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A Delicious New Look to “Shinhwa Broadcast”

The boys of Shinhwa are back with their sleeves rolled up.

After a month long break, the group’s namesake show, “Shinwa Broadcast,” will be back on television with a new format. The updated format takes the shape of a food variety show in which the members compete to cook up the best meal for various families. Included in the competition will be the mothers of these families and the rest of the family members will have to figure out which meal was cooked by their real mother among the choices provided by the competing members. The families will be chosen among celebrity families and will not be limited to the mother figure but will also include mother-in-laws, husbands, and wives as viable competitors.

If the previous format of “Shinhwa Broadcast” mostly drew in young viewers, the producers of the show hope to reach a wider demographic with the new format.

“Shinhwa Broadcast” returns April 7 on JTBC. Can’t wait to see what antics the forever man-boys will come up with this time!

Source : soompi

Tags: shinhwa, tv shows

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