9:58 pm - 04/11/2013

Lots of Daesung interviews to make you smile


Q: If you could become a member of Bigbang for a day, who would it be?
T.O.P. Being able to do things that I want to do, it seems like there is no stress at all. It’s just like I will keep eating if I feel like eating, I really envy him on this point. He is a baby, T.O.P.

BH: “D’scover” as a J-Pop cover album has quite a huge variety because you recorded songs like “Sunny Hill”, “Powerful Boy”, “Joyful” and “Tonight Boogie Back”.
From a list of 200 songs, I first selected songs that I purely wanted to sing. Then, I sang them once and chose 10 that felt right. To have an album that contains so much variety makes me satisfied. The common point for all the songs is “warmth”. It’s like being in a mother’s womb. I was trying to emphasize on that warmness. When listening to the original song lyrics and voice, if I am able to portray the warmth, color, passion and message that I feel from the song, I will be very happy.

BH: Are there any songs that you feel the most for?
Saito Kazuyoshi’s “Singer’s Ballad”. This is a song that I found by accident while searching online for more songs to listen to. After listening to it, I really liked it, so I suggested to sing the song.

BH: Was it tough during the recording session?
I really had to consider many aspects and I also discussed many times with the production team. I have also heard the songs too many times that it would be bad if I continued (laugh). During recording, the most important thing of all is to “sing sincerely” from the heart. When you guys listen to my songs and able to feel my sincere singing, I will be very happy.

BH: Did you let your members listen to the album?
Yes, I watched “Singer’s Ballad” MV with them. It was the first time watching an MV with my own song together with them, so I was too shy and did not watch till the end (laugh).

BH: If you have a girl you like, what song will you sing for her?
It might be too sweet but I will sing Hata Motohiro’s “Love” (shy). When I understood the meaning of the lyrics, I felt like it matched my style when I am in love. I am also a person who beats around the bush when I want to speak about my own feelings. I will treat this song as a present for her.

Q&A session for D-LITE with questions from BLENDA readers!

These are questions that readers wanted to ask D-LITE! Sometimes he is shy, but he still answered the questions smiling at all times. D-LITE makes people feel warm and fuzzy♪

Q: What is your favourite song in “D’scover”?
It is Saito Kazuyoshi’s “Singer’s Ballad”. I am a person who likes songs that are warm, and I still remember the warmth I felt from this song when I heard it the first time.

Q: What is the hardest song to sing in “D’scover”?
MISIA san’s “Missing You Now”. The range of things you can imagine (while singing the song) was too wide. I spent a lot of time before an image was able to float in my mind.

Q: How do you feel doing your Japan activities alone? Please tell us your ambitions!
I am very happy♪ Compared to being in Korea, I am more busy now. However, I am surrounded by excellent staff members and they buy me awesome breakfast every day. Today’s roast pork takeaway touched me! About ambitions, I have just started my activities, so compared to a big dream, I am now still working hard on doing my work. I hope to work hard and complete my album and live concerts in March smoothly.

Q: How did you learn Japanese?
(via interviews) I am still learning now. If there's a mistake, I will ask the other person to copy it for me. After that, I will ask him what I did wrong. Also via watching movies. Recently I watched “GANTZ”, “Space Brothers” and “Love Strikes”. “Love Strikes" was very touching!

Q: How do you spend your holiday?
I stay at home or stay in hotels. If in the hotel, I go swimming or do some sports. Also, I frequently eat out in search for good food. Recently I am addicted to sushi. I like to eat mackerel♥

Q: Who do you click with the most amongst the members?
D-LITE! I’m joking (laugh). It’s G-DRAGON. GD is really gentle and he will help me do anything and I also can show him aegyo.

Q: Which Bigbang song is your favourite?
“Monster”. Because when I sing this song, I change into a Monster!

Q: What type of clothes do you like girls to wear?
I like clothes that exude feminine charms, a gentle style. It’s just like being able to match with a dress with an attached hood.

Q: The type of girls you like?
Just like the type of songs I like, I like a warm smile, so I like girls with warm smiles. I think a smile can tell me the entire life of the person.

Q: The song you keep listening to?
Recently I have been listening to Miguel’s “Use Me” and Bruno Mars' “Gorilla”.

Q: The source of sexiness?
A pink lip I think? This is a natural color. Sometimes when attending programs with female guests, I will darken my lip intentionally (laugh).

Q: D-LITE san who has a very cute smile, what is the secret to maintaining this smile every day?
When I smile, everybody can become even happier, so I want to smile.

Oricon Style (OS): For your solo album “D’scover”, you have collated the precious J-pop cover albums. There’s not only male singers songs like Saito Kazuyoshi’s “Singer’s Ballad” and Sukima Switch “Powerful Boy” but also female singers like Ikimono-gakari’s “Joyful”, not only are there solo songs but also songs from groups… you have collated so many colourful music, how did you select it?
D-LITE: From the list of 100 recommended songs, I did try singing all of it, but in the end I still selected songs that I really wanted to sing purely. Firstly, I listened to the audio version to understand the impression of the original song, then I will search for videos to observe the singer’s message and mood, then I will see if anybody else did a cover of that song and I will search it out and listen to it… if time permits. I have experienced everything related to the songs, from audio to video to covers. If at any point of time, I feel that there is a different feeling from me, the singer’s posture or we do not have the same view, I will then think that is a song that cannot be covered. Feeling the colors of the person, then what do I do with my own colors? I will think this way. Now that I have the chance to do a cover, I have to add my colors in properly if not I will be disappointing the listeners. I really considered many factors in this area, I listened too many times for the songs till it would be bad if I continued listening (laugh). I wanted to guide my own colors out and I did a lot of effort for it, however I am so satisfied because I have a piece of work that I am happy with.

OS: Any stress or uneasiness for your first solo?
D-LITE: Yes. To be honest, there’s a lot at the start. Am I able to sing out my feelings well with Japanese? I think singing and expressing its feelings is the most important thing, however I noticed that my Japanese pronunciation sounded unnatural, and I had to add in my own feelings too… so I was thinking of many things while recording. Also, Bigbang’s world tour was happening at the same time as well, so my mind became a mess (laugh), it was really tough. However, during the recording, I constantly hear people around me telling me that it is very good so all the uneasiness that I carried with me disappeared naturally.

OS: What is the difference recording as Bigbang’s D-LITE and solo artist D-LITE?
D-LITE: With Bigbang, because it will not be my voice from the start till end of the song, so I have to listen to how the member before me sang it, how he used his voice and what atmosphere was it in, to let the switching of voices be smooth, I have to consider tweaking my voice tone etc. However, for my solo album, each song contains my stories, so from the start till the end, I had to ask myself constantly what I am trying to express, and I have to sing together with my thoughts of how to present it and how I want to present it constantly in my mind. That is the biggest difference.

OS: For the production of this album, you stayed in Japan for quite a long period last year.
D-LITE: Actually I was already in Japan secretly for a few months since July.

OS: Since it’s during July, it means you will have met V.I. for his Japan activities.
D-LITE: Yes, I was there when V.I. had his Japanese programs to appear on but V.I. was really~~busy at that time. Although I was staying in a room beside V.I, however V.I had to travel to Osaka and many other places, so in the end, I could only see him once or twice in the two months I was there. Although we do send text, talk on the phone occasionally and report about our situation now, he was unable to accompany me at all…. It was really lonely (laugh)

OS: Did V.I san or any of the other members give you any advice or suggestions for your solo album?
D-LITE: Because I was shy so I did not ask the members myself, but V.I will come up to me on his own and ask “How is this song”, “I think it’s not bad”, “I think this song suits you”, and he recommended a lot of Japanese songs that he knew to me.

OS: So, what was the song V.I recommended?
D-LITE: Ahhh… That…. That is……

OS: Maybe it wasn’t recorded.
D-LITE: Ah~ Yes (wry smile). Ah yes! MISIA san’s “Missing You Now” was a song that was already decided but it is a song that V.I recommended as well!

OS: So the song that V.I san recommended is included in the album. In the album, are there any songs that you feel is rather difficult?
D-LITE: All are difficult (laugh). Especially the song that V.I san recommended “Missing You Now” and Hata Motohiro san’s “Love”, both are songs that are especially hard for me. Before recording I was really afraid of these two songs. Then I kept thinking, why was the impact so huge, also, MISIA san sang very nicely! Actually, this sentence should be told to all the original singers of the songs (wry smile). Everybody really can sing!

OS: That is true. But this has also proved that songs like this can only be sung by D-LITE with its forceful voice.
D-LITE: No, I still have a long way to go… Actually, this will become stressful; however, I kept thinking that I cannot spoil the original strong impression of the songs, so I stopped listening to MISIA’s version, I listened to purely the melody and to let the impression in my heart increase. I think in that way is how I can truly present my own “Missing You Now”.

OS: You performed in a TV show with JUJU san and sang “Like Overflowing With Kindness”.
D-LITE: Yes. At the start I was really nervous, but JUJU san is a good singer, as long as I look into her eyes, I am able to sing out comfortably. Also, usually when I sing this song I will have a very happy mood. When I first started listening to it, I felt the cold winter and warm summers crossing path with each other. I think this song suits the season that is about to arrive. JUJU san’s singing is really awesome, and also because it is a female song, there was a problem with the key. During verse A I sang really happily but when I reached the chorus, it suddenly turned high-pitch so it was tough (wry smile). Also, speaking about difficulty, for this song there are a lot of lyrics containing the word “tsu”, it is when I get a headache because of my pronunciation. However, the content of the lyrics is really interesting. Especially the part where it says “Located in an area with absolutely no change, even the most important thing seems to be invisible everyday”, what is this song trying to send its message, if I do not use my own way to explain it, I will not be able to sing it, that is why I spend much time on each song. Although it is not my original song, but whatever I sing, will be my story, my message, so if I do not understand the content of the lyrics, I can never be able to sing it.

OS: I can see how sincere you are towards music and it relates to your upright personality. Having so many meaningful songs in an album called “D’scover”, what do you mean about the title?
D-LITE: I combined D-LITE’s “D” and “Discover” together, I thought of it myself. After completing this work, I again noticed the beauty and difficulty of Japanese songs, there are many new discoveries, and it being my solo album, my new charm, different colors and when I sing, I realized there are many changes in me as well… Many new discoveries in myself.

OS: Bigbang fans will definitely like this album, but this piece of work this time is a good chance to let non-fans of Bigbang yet fans of J-pop to know about the singer D-LITE.
D-LITE: My song, although I don’t think it is up to standard yet, but by adding colors in the songs that I like…. It is listening to the original and new colors together, and people will realize the difference in it. If they are able to feel this, that is my greatest happiness. The common theme for all songs is “warmth”. It’s as though being in a mother’s womb, it should be that warm yet memorable feeling.. I want to emphasize on that point. When listening to the original songs, I feel warmth, colors, passion, messages, if I can convey these via my album I will be very happy. I do not have enough ability yet, nor do I have much experience, so I did many research, most importantly is to remember in my heart “singing sincerely”. If I don’t think about anything and just sing sincerely, it could be the best, but at the same time of singing sincerely, I must also add my own thinking and measure in, to be able to maintain and sing this way is my dream, and it is also the biggest problem… However, as long as I face the songs “sincerely”, my voice will also come out naturally, that is what I believe. To fans who have liked me for very long, they might already expect that I will be having an album like this, but for people who are unclear, for people who have strong impression with Bigbang, I guess they will be shocked. Also, how will the J-pop fans react, that is making me very nervous. But all in all, as long as everybody can feel my sincere singing in this album I will be very happy.

--Last time we heard about your heavy and serious opinions on『D’ scover』, so can we ask you some light questions this time?

【D-LITE】  Of course. I’m D-LITE(light) (Laughs)

-- Hahaha. I like that joke (Laughs).
From your song 「Love」’s lyrics, it says . Do you believe in things that you can’t actually see, like ghosts or other supernatural things?

【D-LITE】  Yes, I do. Ghosts ……They’re so scary ……(Laughs).

-- BIGBANG went to many different hotels around the world from their tour…have you guys ever felt fear from ghosts to the point you couldn’t sleep?

【D-LITE】  That never happened. I’ve never seen a ghost before…… Because of that, I imagine the scariest images in my head, making myself scared for no reason (laughs). I don’t anymore but when I was little, I couldn’t sleep because I was too scared.

-- So you sleep better nowadays?

【D-LITE】  Yes. When I sleep, I don’t listen to music, I make my room dark, and I sleep without thinking about anything and it became easier to wake up. I automatically wake up after sleeping for 6 hours. But whenever I think it’s okay to sleep more, I fall back asleep (Laughs)

-- Do you hate haunted houses?

【D-LITE】A lot (Laughs). One time, I went to a haunted house in HujiQ Highland with BIGBANG members for a show, and if it wasn’t for work, I would’ve never walked in there! Just thinking about it now, Sigh~ It was painful. (Bitterly smiles) I think I tried really hard. It was a good experience!

-- Also from your lyrics, , if you could use any magical power, what would you want to use?

【D-LITE】  I want to be able to teleport.

-- Maybe it’s because you are always traveling around the world. Then, if you could teleport to somewhere right now, where do you want to go?

【D-LITE】  Right now? Hmmm~ (Thinking) …… I want to go to a ski resort. I haven’t went snowboarding in 3 years, so I just want to go there and snowboard even for a short while to refresh myself.

-- From「A singer’s ballad」lyrics, Is there something that you do unconsciously or habitually?

【D-LITE】  Singing(Letting the throat ring). And out of nowhere, I yell 「He-y, He-y」and make loud sounds to prepare my throat for singing.

-- Is that something you do before live shows?

【D-LITE】  Not just for live shows, I just do it anywhere …… I would sometimes be doing that while sleeping(Laughs) Honestly, it’s not proven that it’s good for your throat, but doing that makes me feel comfortable and I can let all my stress out.

-- Then when you make more sounds from your throat or yell more, that means you’re stressed out even more?

【D-LITE】  「Hmm..Hmm!」 (Starts singing from throat).

-- Are you stressed out right now ??

【D-LITE】  「Hmm..Hmm!」 「Cough Cough」.

(Dae is joking now)

-- D-LITE san might look bright and carefree, but you also have the delicate consideration for others around you. Since many are watching you, do you get more stress?

【D-LITE】  The Old me used to think too much and that became a negative stress that pressured me. But now, after learning from V.I’s positive and happy thinking, I started to change all the pressure and negative things into positive things that I can enjoy. Since others around me are unconscious, I don’t get stressed out from them at all. If I do get stressed out, it’s from me. I am very happy right now.♪ (Starts singing ‘Singer’s ballad’ loud out of nowhere)
-- Perfect!

【D-LITE】  Are you really okay with these (jokes) ?

-- Yes! Next time I want to talk about more important stuff with you! Thank you.

【D-LITE】  「Hmm.Hmm!」 「Cough Cough」…… I’m just kidding (Laughs). For a while from now on, I will be appearing serially so please look forward to it! And please show love to『D’ scover』

Q1. In the lyrics of [陽のあたる坂道/Do As Infinity], there’s “the thing I can call, treasure”. What is your precious thing, treasure?

A.【D-LITE】: Of course, its my Fans. I’ve had lots of hard things that I should overcome, up to now, and fans are supporting me. They expected my new album to be released. I tried to do my best to live up to them. Without the cheers, I couldn’t complete the album. and I might not exist as D-LITE in BIGBANG.  I’m really thankful to you guys. Thanks. And, my family is also the treasure. I thank them heartily but I can’t say this seeing them face to face since I’m too shy haha. But our family has a good relationship !

Q2. Speaking of it, you seem to have a sister(noona), have you ever fought with her?

A.【D-LITE】: Yes like everyday when I was an elementary student. For example, I said  ”Noona ! what do u wanna eat?” she replied “yes” and “noona ! what do u wanna do?” “yes”. She just said “Yes” like 2~30 times. She might reply only “yes”. whenever I asked something. so, I told her “noona, Do not say YES” in anger but she said “yes”.  She didn’t care much although I wanted her to be concerned about me.

Q3. So you got upset yourself

A.【D-LITE】: Yes. She didn’t show any reaction no matter how hard I tried to have arguments with her. the situation made me mad. but I eventually gave up, thinking ‘ok, it’s done !’ (laugh)

Q4. she’s an adult.

A.【D-LITE】: I wanted to fight with her at that time, but now, as think of it, she was somewhat cool and mature. she was great. I thought “she’s not good” when she ate hams and sausages that I wanted to eat.  I took etiquette lessons from my parents rigorously. we couldn’t eat ham and sausages well but just beans, and vegetables, I was happy as I find some hams on the table… the noona ate such hams while I was eating something else. I yelled “that’s mine!” and she said “uh what? what are you talking about?” like there’s nothing serious.

Q5. that’s the crime she did for sure (haha)

A.【D-LITE】: since we couldn’t eat (ham and sausages) often, I saved them to eat later, slowly. but noona said “because you didn’t eat!” like she ate them since I didn’t on purpose (laugh)

Q6. eventually, she won

A.【D-LITE】: yes, I’ve never beaten her. so stopped arguing. ah and I have the biggest reason that I don’t fight with her… when I had a homework about knitting, I tried to do well but couldn’t. so, just went to sleep after fuming over my noona with throwing the knitting. next morning, I woke up and found the completed knitting homework with a memo “bring this” written by noona on desk. I was touched, felt sorry to her. tears kept falling down. I’ve got to respect her since then.

Q7. noona cares about her younger brother, and he cares about his noona… that’s the good love.

A.【D-LITE】: we are living far away from each other now, but I think our relationship has not changed, rather getting stronger.

Q8. <changing and not changing things> is in the lyrics too. which thing is not changed to you? aside from the relationship?

A.【D-LITE】: I can’t get myself when I’m not punctual. If I’m late for an appointment, even a bit, I don’t feel good for a whole day. As I’m working, resting, doing something alone, showering for a few minutes… and preparing and eating…. like this, I calculate and plan for the day. I should behave to the list.

Q9. is it because of hard schedules in BB? or just your habit made when you were young?

A.【D-LITE】: my father has taught me since I was young. so I get used to it.

Q10. If, you meet up someone, but the one is being late. then you…?

A.【D-LITE】: I don’t mind to wait for others but I care about being late myself. it is the most important “till what time can I go there”

Q11. that means you can wait for minutes and hours?

A.【D-LITE】: ah, but I go back after waiting for 10 minutes. haha

Q12. kinda strict.

A.【D-LITE】: ahaha. time takes money after the 10 minutes……. just kidding (laugh) I don’t get upset because people have their reasons but wanna avoid tangled schedules. I have an illness about it (laugh)

OS: In the lyrics of “Missing You Now”, the sentence “do you still remember the things that happened during the first time we met”, do you remember the things that happened on the day you met BIGBANG members the first time?
Yes, definitely. During the first dancing lesson, I saw G-Dragon san and SOL san, but both of them were trainees for many years and they have already learned dancing before, so they danced really well. However, I have never learned dancing before, so there was about two hours or so where I was just standing at the back watching. At that time I already feel that their dancing is professional, after that I will work with these people already! With a sense of anticipation coming together, it made me worry that I, as a member of BIGBANG, will not be able to catch up with both of them, will I pull them down instead and I started to feel uneasy.

OS: What were both of them talking about at that time?
Everybody was still a little awkward, so there was only “It’s the first time we meet, please look after me in future” like this, there was no other special conversations. Ah! Only V.I san is not awkward that’s it (laugh). However, even if we were not speaking, the very first impression of them was very good, I just felt that both of them were really good.

OS: What was your impression when meeting T.O.P san the first time?
He was fatter last time than now (laugh), but at that time he already had a charming personality, I feel that he was very handsome. As he looks that way, so at the start, I was a little afraid of him, but even though he was older than me, T.O.P san told me not to bother about the age and that it is fine to talk to him without any formalities. Then I thought that he was really a gentle person and I got deeply touched. However, recently he has been coming closer to me randomly, “Piggyback me, piggyback me” and he kept pulling aegyo on me like a willful child, to be honest, it is a little disturbing (laugh).

OS: During live (= concerts), when looking at you guys like this, there will probably be very loud cheers and claps.
There is no live now so it feels good. That is because T.O.P san has a huge body so he is very heavy. When carrying him on the back, my muscles which doesn’t hurt normally will ache (laugh).

OS: Also, it has to be done after the 2 hours of live concert.
However, T.O.P san’s request cannot be rejected (laugh). Our relationship is that good, I think we are a very bonded group.

OS: Were you guys so bonded from the start?
Yes. Instead, you can say that we can only become bonded. Of course we have arguments at the start, I had some parts where I don’t understand about V.I san’s very straightforward personality at any point of time. However, as we stay together and talking a lot, we became to understand each other, and we wouldn’t argue already. The truth is, there were supposed to be 6 BIGBANG members, Beast’s Hyunseung is one of them, he still has a good relationship with the other members and he also watched BIGBANG’s live in Korea. We also go out and eat together at times. We have built up a good relationship.

OS: It is really a good relationship. Now we will change the topic, does D-LITE san fall frequently in daily life like the lyric “losing balance and tripping over and being left there alone” in “Powerful Boy”?
I rarely trip. However, if something like that were to happen, I will not lift my head up and will remain in that position for 10 minutes, just like Mr Bean who pretended to fall asleep (laugh).

OS: To maintain for 10 minutes require good acting skills too.
I would not lift my head up even if I sense people walking around me. However, after 10 minutes, I believe the people who saw me trip over will not be around. It is already a competition about perseverance (laugh).

OS: Saying “Ah~ I fell”, and treating it as a joke, how would it be?
Because I am very shy, although it is not unfeasible, I still can’t do it. Because after people see me trip I will go “Wah~ What should I do now~” and I will start panicking. But I think if V.I san trips over, he will treat it as a comedy (laugh).

OS: V.I san is really worthy to be called the funny captain of BIGBANG. What if you tripped over in front of V.I san?
I think he will say “D-LITE fell~” and start clutching his stomach and burst into laughter (laugh). However, that is V.I san’s consideration for me. He knows that I will be shy because of the fall so he will adjust the atmosphere by making it funny.

OS: No matter when it is, you guys will have the same mind. Also, the lyric “muttering ‘no choice’ as if it is a magic word”, do you do or say something that is like your magic word before recording or before live concerts?
Every time before and after BIGBANG’s live, everybody will pray together. “Hopefully we can complete an awesome stage today, please give us confidence”, then when we end we will say “Today’s stage can be completed smoothly in the end. Thank you”. We will pray like this in our hearts.

OS: In this sentence “who is the creator of the world”, if D-LITE was to build a kingdom, what kind of kingdom would you like to build?
Firstly, the most important thing is “food, clothes and home”. To build a comfortable house, everybody eating delicious food, wearing pretty clothes then installing speakers on streets and broadcasting songs that the citizens selected to everybody in the kingdom. This will be a D-LITE broadcast kingdom.

OS: It is not just playing your own songs blindly.
That’s right. However, while selecting songs, please include some snippets about this song at the same time. Anecdotes are very important (laugh).

OS: Then, what if the citizens request D-LITE to add stories about the songs?
It is ok to broadcast it too, however in this type of situation, I will ask for heavier tax (laugh). If it is V.I, even if nobody selected songs, he will also keep on broadcasting his songs (laugh). For me, if nobody selects my song, I will feel lonely, it is fine to play it occasionally~, I secretly want people to select my songs too.

OS: However, if it is just broadcasting songs, their tax will increase oh.
Yes, so that D-LITE’s kingdom will be peaceful. I do it seriously (laugh).

OS: Self praise (laugh). Then, in the sentence of “There are many shiny items amongst broken pieces right?” There is a phrase “the most important thing”, does D-LITE san have something he views as very important?
Up till now, all the information and scripts for the television programs, dramas, and musicals I appeared in are all kept in my house with precious care.

OS: Have you tried reading it once again?
I take it out occasionally. When reading the script, it will revive the memories of that time, then I will thank the me right now for improving compared to the me last time. I can also find my initial determination to be even more hardworking every time.

OS: You will feel like reading it. Does it mean, you did not keep it at a very hidden place but at a place where you can see it at a glance?
Yes, it is kept at a corner of my bookshelf, where it is filled with all the scripts.

OS: This time you also attended many television programs, it seems like you will have more precious treasures. Then, in the lyrics of “Joyful”, “Do you want to take the risk”, “I really want to play”, if you have a vacation, where would you like to go and what would you like to do?
I would like to go to Japan’s Inakaya to relax. I would like to eat delicious food and soak in hot spring at the same time. *Suddenly used his nasal voice to sing “far away~ far away~”

OS: (ignores) Then we will move on to the next one.
That~ I was imitating Ken Hirai san…

OS: Sorry… I couldn’t detect it at all.
Ah~ It really doesn’t sound like him (wry smile).

OS: Then, can you do it again? Then I will be able to listen to it well.
“Far away~ Far away~ it’s ok to leave~”

OS: (staff members around D-LITE san maintained silence)
Ok, it is enough. Please move on (laugh). Ah, can you recommend me some Japanese hot spring places?

OS: There are too many, it is hard to say which is better. And it also depends on where you want to visit.
Ah, I hope fans will recommend me some hot spring places! If possible please include some anecdotes (laugh).

OS: Today’s volume is nearing the end.
It is going to finish already? It passes so quickly.

OS: Every time I am able to hear D-LITE san’s truthful and warm stories, as this is the final round, I hope to hear more of D-LITE’s real words.
I will only speak the truth every time. No matter at any point of time I want to be an honest person. So, please ask me any questions! I will carry all my sincerity to answer questions that I can answer (laugh)
OS: Thank you very much! Then, when filming the MV for “Singer’s Ballad”, there is a sentence that says “With such beautiful words, it is a very short word, so please listen to it, ‘I Love You’”, what words will D-LITE san be happy to hear from the person you like?
D-LITE: Um~…. (after thinking for a while) Compared to ‘I Love You’ I would be happier if the person says ‘I Trust You’.

OS: When D-LITE san wants to confess, what would you say to her?
Ah~ It is my turn to say this time (shy laughter)

OS: Yes.
I don’t trust you oh~ Ahaha… I’m lying (laugh). Ha~ What do I do~ (asking staff around him) any suggestions?

OS: It means, D-LITE san will convey your heart to the person that you place high importance with without any restraint.
Yes, just thinking about the person’s matters, I want to tell her everything with all my heart. So, it is a secret for now (laugh).

OS: (Male manager whispered something to D-LITE)
Wow~!!! (Getting excited himself)

OS: What did he say to you?
He said in the past he said “Can you let me like you at anytime?” to his ex-girlfriend. Thus, I will be the same as him (laugh).

OS: To take this as D-LITE san’s confession is really ok?
Yes, no problem. Ah no… I have not tried confessing to anyone before. So, it is really still a secret. Because I have no confidence.
OS: No no, to have D-LITE confess to someone, I think the girl will agree immediately. Because I think D-LITE san will thoroughly understand how the girl is like before confessing and you’re confessing after considering the girl’s feelings.
D-LITE: It is really like this (laugh). I don’t think I will confess before understanding the girl.

OS: Won’t you have love at first sight?
(answers immediately) No. Although there is a possibility of finding a girl great and cute with one glance, but most importantly it is a matter of how honest the girl is, what I want to see is the girl’s inner personality.

OS: Because D-LITE yourself is an honest person. The girl will also want to be with a guy like D-LITE.
When facing her, no matter when, I want to be with her in with my honest self. So when she faces me, I wish that she is also an upright person. Then, it will be much more relaxing being with the other party. Also, I wish to be able to give her inspiration, and hope to achieve inspiration from her.. This is an ideal relationship where we can help each other.

OS: Oh I see. What I just heard is all about the inner self, I clearly understand you do not bother about the appearance of the girls, but D-LITE san please tell us, what would you like your girlfriend to wear during a date?
Rather than grand dressing, I much prefer clothes that exudes feminine charms, clothes with materials that are soft like cotton. For make-up I definitely prefer plain make up or no make-up! However, I think girls all object to having no make-up on, so I still can accept lip gloss (laugh).

OS: Then, if you two were to go on a date, where will you bring the other person to?
I would like to take a stroll with only us. If it’s in Korea it will be Jeju Island or Namsan, if there is good weather or one free day, both of us will go hiking, we will look at the beautiful Korea scenery. I think sunset or the night scene is not bad either.

OS: It is really a warm and healthy date. Then, since there is a start to love, there will also be a day where the end will come…..
(Affirms loudly) I don’t want (laugh).

OS: Just like what you said, but in the lyrics of Wings “Today why are we saying Goodbye on the streets? The voice of her saying sorry has blocked my ears Today we are actually saying farewell on our anniversary I can’t say anything”
Ah~ This kind of situation is really painful (wry smile).

OS: What will D-LITE san do if you are in this type of situation?
I don’t want to say goodbye (pretends to cry) If I am in that situation, I will break down (laugh). I will definitely stay at the same spot for 2 to 3 hours.

OS: To meet such a D-LITE on the street, I bet no one can go up and talk to you.
I think everybody will just walk past me. However I think only V.I san is the only one who will speak to me loudly “D-LITE san how are you? Are you ok?” then he will say “Take it as a good trip and go and play” and bring me away from that area at the same time.

OS: He’s really a savior! Then, in the lyrics of “Hello”, “The scent that I missed has brought back my memories”, does D-LITE san have a smell that he will start reminiscing, or scents that you like?
I like the smell of winter. To be exact, it is the coldness and crispness in the air… Ah~ Where does it come from? (laugh)

OS: Where do you think it comes from?
(answers immediately) I don’t know (laugh). However, I do sometimes feel “Ah, winter is here!” And I secrete a lot of endorphins when I am cold.

OS: What if you hold your live during summer?
I will perspire a lot and it is very frustrating (laugh).

OS: This time, D-LITE san’s solo is held during spring.
And there are also many slow ballad songs, unlike Bigbang when there are many exciting dance songs, so the live during spring will be very comfortable, I don’t think I will sweat a lot!

OS: Now, we finally reached the end.
I don’t want to say goodbye (pretends to cry)

OS: Damn it, I don’t want to say goodbye too. However your scale for the tour has expanded, now you can let the whole nation hear you singing live! D-LITE san will shine brighter when he is on stage, so I look forward to seeing D-LITE san during the tour!
Thank you very much for being able to be in this volume till the very end! We practically conversed in Japanese the whole time, so I feel frustrated at times when I do not understand some words, however, this has become a good opportunity for me to learn! Did everybody enjoy as well? Me, I don’t have any problems right? (laugh) Finally, please look forward to my solo live! Everybody, please sweat and secrete endorphins with me together!!

Source: Big Bang Updates

I went through an italicized the super interesting, cute, and parts where he talks about the other BB members. These interviews are cute, I think Daesung deserves more omona love <3 <3 <3

nickle4apickle 12th-Apr-2013 03:34 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for posting all this! I loved reading it! :D

hipployta 12th-Apr-2013 03:45 am (UTC)
Daesung deserves ALL of Omona's love...my precious baby

Look at all the talk of the members, especially Seungri, and Hyunseung...


I cannot wait until I move to my new place next month so I can FINALLY order his album.

Noona adores you Daesungie
ovary_acting 12th-Apr-2013 03:53 am (UTC)
He is so cute and funny and perfect :3 *swoon*

And the stuff he says about the other members... d'awww!
baroness 12th-Apr-2013 04:54 am (UTC)
my angel indeed <3
whitenemo 12th-Apr-2013 05:15 am (UTC)
another interview from daesung
[eng trans] 130326 females magazine final volume

Speaking about Bigbang: The energy cultivated from solo activities will be integrated and developed together!

The final round of this volume, I will introduce to you my thinking about Bigbang and things I discover. This is what I experience based on the solo activities this time round, I guess there isn’t any other groups who can smoothly undergo both their solo and group activities like Bigbang. Even though the 5 of us are not together, it will not be a problem. When our solo activities have ended, we will bring what we have learnt back into the team. That energy will integrate as one, then we will venture again as Bigbang. To be able to do this, I think it is also because of the members’ thick bond which made it possible. Bigbang were in very difficult times before. When I was in pain, I can once again feel the thick friendship between us. This experience serves as evidence, I would like to tell young people out there: the most important thing about group activities is to be a team. To carry your own views and also seek communication with your team, the whole group will progress to the next goal, so that we can always be the best group. When producing this album, I had the goal to “be the bridge between Korea and Japan”. I hope that through singing, I can let Koreans discover J-Pop’s charm. I think in this way, it can be the moment to understand each other….. D-LITE’s first solo live, I would like to become someone who can enter into the world of music in depth, so, please come and have fun.


Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC
English trans: nakedae@tumblr.com

i feel the warmth while reading his interview. <33
sub_divided 12th-Apr-2013 06:05 am (UTC)
I somehow can't imagine Daesung showing aegyo, lol.
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omfg he watched space brothers bless u
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Daesuuung! <3 He is so damn cute!
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