYP is home schooling that is taught in the way of J.Y. Park.”

Huh Ji Woong also compared the founders of each label to tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) restaurant owners and stated, “Lee Soo Man is the grandma of a traditional tteokbokki store, Yang Hyun Suk runs the franchise that gains popularity with its new menu, and J.Y. Park is a tteokbokki store owner who gives half air, half tteok [rice cake].”

Catch this interesting episode on the 28th at 11PM KST on jTBC! Do you agree with their views?

source: akp
Tags: jyp entertainment, sm entertainment, yg entertainment

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