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Lee Hi ‘First Love’ Physical Album

Lee Hi ‘First Love’ Album Photos

On the scene of Rose MV filming - Lee Hi: “It’s pretty right? The song is harder”

An exclusive interview with Lee Hi for the music video filming of her title song ‘Rose’ from her first studio album.

The young singer Lee Hi seems quiet yet solid. Unlike her outer appearance, this girl who is still in her teens is someone with strong dedication especially when it comes to her favorite music genre. Her quiet confidence also influenced her success last year. How could you not be interested in this music enthusiast? Her success is of course due to the full support given by one of the nation’s biggest agencies, YG Entertainment (in short YG).

Lee Hi who placed second in K-Pop Star last year, joined YG, and made her debut later in October with ‘1,2,3,4’ that swept various music charts. Earlier this month, she released her first solo album ‘First Love Part 1’ and the title song ‘It’s Over’ captured the hearts of many fans. Her full album is scheduled to be released on March 28 with the addition of five tracks to Part 1 including ‘Rose’, ‘Fool’, ‘Because’, ‘I’m Weird’ and ‘1,2,3,4’.

Lee Hi recently filmed for the music video of the title song ‘Rose’ from her first album in a studio located in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do. In the dreamy-like set, Lee Hi who was dressed as a goddess in pure white was seen immersed in her acting.

Even though the shooting took place overnight, there was no sign of her wearied at all. The more times you shot the same scene, the harder it would be. Born in September 1996, this sixteen year-old girl already know how to enjoy music.

Lee Hi met with Star News on the filming site of Rose. She threw a shy peculiar smile yet her eyes lit up when talking about music.

This third music video is less awkward than before. Shooting music videos is fun. ‘Rose’ is a lot different compared to the previous songs. It has this dark and mature feeling. This time I’m gonna show a whole new color contrary to the songs that I’ve sung in ‘K-Pop Star’. Through this song, I want to prove that I can do a variety of music. It looked difficult during the recording but it actually ended faster than I thought it would be. So I think it’s a really good song and it fits me well. Haha.”

Just like Lee Hi said, ‘Rose’ is of R&B House genre composed by YG producer Teddy and the lyrics were written together with Song Baek Kyeong from 1TYM. The song has strong beats and the rhythm is fast but has a sad melody. Compared to the retro-soul ‘1,2,3,4’ and the jazz ‘It’s Over’, this song is of the type that one would expect from YG. On the other hand, it’s a new challenge for Lee Hi. For this music video, she had to change into more than ten costumes to try several transformations.

The title is ‘Rose’, and roses are beautiful but they have thorns. Apart from its meaning that is about woman’s love, I was also stylized as rose. So it’s fun to look at the costumes and details of the props. Oh I’m on a diet right now and I got praised a lot that I looked prettier than before so that makes me think that I should work harder on my singing instead. Because I am a singer.”

Lee Hi’s serious stance for music have increased the expectations of the staff involved in the music video filming.

This time ‘Rose’ is directed by Han Sa Min who also filmed Big Bang and 2NE1 music videos as well as Lee Hi’s previous songs ‘1,2,3,4’ and ‘It’s Over’.

Director Han said, “This is my third work with Lee Hi and I can see that her emotions and facial expressions have improved a lot,” and “it seems that she did a lot of practice,” he praised.
Roses are beautiful but prickly just like Lee Hi even though she’s still young and innocent there’s also a side of her that is mature and lyrical. So we’re trying to showcase her multiple charms by expressing her as a rose in the modern and dream-like atmosphere.”

Big Bang’s stylist Ji Eun, who was in charge of Lee Hi’s fashion said, “In ‘Rose’ music video, we want to give the impression that Lee Hi is more mature than before.” “But it doesn’t necessarily mean than her existing appeal will disappear, so we still shoot the music video with the the ‘feminine girl’ concept,” she smiled.

The staff that participated in the filming of ‘Rose’ music video is already looking forward to Lee Hi’s ‘Rose’ promotional activities.
On the other hand Lee Hi’s ‘Rose’ music video and first full album will be released on March 28.

Source: Starnews
Translated by: twosecondsdifference@flyhayi

Lee Hi’s Interview with Billboard Korea: ”Are you curious about my personal life?”

What have changed since for the runner-up of K-Pop Star Season 1? “I’m an ordinary high school girl

(Billboard Korea) The blonde dyed hair lightly swept off her shoulders. Her white complexion stood out more than her red jacket, she looked stunning. Her deep dimples would appear every time she laughed. The girl who recently attended the opening ceremony for the second year in high school chuckled. The ones who have met her could see that she possessed innocent charms. On stage, she would have serious expressions while letting herself be immersed in music, but not today. She’s releasing a regular album and just like her agency officials have said, Lee Hi hasn’t done any interview with the press since debut, but she went to meet up with the journalist on this warm spring day.

Last year Lee Hi placed second in the first season of K-Pop Star. Half a year later she made an impressive comeback with a retro-soul debut song ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ that dominated the music charts. Even though the popularity of the song was thought going to be short-lived, it remained as number one for three weeks straight. Indeed, it was the tempest of the ‘Monster Rookie’. Three months after, she released a first studio album named ‘First Love’ with the title song ‘It’s Over’ from ‘Part 1’ and again managed to dominate the charts and has proven that a star musician has been born from the audition program.

With every hit song, her popularity and recognition from the public heightened to some extent. The songs are generally regarded as satisfactory. On the other hand, the public is also curious about how ‘Monster Rookie’ Lee Hi is when she is just the ‘Girl Lee Hi’. Besides from her related search keywords, company apartment and ‘Crush’ lyrics, people also looked up for her personal life. So how is the eighteen year-old Lee Hi like?

Why do people want to know about Lee Hi’s personal life?
Lee Hi: I made a debut as a singer a lot faster compared to the others. So I think that is why in that short period of time, people look at me and wonder what kind of person I am. There are a lot of people who dream to be singers. It seems like people are curious about how I managed to become a singer and just like that the questions about me began to pile up and my personal life became their subject of interest.

What kind of high school girl Lee Hi is?
Lee Hi
: I’m not any different from typical high school girls. I get along well with my friends. We go to karaoke rooms together and go out to eat this and that. I’m learning to be familiar instead.

Do you feel your popularity in school?
Lee Hi
: Everyone in Seoul Performing Arts High School’s Performing Arts and Vocal Practical departments obviously love music. Luckily my close friends are cool with the fact that I’ve become a singer to the extent that I didn’t have any reactions when they said ‘I envy that your dream came true’ (laughs). So I don’t think the popularity is there yet.

Do you live in YG’s dorm?
Lee Hi
: Yes, I do live in dorm. I used to live at home in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do but it was troublesome for the manager to go back and forth to pick me up, especially when the boss suddenly called to meet up or do recordings so I moved (to the dorm). I’m still a minor so I live with my mom. I think it’s hard enough for my mom to commute to Bucheon. She has to do housework at the dorm and at home so she always gets tired.

Do you practice when you’re at the dorm all day?
Lee Hi
: I don’t receive training from YG as much compared to the others. Instead they told me to find my own colors so I practice alone. I think it’s because CEO Yang Hyun Suk saw how I was like when I was learning the walking choreography in K-Pop Star. If I can’t do something properly it means that I can’t do it at all (laughs). I was told to do the things that I want and do it naturally and they respect my style. There are microphones and computer in the practice room, sometimes I don’t even realize how much time has gone by.

Your English must be really good, looking from how well you sang the (English) pop songs in K-Pop Star.
Lee Hi
: I’m really not that good at English. I really want to learn it. There are many flaws that I could get rid of if I were to learn English. I could understand the lyrics when singing (an English song) and I could even communicate with people without having translators.

The name ‘Lee Hi’ is pretty. Even the English speakers can pronounce it well.
Lee Hi
: Actually I used to hate my name. I got teased a lot (because of it) since I was young. My friends would greet me ‘Hi’ while making fun of it, they even said ‘When you say it forward it’s Lee Hi, backwards it’s still Lee Hi’ and all these boring jokes. I really like my name now (laughs). I can even write my name in Chinese. It means let’s be happy for a very long time.

After meeting you face-to-face it doesn’t have that unique atmosphere like in K-Pop Star. Is it usually like this?
Lee Hi
: I was surprised too when I saw the clips from K-Pop Star. I too think that the expressions that I made that got captured were weird (laughs). That was why I looked somehow unique. ‘Why was I that weird?’ ‘Why did I do that’, I got embarrassed. My expressions slowly improved after monitoring (my past performances)

You successfully grabbed the public’s attention compared to K-Pop Star winner Park Ji Min. What do you think of such comparison?
Lee Hi
: We’re both teenagers. So we still have many potentials that we can improve but it’s not about who won or lost. We both just started. We’ve got a long way to go, I hope people will watch us along the way.

Do you watch K-Pop Star Season 2? Which contestant that you set your eyes on (attract your attention)?
Lee Hi:
I think Bang Ye Dam is cute (laughs). I was surprised that he doesn’t get nervous on stage. Even though he’s still young and has a lot to learn, his confidence is just amazing. I envy his boldness. I tremble a lot when I’m on stage. People who know that I get nervous when performing would immediately notice.

What do you think when being called a ‘genius’?
Lee Hi
: I get shy when hearing that. Instead of a genius, I’m actually the type who would focus hard on something once I get into it. My elder sister is in the second year of university studying vocal music. She listened to a wide genre of music since she was young so I think that was what influenced me. My parents used to disapprove me of singing. Actually when I was trying out for K-Pop Star, I wasn’t sure if I could sing really well. I was really happy that I passed the first round and at the same time I heard that I got accepted into high school.

At a young age, you’ve become a singer with hit songs. How do you feel about that?
Lee Hi
: I’m at the age that I should be dreaming of something and now I’ve got it. That makes me worried a lot and I get confused. I’m really happy for having found the good opportunity. I don’t have desire to have a boyfriend yet (laughs). I just want to be dedicated to singing for now. Bad things will happen if I’m being pessimistic, so I think positively with whatever that I’m doing.

Source: Billboard Korea
Translated by: twosecondsdifference@flyhayi

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