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[Queen] Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Hyo Jin Release Seductive Lesbian Stills for Upcoming Film


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When Jung-ha loses her husband in an accident, Naru, her husband’s secret lover, comes to her. Naru begs Jung-ha that she will do anything if only she will let her stay at her house. Jung-ha denies her at first, but eventually their strange arrangement of living together begins. A section of [In My End Is My Beginning] was introduced through the film, [Five Senses of Eros], which was released in Korea early this year. But the feature length version of the film shows ‘the end’ of a relationship facing catastrophic ruin. Also extreme, shocking performances by current top actresses, Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Hyo-jin stand out. The two character’s entanglement with love and lust expand into a lesbian like relationship and leads to a new way of life at the end of the relationship.

Source : Hancinema

Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Hyo Jin Release Seductive Lesbian Stills for Upcoming Film

New stills of Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Hyo Jin have been released for the upcoming film In My End is My Beginning.

The stills were released on March 28. One of the seductive stills shows Uhm Jung Hwa in a bathtub, while another shows Kim Hyo Jin showing a lot of skin.
The still that has been drawing the most interest is one of Kim Hyo Jin holding onto Uhm Jung Hwa from behind, seemingly naked.

In My End is My Beginning is about a woman named Jung Ha (Uhm Jung Hwa) who dreamed of being in an ordinary relationship, a man who needed to break off from his ordinary life named Jae In (Hwang Jung Min) and Naru (Kim Hyo Jin), who shows her thirst for love between the two.
A kiss scene and bed scene between Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Hyo Jin is in line, drawing interest to how their lesbian love will be expressed on screen.

The film will premiere on April 4.

Photo credit: In My End is My Beginning
Cr : E-news

Kim Hyo-jin "I shot the bed scene with Uhm Jung-hwa with focus"


Actress Kim Hyo-jin claimed that she was very focused during the bed scene with Uhm Jung-hwa in the movie "In My End is My Beginning".

A press conference for the movie was held on the 26th. Kim Hyo-jin and director Min Gyoo-dong were there but not Uhm Jung-hwa and Hwang Jeong-min due to their schedules.

About the bed scene, Kim Hyo-jin said, "It was the most important scene of the movie and I could do it because of Uhm Jung-hwa. I didn't think of anything else and just focused. She took care of me".

"In My End is My Beginning" is a movie about a man and two women, tangled in three ways. It will be revealed in April after 4 years of production since 2009.

Source : Hancinema
Cr : TV Report

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