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RaNia to team up with Britney Spears’ managers for their U.S. promotions

RaNia previously announced their plans to start promotions in the U.S this Summer and has now revealed that they will be teaming up with Britney Spears‘ managers Larry Rudolph as well as Adam Leber!

Their agency DR Music confirmed, “Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber, two of Britney Spears’ managers decided to be RaNia’s managers throughout their U.S. promotions.”

“Larry Rudolph asked this and that about our group at Fireworks. After requesting various resources, he contacted us saying that he wants to bring us under his management. This is good news for us and we are aware that this kind of partnership cannot be obtained easily,” they said.

“[Larry Rudolph] was impressed by ‘Just Go‘s powerful choreography and charismatic stage so he wanted to directly manage their U.S. promotions.”

As mentioned before, Empire Records will be handling the girls’ distribution while Fireworks handles their American management. They’ll be introducing themselves to the American audience through a TV documentary series with MTV.

RaNia will travel to the U.S. mid-May to start their U.S. promotions this summer.

source: akp
Tags: overseas activities, rania

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