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Kim Hee Sun Plans to Tell All about G-Dragon′s Relationships on ‘Incarnation.’

Kim Hee Sun Plans to Tell All about G-Dragon′s Relationships on ‘Incarnation’

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Kim Hee Sun declared that she’ll reveal all about Big Bang’s G-Dragon on SBS’ Incarnation.

In an upcoming episode of Incarnation, G-Dragon appeared as a guest on the show, much to Kim Hee Sun’s delight. The two have already shown that they are close and know a lot about each other, even calling each other ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandson’ as nicknames.

The topic of the show rotated around love and relationships and Kim Hee Sun stated, “G-Dragon fearlessly came out on Incarnation. I plan on revealing as much as I have witnessed.”

However, G-Dragon didn’t let her declaration bother him, as he quickly replied, “I know a lot about you too, nuna.”

Slowly, G-Dragon began sharing his personal tactics on how to get the girl, causing the cast to marvel at his dating tactics and call him a dating master.

Daesung, who was also on the show as a guest, added, “G-Dragon has his heart’s door always open towards girls. He’s like the Gwanghwamun (the largest gate of the Gyeongbokgung Palace).”

Source: eNewsworld

G-Dragon and Daesung show off their dating skills on ‘Incarnation’

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G-Dragon and Daesung showed off their dating skills.

Both G-Dragon and Daesung were guests on the March 26 episode of ‘Incarnation‘ and they acted out a skit to show how they would ask a girl out using actress Kim Hee Sun as the date.

At the beginning of the skit, G-Dragon joked around by greeting her, “Grandma“, but when both of them settled down at the makeshift movie theater, she said, “I heard this movie was good“. He answered, “Yeah, the movie is good, but this is a little uncomfortable“. He proceeded to push up the arm rests between them as well as the one on his side, and then lied down with his head on her lap.

Not only so, he’d pushed the soda cup far away, so when she leaned over him to drink from it, she’d have to practically lie on top of him. MC Shin Dong Yup said, “He’s a genius!“, and the other guests couldn’t help with their awed laughter.

Daesung was up next, and he said, “I’m going to go for a romance movie“. From the beginning, he made the entire situation comical by breathing hard, and Kim Hee Sun couldn’t help but laugh and say, “His breathing is really loud“. He explained, “This is part of my acting“.

As they kept watching the movie, he suddenly threw down the popcorn he was holding, surprising Kim Hee Sun. She asked, bewildered, “What’s wrong?“, and he said, “It’s just stuffy in here“, causing the audience to burst out laughing again. He said, “I can’t breathe,” and then suddenly grabbed her arms and brought it to his chest, exclaiming, “Feel it.” Of course, the sudden action caused the women watching to shriek in delight, and the men to burst out into laughter. Daesung smoothly ignored them both and said coolly, “Can you feel it? When this movie ends, can you look not at the screen, but just at me?”

Which method would you prefer?

Source: AKP

G-Dragon reveals how he treats his girlfriends

G-Dragon garnered the attention of the female guests on set as he revealed the polite manners he’s known for extends into dating as well!

On ‘Incarnation‘, MC Kim Hee Sun revealed that she had known G-Dragon ever since he was little, way before Big Bang. She joked that he should be careful as she has a lot of things she could spill about him, and G-Dragon teased back, “But that means I also have a lot of stories about you too, noona.”

One of the first secrets Kim Hee Sun revealed about G-Dragon was about the way he treats his girlfriends. She opened up the topic, saying, “I hear you give out your heart easily.” The sudden comment flustered G-Dragon, and Daesung added on by saying, “The doors to his heart are always open. Like the Gwanghwamun.”

MC Shin Dong Yup said, “Do you admit it?” and he answered, “I treat people I like very well. For me, they’re very small things. I tie her shoelaces. These things are obvious and come naturally to me.”

Kim Hee Sun and Daesung both confirmed that this was true, and Kim Hee Sun said, “Like you see in the movies. He is very kind to his girlfriends.” G-Dragon added, “But these little things don’t hold big significance to me. It’s just natural. When you go eat, there are places where you have to take your shoes off. Then when we come out, of course I put her shoes on for her and tie the laces.”

Daesung also said, “He’s amazing. When they eat, when his girlfriend looks like she’s finished eating, he disappears and appears again with water and a napkin for her. He takes care of all the details.”

MC Yoon Jong Shin joked, “It’s like you’re serving [a table] while you’re dating,” as G-Dragon nodded, laughing along.

Source: AKP

How Do G-Dragon and Daesung Get Girls to Break Up with Them?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite idol stars get their girlfriend/boyfriends to break up with them? Well, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and Daesung both revealed their methods to the public to everyone’s surprise!

On March 26, G-Dragon and Daesung were guests on the SBS talk show, “Hwa Shin,” along with Kim Kyung Ho, Kahi, and Noh Sa Yeon.

G-Dragon started off by saying, “Since I was young, I thought that guys should never be the one to break up with a girl first. So instead of breaking up with a girl, I use a different method.”

He continued to reveal that he pretends to be sick when he wants to break up so he doesn’t have to meet or call his girlfriend as often anymore. After telling this story, he and MC Kim Hee Sun acted out the situation.

G-Dragon finished the story by saying, “When I want to break up, I meet up with my girlfriend and talk to her face to face,” and “Meeting face to face to break up is definitely hard. I couldn’t do it before but once I actually did it, I realized it was a better way.”

He also shared his two cents on breaking up by saying, “After taking some time apart, if you think you can’t go on without that person, you should start dating again and share a deeper love. But if both of you don’t feel anything, breaking up was the right decision for you.”

Daesung also revealed that he is not good at breaking up with girls.

He said, “I’m not good at breaking up with girls,” and “It’s because I know I won’t be able to keep the many promises I made. For example, as I was looking at the Tokyo Tower, I said, ‘I hope we can be together and go to that place even after a year.’ But having to break that promise makes me feel bad,” as he drew an example of how he hesitated on breaking up.

Then MC Yoon Jong Shin quickly asked, “Seeing as you drew an example from the Tokyo Tower… did you have a girlfriend when you were in Japan?” Then Daesung tried to patch it up by answering, “No, there’s a movie called ‘Tokyo Tower.’” But Daesung went on to admit that he did indeed have a girlfriend while Big Bang had activities in Japan!

Meanwhile, G-Dragon and Daesung, along with the other guests shared numerous interesting stories that involves love and separation such as “How to make someone who is not interested in me, my girlfriend/boyfriend,” “The things that hold me back when I want to break up,” and more.

Source: Soompi

Daesung Pretended to Lose His Passport to Stay with Girlfriend

Big Bang is important to him, but Daesung revealed a time when he lied to his group members for a girl.

On March 26, Daesung appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, where the topic was on relationships, specifically what holds a person from ending a relationship.

Daesung, as well as the celebrity panel, began talking about promises and the unwillingness to break them as he carefully shared a promise he made with a girlfriend.

“I promised that if she was sick I would always be by her side,” shared Daesung, a bit hesitant on whether he should continue talking. “There was a time when Big Bang had to go to Japan and my girlfriend got really sick. We were supposed to leave on the first flight out, but I pretended to lose my passport and spent the entire day taking care of my girlfriend.”

Sitting right beside Daesung was G-Dragon, who was hearing the story for the first time. He appeared speechless at first, but later nodded his head saying, “I understand. I’m going to lose my passport next time.”

Daesung also added that he took care of his girlfriend and successfully made it in time for his schedules in Japan.

Meanwhile, MC Kim Hee Sun revealed that she heard from Yang Hyun Suk that Daesung seems to disappear every time he’s in a relationship.

Daesung admitted to the fact, saying that when he falls in love, he loses track of time.

Source: eNewsworld

Daesung reveals his plan of how he got a girl to notice him on ‘Incarnation’

Big Bang‘s Daesung revealed his plan on how he got a girl to notice him.

Daesung and G-Dragon were guests on the March 26 installment of SBS‘s ‘Incarnation‘. On the show, Daesung revealed that in real life he is actually very shy. MC Yoon Jong Shin confirmed this and said, “He’s a very cautious person“. G-Dragon added on, “When I see Daesung from the side, he sort of acts like a boy still going through puberty. He sort of teases whoever he likes. He plays a lot of jokes on them. He tells them they’re ugly for no particular reason and makes fun of them, he playfully pushes them around.”

Kim Hee Sun also revealed, “I heard Daesung disappears when he gets in a relationship. He gets so focused on his relationship that he just disappears.” Both G-Dragon and Daesung admitted the claim, and Kim Hee Sun jokingly added, “Since you’ve appeared now (on the show), you must not be in a relationship.”

Daesung admitted it and said, “When I start a relationship, I forget how time passes. One time, I liked someone who I didn’t really even have a chance to meet often. I knew her number, but I didn’t have a reason to contact her. But I really liked her, and I wondered how I could talk to her. The thing I came up with was to pretend like I misdialed her number. I felt like pretending that I texted her by mistake would be too much, so I pretended like I dialed the wrong number. So I called her, but before that, I had to write out what I was going to say on paper, since I’d be too nervous to properly speak. For example, I pretend like I was supposed to call my stylist, and prepare things like, ‘Noona, what’s on the schedule tomorrow? What time should I get to the shop?’. Since I shouldn’t talk too much, I’ll just end speaking right there.”

He continued, “You also have to be careful because you have to talk before the other person has a chance to speak, since you know her voice. If you look at your phone, the phone will read, ‘Dialing’, but then when the other person picks up, the screen changes to the call timer of 00:00. So you can’t listen – you have to be carefully watching. As soon as it changed, I said everything. There was silence, and then she started to laugh. So I said, ‘Oh! I’m so sorry!’ and hung up. The reason why I hung up was because if I kept talking then, I’d have no more reason to talk to her. So I pretend like I’m talking to the original person I was supposed to call for 5-10 minutes, and then I text back.“

Source: AKP

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G-Dragon's Promotional Asia World Tour Teaser

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Unsubbed videos can be found at source.

Boys are precious. Can't wait to see subbed videos. Question: I know Korea is a pretty much conservative society, especially when it comes to touching/skinship, but with the younger generation are things like holding hands, lying in laps, kissing cheeks, touching (guy's) chest, etc... really that gasp-inducing/scandalous? Or is it just comedic/tv charade/safety measure so female hosts won't get bashed from netizens?

Sources: Big Bang Updates, Big Bang @ Youtube & All K-pop: 1,2,3
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