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B1A4 think hard about their music, OP can't even handle it

01. Starlight’s Song (별빛의 노래):
Track #1: Introduced by Baro

    When the “Our hyung and my dongsaeng” (T/N: music producers) hyungs let us listen to the song, I think all the members fell for the dreamy guitar sound. When I listened to the end of the song with its unique beats and continued change in the rhythm, I felt somewhat emo~tional. As if I watched a touching and emo~tional fantasy animation… Although music may feel different depending on the person listening to it or what mood they’re in that day or how the weather is, I felt a man’s heart who had to send his girlfriend to heaven first. Am I the only one who was too deep with it… ㅎ Since I wrote the rap lyrics with the thought of ‘what if my girlfriend went to heaven first?’, I wrote about how I would be envious of the moon for being able to see her who daily since she became a star… and also added in the actions of a foolish man who watches the stars even if he falls asleep, he would wake up and watch the stars again all night long in order to see her, since she became a star… Am I the only one who became too absorbed in this…. ㅎㅎ When I listen to ‘Starlight’s Song’, I think of the movie, ‘The Notebook’. It was a movie that deeply moved me, and I feel like the way this song makes a cooled down heart cry again is similar as the movie does. When I listen to this song, I fall into these feelings and thoughts, so I’m curious how all of you felt! A song where it’s really fascinating, yet a lot of thoughts come to me when I listen to it. While listening to the delicate vocals of the B1A4 members, you should listen to this at least once before you sleep. B1A4’s Baro strongly recommends it ^_^

02. ‘What’s Going On’ (이게 무슨 일이야):
‘What’s Going On’, introduced by Jinyoung.

    It’s a song where I tried out the combination of pop and hip-hop elements along with rocktronic sounds. When I first made the track, it had a strong rock influenced feel because it was created with electric guitar and real session drum notes. However, I felt like the minor chords didn’t match all that well with the real drum, so I tried using club kicks and the sound became sturdier and the song’s style changed a lot. The reverb kick in part B of the 1st verse gives a tense feel, and part B of the 2nd verb maximizes that tense feeling through a 808 kick. Because I felt like an electric sound would give off a sharper feel, I used a mute guitar and created a softer sound. During the chorus, I used an arpeggio bass instead of a side chain, creating a more bright rhythm. Because I’m the type that thinks about the members’ specialties and personalities or our team’s color when working on songs, I thought about the reactions of the members at every moment. And the resulting concept was a situation where the guy catches his cheating girlfriend! Although it’s a given that you would be angry and would have a mental breakdown, it seemed like the members and I met the situation in a pleasantly positive way. (Truthfully, I had worries that I… was the only one who thought like that). Is this the reason why all the lyrics I write are always positive? When Baro was writing rap lyrics, I asked for lyrics that were witty and pleasant instead of gloomy and in a mental breakdown state. Also, the good day part of the ‘on such a good day’ part during the chorus could be interpreted in different ways, depending on who’s listening to it. To someone, it could be their special anniversary with their girlfriend, or it could be on a day with such good weather. I wrote the lyrics while thinking of many different scenarios. Also, with the hopes that people listening to it would sing along, I didn’t drag the first narration too long, and it can be sung along to the beats. Also, we also made the narrations continue on immediately to part A. Also, who could the girl’s voice behind the ‘I’m at home~’ part at the beginning be? ㅎㅎ

03. Yesterday:
The 3rd track, ‘Yesterday’, introduced by Gongchan

    Maybe it’s because of the feelings I had while recording this, but whenever I listen to this song, I want to date someone. The main guy and girl of this song seem to share a really fresh love, so I feel envious. ㅜ.ㅜ

A girlfriend who gives a kiss instead of getting angry at her boyfriend who complains to her, is always late to meeting times, and ends up making her cry, and a boyfriend who realizes his mistake after receiving that kiss and tries to do better. Since I never had experience like this, I had to be completely absorbed in the role of the boyfriend inside this song in order to express the fresh love story of the main characters well while recording it. I have memories of recording it in a nervous and cheerful mood as if I were the main character of these lyrics just for the duration of singing this song. Maybe that’s the reason why, but I feel nervous whenever I listen to this song, because it feels like it’s my own love story. I hope that others can receive this cheerful feeling when they listen to this song as well.

04. Good Love:
Track 4, introduced by CNU!! *Good Love*

    When I first received the guide from Jinyoung and listened to it, the loving feelings of a couple in love were strong, so I remember writing situations while thinking of dropping the girl off at her home after the date was finished. However, once the song was almost completely, the feeling I received from this song was not a burning love, but it felt closer to a love that has gradually come to an end. Jinyoung also had the same thoughts as me, so we decided on writing about a love story where their love had cooled down. With Jinyoung and Baro, I had a lot of thoughts about how the song would unfold. After we shared opinions that it would be good if we went back and forth with the melody parts and rap parts, we chose to create a part where the rap and melody in part B would go back and forth. However, we realized that it might be a bit awkward for the flow of the song if we went back and forth with the song and rap, we changed it so that the melody and rap would unify and we wouldn’t cut off the melody part’s lyrics in the rap part. Since we thought we could add more to the atmosphere of the song by putting in a brass sound to the piano melody, we added a brass sound. Rather belting out high notes during the melody line or the dynamic song unfolding, we placed a slight dynamic in between the quiet atmosphere, so that the mood wouldn’t droop down. Although this is a digression, I listened to the song before sleeping prior to it being mastered and at times, I slept while being absorbed into the song’s lyrics. When you guys want to grab the mood or want to meditate, I recommend listening to this song. You will think about old memories and you may even cry a bit as if you watched a sad movie.

05. How Many Times (몇 번을):
The fifth track which is introduced by Sandeul -How. Many. Times-

   Hello~ It’s Sandeul ^^

    I’m usually the type to write out the lyrics by hand when I first receive a song before singing it in order to understand the lyrics…. But when I first heard ‘How Many Times’, the situation wasn’t portrayed in the lyrics, so it made me think of a lot of things when I tried to be immersed in the song~!! That’s why I thought of a man who wanders around the woman he loves, not being able to recognize that he’s dead!! After having thoughts like that, I thought it would be right if I gave a controlled yet emotional feel…!! I think the repetitive melody in this song emphasizes!! the longing feelings more. I thought it would be better to liven up the song by giving a more sturdier sound instead of a soft vocal with a lot of breaths mixed in, so that people wouldn’t get bored of it when listening to the repeated melody!! I sang the chorus’ melody in a more controlled manner, and in order to unfold the song further, I also expressed an emotional longing with that controlled voice, and worked hard to give a feeling of crying out during the last adlib part ^^ ♥. Maybe this is the reason?? After singing this song, my head becomes dizzy and my legs become shaky… ㅠ.ㅠ Although I don’t know if the parts I think of and express are exactly correct, I hope the feeling I had when expressing this song would be sent over well to you~!! Please listen~ a~lot to -How Many Times-~.~!! ^^♥

Credits: Source, Naver; Translation, hyejin@b1a4trans tumblr (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

my feels. 'idols are nothing but puppets' people can suck it ㅋㅋㅋ
in_noctem 9th-May-2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
(needs to make MV icons asap)

"I wrote about how I would be envious of the moon for being able to see her who daily since she became a star… and also added in the actions of a foolish man who watches the stars even if he falls asleep, he would wake up and watch the stars again all night long in order to see her, since she became a star…"


"Also, who could the girl’s voice behind the ‘I’m at home~’ part at the beginning be? ㅎㅎ" idk if this means it's him or if he's hinting at another member hmmm

There's something strangely attractive about Jinyoung talking in depth about his song writing and composing process. Can WM upload their recording sessions for future DVD releases, as bonus BTS footage for a future album maybe??
broadway_bound3 9th-May-2013 05:08 pm (UTC)
I've been a big fan of B1A4 since they debuted and when this album came out I was slightly disappointed. Probably because I prefer their upbeat and bubbly songs. What's Happening grew on me, but the rest were eh. After reading about their thoughts on each song, though, and listening to the song while reading, I've developed a better appreciation for each song. I listen to each one differently now.

They all worked so hard in creating and developing each song. B1A4 is definitely a group that will fool you by their outward appearance.
921227 9th-May-2013 05:13 pm (UTC)
WM is doing so freaking well with them when it comes to their creative output. And you can definitely tell Jinyoung does this composition thing forreal, the first half of his introduction was way over my head. I really liked Baro's introduction, it's very thoughtful and mature...just, all the boys seem invested in the music they release, I love it
palebluedot09 9th-May-2013 06:39 pm (UTC)
I love reading articles where they talk about their music. It's probably my favorite thing besides reading articles where they talk about their relationship with each other.

I would love to watch them work on a song. Maybe for a future Baba episode?
imienazwisko 9th-May-2013 06:39 pm (UTC)
I remember listening to Starlight's Song and I was like omg is she dead???? I'm glad I know everything by now.
These explanations are awesome, B1A4 is nothing but impressive group to me. To bad I don't seem to get into stanning them, idk why. Probably their fans scare me off a bit.

And why they made ~pure and innocent unexpirenced~ Gongchan talk about Yesterday haha.
pseudo_shigure 9th-May-2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
it's nice to know how attached they are to the songs and how much thought they put into it. bbs~~
oliwon 9th-May-2013 07:38 pm (UTC)
I love it when they talk about making their songs, even though I don't understand what exactly they're talking about, but you can feel their sincerity it, they put their heart in what they do ;__; precious boys

now while listening to every song, I instantly think of the member who talked about that song!
and baby channie, hope you will experience a great fluffy love~ XD
froggster 9th-May-2013 08:08 pm (UTC)
wow Jinyoung you went waaaaaaay too technical for me in that introduction.... I love it when people know what they're talking about <3
fabledlamb 9th-May-2013 11:43 pm (UTC)
It's always great to get a glimpse of what's going on in Jinyoung's head when he composes songs :) And I love reading how they all collaborate on certain songs, like Jinyoung and CNU putting so much thought into Good Love together or Baro writing his rap parts with Jinyoung's input. Sandeul's explanations about the way he sings his parts in How Many Times were also super interesting. They all have something unique to contribute and that's part of what makes them so great as a group!
b1gay4 12th-May-2013 03:40 pm (UTC)
"I listened to the song before sleeping prior to it being mastered"
i thot shinwoo said he masturbated
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