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EXO's Baekhyun Makes a Joke About Autistic Kids?

A lot of drama happened in the Hallyu8 forums yesterday, when Hallyu8 user ♡Meli made a post supposedly revealing that EXO-K's Baekhyun made a joke about autistic children.

The video apparently shows Baekhyun saying the phrase "Like an autistic kid" at 2:23.

EXO fans on twitter came out in droves, claiming to know fluent Korean and saying that Baekhyun said no such thing. However, another video was uploaded afterwards, which was titled the "censored version" and this didn't include Baekhyun's supposed offensive phrase. Does this mean he did say something offensive? There could be another reason why it was cut out, but it does seem suspicious.

To quote the person who made the translations originally [aka user Shithead]:

"For anyone that's curious just compare what this person is claiming to what I am. Try piecing together what Baekhyun is saying even though it may be hard if you don't understand Korean.

Deerhanoppar is claiming he said "Ja pae han got deul ah" or "Ja pae han ja deul ah" or "Ja pae han ae deul ah"
I'm claiming he said "Ja pye ah deul" and a muffled "ee yah" at the end, which means he called the members autistic kids."

The user Shithead also adds in a later comment that "Instiz is also a pretty fangirly site that mostly just copy pastes Bestiz posts.
Bestiz is bigger with more SNSD and Big Bang fangirls but also a ton of their antis, and pretty neutral to everyone else.
Every sane person hears it as autistic kid. There are no EXO stans arguing otherwise, they're just trying to drag Kim Yoo Jung down with them.

[OP note: Shithead then links to the site here]

There were 2 bigger posts before this but they got deleted."

[So is Baekhyun guilty? Idk I've always thought he seemed like the type to do something like this, but I don't speak Korean so I have no idea if what he's saying is offensive or not.]

mods, i think lj ate the last version of this post i submitted? If not, plz just ignore this one.../but hopefully everything should be working now >_<;;

Flawless Angel!Kris welcomes you to this messy EXO post!

Sources: Youtube (Uploaded by user 지혜 진/anna2197) + Hallyu8
Censored video from IvyClub01
Original post from Hallyu8 user ♡Meli and user Shithead 1,2,3,4
Tags: exo, scandals, shit just got real, wtf

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