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miss A Suzy‘s innocent yet sexy photo shoot for ‘CeCi‘ is becoming a hot topic.

The fashion magazine released a couple of photos ahead of its April issue, which features the much loved idol star. In the photos, Suzy gives off a mysterious aura, while maintaining both her sexy and innocent charms. They played up her girl-next-door look, and her baby face and slender figure are already capturing the hearts of fans.

A staff member at ‘CeCi’ shared, “The April issue will feature the cute and sexy Suzy. In the midst of thousands of flowers, Suzy is the one that bloomed, and she is as beautiful as a flower that bloomed after the passing of the cold winter.”

Which of Suzy’s looks do you prefer?
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Suzy wasn't able to participate because of a sudden schedule change (literally just a couple hours before), but she also left a message so say A's in the beginning of the video and it is the only subbed part since it was pre-recorded.

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Many celebrities have been spotted showing their aegyo through the ‘cutie player’, but miss A‘s Fei upgraded the trend from cute to sexy for her own version.

miss A’s Min, Jia, and Fei gathered together for their ‘miss A 1000 days Global Celebration‘ live chat event via USTREAM and left fans smiling with their quirky personalities. Suzy was unable to attend the live chat due to her drama filming schedule, but fellow labelmate Baek Ah Yeon was able to make a surprise appearance during the chat.
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Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and miss A‘s Min proved that they’re still close friends once again alongside actress Han Ga In.

The three stars recently attended the ‘EEG&EMG Spring Banquet 2013‘ in Hong Kong on the 13th as representatives of Korea. A snapshot of the stars has now been unveiled on a Chinese online community site and show Hyoyeon and Min having some fun with their colorful dresses while Han Ga In opts for a more simple, yet sophisticated black dress.

Netizens commented, “Hyoyeon became a lot prettier” and “They all look so beautiful.”
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“Every day, at least a little stretching steadily can make your body lighter also refined your body shape.”

Q: What kind of workout u usually do?
Fei : I usually do Pilates. But nowadays because of I joined a dancing program, I just do a lot of dance even more extreme moves dance. I burn a lot of calories. You can do diet with stretching your upper body as much as possible 10 minutes before you sleep such as to lie down with one leg stretched toward yourself as far as pulling or kneeling, arms stretched forward.

Q: Do you have any enviable beauty items from members?
Fei : I have many aroma therapy candles in my room, so after a tight schedule the members gather around in my room, the herbs smell is the best healing items. Also the usual candle for dishes, it can reduced bad smell from food as well you can have some eating style. It really bring up the mood.

Q: What kind of food you eat from time to time?
Fei : Black milk bubble tea on a daily basis I do not get tired to drink it. There is many good fiber in it. And also the food that Suzy introduced in ‘Happy Together 3′ The todal stir-fry, I can cook it with egg and tomatoes, it has low calories so I’m not afraid to eat it.

Q: Part of the makeup of that you care the most?
Fei : Eyebrow makeup and forehead revealing side. Decreasing the angle of the eyebrows shape softly, it will increase the sexy look.

Q: Can you share some beauty tips to public?
Fei : I’ll let you know some tips. I’ll let you know about oil cleanser tips. Use the cleanser several times to erase the dark makeup first and wait for 2-3 minutes before you wash it an you’ll see how it works. Then gently massage with your fingertips and then wash it, the sebum and dirt will be removed and your skin will be smoother.
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“It’s a story about, in reality a human and not a human love story can’t be together. So this is what makes Gu Family Book is more attractive. Screenplay also really fun and Gu Family Book is a bit like the vampire genre, but not the common one.” Suzy said. Suzy's character in this drama is as a martial arts instructor. About this character Suzy said with a smile “I am still a tender woman too”.

“My father runs a Taekwondo school. So since I was a kid I always see people doing Taekwondo, and learned about it too. It’s like this kid is having a good impact from Taekwondo”, She said. Suzy appeared as a martial arts instructor she had been trained with high level martial arts. She worked hard and practice some action scenes since last January. Suzy is expected to showcase a new look to the viewers through the action historical drama. She really had high intensity training. Drama official staff said “Suzy learned more quickly than others, and one immature cognitive behavior in Taekwondo.”

“I have my charm in this, I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m still at my young age and still has a lot of energy, not sure. But I will show you my best”, Suzy said. Suzy is really a bright and energetic person, she always bow to he senior actors and crew on set and also to her drama partner Lee Seunggi. Gu Family Book will be broadcasted the first episode on April 8 at 9:55PM KST on MBC.
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To celebrate the premiere of the new fantasy film ‘Beautiful Creatures‘, an idol star ranking was conducted to see which female idol would best suit the role of a female witch.

A ‘Beautiful Creatures’ representative stated, “The portal site Nate conducted a survey titled ‘Who is the female idol who looks most likely to be born with the destiny of a witch like Lena from ‘Beautiful Creatures’?’ According to the survey results, the nation’s little sister Suzy ranked first place.”

miss A‘s Suzy ranked first with an impressive 44% of votes with netizens commenting that her pretty face and mysterious image would be perfect for the role of a beautiful witch. SISTAR‘s Bora came in 2nd place with 29%, IU in 3rd with 20%, and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA in 4th with 7%.

‘Beautiful Creatures’ will premiere in Korea on April 18th.

Who else do you think would be good as a witch in the film?

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Fei proved she could look beautiful even while cooking.

Since the miss A member is active on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘, she took a food-themed photoshoot for the magazine ‘1st Look‘. She wore casual clothing, a tiara hairband, leaving behind her apron for the photoshoot. She looked especially fierce in one of the photos, posing with a finished plate of food but staring coolly to the side.

During the interview, she also explained why she decided to star on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’. She said, “Every time we were asked the question, ‘who cooks at home?’, I would answer that I did. But I never got to show my fans my cooking, so I decided to forgo my break to appear on the show. I realized it was also important to pay attention to how the food looked. The food you taste with your mouth can also be effected by the presentation of the food. Through the show, I realized again how fun it was to cook.”

She also talked about J.Y. Park, saying, “He doesn’t like meat, and he doesn’t like carrots. He’s a little picky when it comes to eating. But everything I cook, he eats really well. Every time we record, he tells me he wants to eat my food again. It makes me want to cook for him again.”
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miss A‘s Suzy and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon showed off their ’4D’ personalities.

Suzy tweeted a photo of herself hanging upside down out of a car window with the message, “Yeah. Sometimes I need to get my blood flowing.” She was in a bizarre pose, hanging out side of the car window and looking somewhat like a very pretty ghost upside down.

Jo Kwon had his own 4D input when he replied, “Suzy, tell me whenever you need me. I’ll become your endorphin keke.” Seulong also added, “I really hope this isn’t you.”

Their silly conversation amused fans who were excited to find out that the JYP artists were friends as well.
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In a interview with The Star Chosun, D-UNIT‘s Zin revealed her role model is none other than fellow idol Jia from miss A.

Zin shared, “Upon seeing the fashion sense of sunbaenim miss A’s Jia, I got inspired to go on a diet. I want to work out hard and also pull off the cool styles just like Jia sunbaenim.”

D-Unit recently made a comeback with their new single “Talk to My Face“ along with the addition of new “borrowed” member, GP Basic‘s Janey (now JNEY).

uh... while jia would appreciate you looking up to her becuase of her fashion (which is awesome and she is truly a fashionista imo, unlike some idols who are just labeled that), she wouldn't like you wanting to lose weight because of her.
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miss A‘s Fei is becoming a blue chip in the variety show world, but she says that there’s one thing she can’t do on TV.

Fei commented on her experience with ‘Dancing with the Stars Korea‘, “I can swing dance well, but acting cute is awkward for me. I show a lot of aegyo to my unnis. Because I have a lively personality, if I get close with someone I naturally show them more aegyo. But I can’t show aegyo to my oppas or guys. That’s why I can’t do cute things. I can’t seem to wink when I look at the camera. Just thinking about it makes me crazy.”

She also revealed that all of her female labelmates are like her, sharing, “Not only me, but I think my miss A members also have a long way to go from being a ‘cutie’ who does cute things well. Not only miss A, but also the Wonder Girls, and among all the girl groups of JYP Entertainment, there are no cuties.”

Do you agree with Fei?
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“It’s Fei time!”

Another member from girl group miss A Fei (26) big move has began. As member from a group who has a cool performance on stage she was born in Hainan, China, so lovely but didn’t often talk about herself, the fact is she didn’t have many opportunity for that.

Currently appear on Cable Olive ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’ and MBC ‘Dancing With the Star 3′ a challenge to show her fans a new side of her is started. Have been living in Korea for 7 years and also will celebrate 1000 days debut of miss A on 26th this month, her appearance reveals more extraordinary feeling.

◇ Missing her homeland food ‘Cooking Idol’ was born

From the current 4 times episode and winning the three of it on Master Chef Korea Celebrity she already make people favorite her as the champion. “I don’t think that I’m that good”, she said with a smile. “My cooking skill is improved a lot since I came to Korea, and I’m thankful for that.”

Fei said “Since I’m in Korea, I started to cook my homeland food because I miss it, since that time, I always ask my Mom on the phone to taught me about how to cook and the recipe of my homeland food. Since that time many people around me praise about my cooking skill and saying that the food is good, that when i feel proud”.

But she said calling her as a chef is a bot too much. “I’m just good with making home food. So it can’t be called as chef. But this time, I join cooking tv program,i would not know the extent to find a pasta recipe at home”. she said humble. “But I know how to made Korean food such as kimchi stew and kimchi fried rice, our miss A members really like my kimchi stew”.

◇ Really want to spend holiday and come back to home

“If I didn’t join Master Chef Korea Celebrity, I have a chance to comeback home once a year, but I gave up going to see my parents once a year. Since my school days I was lived away from home and didn’t have time to spent times together with my brother. So I wanted to go to vacation like everyone else when I go to the United States, France, and travel together”.

“However, i gave up that time for such a special survival programs. I do not regret it at all. Seems that the selection was really well done”, Fei said. “Doing Master Chef Korea Celebrity is not an easy task, but I like it”.

Fei “From those two different programs, Master Chef Korea and Dancing With The Stars I can show my two different sides. From Master Chef I can show my feminine side while cooking, and from Dancing With The Stars I can show my sexy charms on stage. Seeing many fans attentions and sparking eyes really make me want to work even harder. I’m going to going to attract more attention and show my no.1 skill”.

“I came to Korea when I was 19 years old. And left my home since my school days in China, my Mom said it would be nice if i was just became a Mandarin singer. My Mom was so worry because I was going to another country with different language and culture. But when I think about it now, it’s all worth it to do” Fei said when she was remembering her back times.

Three years seems like it was just yesterday miss A has been debut “miss A 1000 debut days will be coming soon. There will be an event with fans. I really want to spent meaningful times together with them” she said.

◇There is more tension in dancing than cooking

“The program need thinking more than speaking. You must think really carefully. In silent you must really think who do you want to hear”, she said. “But on the Master Chef, when the interview time and especially when the food introducing time the crew gave me more compliments. So I can be more relaxed in front of camera, I don’t need to talk much and it’s good because I don’t speak good Korean compared to other members”.

Then cooking survival rather than dance survival is more comfortable. Majoring in traditional dances from China and who didn’t know about miss A’s dancing skill, you still not familiar with dance?. “I’m not a chef since the beginning, I’m a singer so I don’t feel that much burdened if I get eliminate. But it’s different with Dancing With The Stars, when people always praise me “I did well” on stage, but on the Dancing With The Stars my rivals are really the professional with dance”, she said.

◇Exposing her sexiness

About her Dance With The Stars partner Kim SooRo “We are the same age friends, but in Dancing With The Stars he is like my teacher, so we still feel awkward. Because on dancing, it’s not just dancing but dancing at the same time”, she said.

“To be honest, while learning samba, I was thinking why my body was so stiff, that’s not my first time dancing, but then I think I must put more effort.” She added.

It has been released Fei’s photos with dancing costume for Dancing With The Stars, how do you feel?. “Burden, but it is still incredibly sexy wearing that costumes. I can see people eyes are change when I wear that costume. It shows my sexy and feminine side. And my self-confidence arises”.

(Translator is not fluent in English. So the English words maybe not representing the exact words, but we guarantee it has the same meaning)
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Fei: Since debut days, my Korean language is going a lot better now. I’ve learned a lot from Suzy and Min the members from Korean. We always speak naturally and having basic conversation. Texting with shorted words are the secret. I saw Suzy done that a lot. But using honorific words for me it’s still a little difficult. I still don’t get used in using polite words.

Reporter: These days many foreign idols who were worked hard and get recognized in Korea. Who do you think the most active foreign idol in Korea?
Fei: I think it’s Super Junior M’s Henry and f(x) Amber and also Tasty2Wins. I know them. I think they’ve worked hard. But I think our Amber must learn Korean more. She has a lot of friends and her personality is very good too.

Reporter: Another Chinese idol f(x) Victoria and 2PM’s Nichkhun who came from Thailand are famous too through their variety show MBC We Got Married. So in Fei’s hometown, how do they react to that kind of shows in Korea?
Fei: I don’t know, but I think Korean idols is not very famous in my hometown. Because some of my young friends only know several of Korean Idols. But because Wonder Girls’ Nobody was very famous many people want to know about K-Pop more. So everyone please give me your support too.

Reporter: Living in other country is very hard. Beside of language, the culture is differen too.So what is your hardest thing to handle when you have debut in Korea for 3 years?
Fei: Before debut I always thought when will I have my debut day, it was really no idea about it. Also the trainee days is very difficult and I don’t have many friends that time. After debut, the pressure is even bigger, my english language is not good too, because of language i think i’ve lost some opportunity, that’s too bad.

Reporter: Finally, what is your future dream?
Fei: I want to have some activities that don’t need to talk a lot. Because I talk very less. So I want to have activities that will show my charisma on stage. And in a few years, I really want to make a Chinese restaurant in Korea. I want to introduce how delicious are Chinese cuisine to Korea.

(Ps: we only translated some parts and the English language may not represent the exact words, but we guarantee to you it has the same meaning)
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Jia,Fei and Min at Steve J & Yoni P Fashion Show:

» missanews.com¹ » missanews.com²

Fei and Min at Newsen 8th Anniversary Celebration Party:


Jia at Jain Song Fashion Show:

ugh she looks so freaking stunning here

Min and Jia at Kye HanHee Fashion show:


Suzy at Suecomma Bonnie 10 year anniversary event:


Jia and Fei at Designer Lee Suktae fashion show:

» missanews.com¹ » missanews.com²

JiaFei at Lie Sang Bong Fashion Show:


Suzy at the Vedi Vero launch event:


Fei on Master Chef Korea Celebrity:

» fymiss-a@tumblr

Suzy for The Face Shop:

» suzybae@tumblr
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