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Ladies' code: “We Are an Older Group”


As the knowledgeable Global Code Ashley, along with the beautiful Pure Code Kwon Rise, energetic Lovely Code EunB, unique Funky Code Sojung, and stylish Chic Code maknae Zuny, each of the five beautiful ladies of Ladies’ Code started their schedule to help fulfill their dreams.

With their shy voices, all of the members completed their self-introductions, and were asked the question, “Are you satisfied with your Code nicknames?
RiSe answered: “I actually really like my Code, but since I have to live up to it, there’s a little bit of a burden.

Ashley is a talented individual that can speak four different languages (Korean, English, Spanish, and Japanese), hence her nickname “Global Code.” Including group mate Rise, who also knows Japanese, the girl group has a total of 2 members who are knowledgeable in the Japanese language, and if they ever decided to enter the Japanese market, compared to other girl groups, Ladies’ Code will have the upper advantage with their fluency in the language.
Ashley: “After finding out that the company has plans for us in Japan, the rest of the members are learning Japanese in their spare time. I also just recently found out that we had Japanese fans as well, along with a few fans from Italy, France, etc. that have sent us fanmail. This really made me realize that music is really a universal language.”

When asked if they didn’t become singers, what paths they would have chosen, the members of Ladies’ Code said that amongst the members, someone may be working a normal job, or attending school in the USA, and someone may have even gotten married. To hear them speak so frankly about everything that has happened after their debut, to this still freshly debuted rookie group, they really do have a lot of popularity.
The group initially received much attention due to two of its members being on talent competition shows before debut. RiSe was a contestant on MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star”, displaying her talented skills as a singer. SoJung was a contestant on Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea”. To have such well-known members in the group was a major asset in gaining recognition, but also a shortcoming as well.
Ashley: “The benefit was that we received a lot of attention because the audience already knew about us before we even debuted, and so they were passionate fans of us from the very beginning.”
RiSe: “The disadvantage of this is that the audience will wonder ‘Compared to how they were before, did these people improve?’ and anticipate how far we have improved because they watched the shows. In order to make the audience think that ‘Oh, these girls really did improve from before’, it’s a burden.”

Because Sojung was a contestant on a cable channel’s talent show, Ladies’ Code was unable to perform on MBC’s Show! Music Core stage during their first week of promotions. The reason being that because the competition for slots on music shows are very competitive, broadcasting stations purposely eliminate or decline singers that come from other channels. With the previously ‘recognized’ contestant RiSe that participated in MBC’s talent show “Birth of a Great Star”, the lack of resistance was just the opposite.
SoJung: “In reality, if you followed what our members said, you can see our group’s shortcomings. In the beginning, we were really worried about performing, and at that time everyone was just waiting for some kind of news, and when we finally received it and arrived, we realized that they were actually very accommodating. I’m very thankful.”

The members frankly explained that because all of the members grew up from different places all over the world, such as the United States, Japan, Gangwon-do, etc. when they first met each other, they weren’t very close. When they first started out, everyone was watching each other, seeing what the other’s personality was like. Afterwards, they all saw that everyone had a very large appetite.
Ashley: “When the group first formed, everyone had the thoughts “What is this girl like?” about each other, and we would just observe each other. My first impression upon seeing SoJung was that she was a very cold person, however, once we started to talk, I realized that she was in fact a very warm and friendly person, so we quickly became friends.”
RiSe: “Food has helped us form bonds with each other. For example, when we were all dieting, we would receive rewards, and because of that, we really had the same heart and bond together.

The members of Ladies’ Code became disheartened when mentioning the average age of their group. “On community forums and such, we saw that people said they were disappointed when no one in our group was in their teens. Although we’re a girl group, we’re not very young.” The average age of Ladies’ Code is 21.8 years-old, but their ideal type is a mature man, and in unison, they expressed, “Rather than being cute and child-like, we would rather look more mature.
Ashley: “If I were to pick the ideal type of guy I would want to marry, I would hope that he’s like Yoo Jae Suk (T/N: He is a well-know Korean MC). I would like a guy that has a sense of humor, serious about his work, and very warm.
RiSe: “If I were to choose from Infinity Challenge (T/N: It’s a Korean variety show), I would pick Jung Jun Ha (T/N: One of a cast members in Infinity challenge and a comedian). I feel that I would have no burdens or pressure if I was with someone with him, and he would love only me. I think that to be with someone who loves only me is a very important thing.
SoJung: “I want a man that can hold me in his arms, and is a bit of a blockhead. If they could eat meat with me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that would be even better. So, a man like Ha Jung Woo (T/N: A Korean actor).

Every member has their own ideal type, and an ideal type is just an ideal type. To the members of Ladies’ Code that are living in reality, they have expressed that to be dating or to be in love is a gift, but also homework as well, and too early to be thinking about it.
Ashley: “I’m not really interested in dating anyone right now. I don’t think that I can focus on trying to date as well, since I just reached my dream. To me, this group comes first.”
SoJung: “Right now, all of our focus and attention is towards the development of the group. We don’t have time to do anything else. I need to work hard in order to make my parents retire earlier.

When the topic of their debut’s progress came up, the members expressed that “It’s luck.” They also further expressed that they will work harder to become a group that can lead the Hallyu Wave, and become the voice for the world.
RiSe: “Recently, K-pop music has become a trend. We also wish to promote in countries outside of South Korea as well.
SoJung: “I think that Ladies’ Code is heading down a happy road because what I’m doing right now is what I have always wanted to do, so I’m very happy, and I wish that I could continue to sing like this forever. I want to sing with my eonnis (T/N: A term for “older sister”, in this case used to show a close relationship between the members) when I’m 70 years-old.
EunB: “Our promotions this time around was to show that Ladies’ Code exists. If I were to be more greedy, I would wish that people would always anticipate to watch our group. ‘Did Ladies’ Code finish? When are they coming out?’ I really want to hear people say that and expect us.


Source: TVDaily
Translated by: fuckyeahladiescode @ Tumblr 1, 2
Tags: interview, ladies code

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