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Mnet Monstar drama update

Second teaser

source: mnet

Monstar Special BTS episode (45mins long!)

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MONSTAR PD, “Yong JunHyung, an actor to shock everyone”

Kim WonSeok PD has praised BEAST’s Yong JunHyung who has challenged to act for the first time.
On the 13th May afternoon, during a press conference for ‘MONSTAR’ in Seoul, Kim WonSeok PD has expressed his anticipation and satisfaction for rookie actors he had casted.


Kim WonSeok PD praised, “I wanted to let Yong JunHyung to act, and fortunately, he himself wanted to act as well. He’s an actor that will shock everyone. You’ll know it when you see (him act)”, and “There are quite a lot of rookie actors who firstly debuted as idols, but I’m welcoming them. Since they work diligently in various aspects, they have their way to control themselves. Also, they improved very fast in terms of acting as well”, expressing his positive view on actor-dols.

Kim PD also commented, “I’ve worked with the trio (Yong Junyung, Ha YeonSu and Kang Haneul) all the time and the three of them carry a potential unlike any other rookies.

Music drama ‘MONSTAR’ will be aired on the 17th of May.
source: star news and translated by loveindacube

‘MONSTAR’ Yong JunHyung responded towards break-up issue

BEAST member Yong JunHyung has recently tried his hands on acting through music drama ‘MONSTAR’, and had responded calmly towards question of his break up issue with Goo Hara in March.

During the press conference for MONSTAR, towards a question asking if he felt hard after the break up, Yong JunHyung answered, “There’s such incident?

The 12-episodes music drama has currently completed its 6th episode filming. Yong JunHyung’s break up issue matched the filming period of MONSTAR then.


Yong JunHyung repeatedly uttered “There’s such incident?” and, “(The break up) Did not affect me. Things that are to be done must be done”, he expressed.

Even so, he continued, “We have decided to remain as close colleagues. Not long ago, we’ve met and greeted each other on ‘Dream Concert’. We’re doing well” and, “I hope that everyone don’t think that we’re having a hard time (because of the break-up),” he meticulously expressed.

”MONSTAR Yong JunHyung’s Kiss Scene, “Because our fans are COOL”

BEAST member Yong JunHyung has recently tried his hands on acting through music drama ‘MONSTAR’. Regarding his kiss scene with Ha YeonSu which took up to 6 hours, Yong JunHyung expressed, “Because our fans are cool,” replying tactfully to the question.

During the press conference for ‘MONSTAR’, Yong JunHyung revealed regarding the kiss scene, “In order for director-nim to be satisfied with the shoots, he kept asking us to do it again. At first it was hard, but it became easier later on.

Previously, ‘MONSTAR’ production team revealed that Yong JunHyung had shot the kiss scene for 6 hours and BEAST fans were seen responding very sensitive to the issue. Towards this, Yong JunHyung expressed, “I did it diligently for the drama,” he emphasized and, “Our fans are particularly cool, so I didn’t really worry a lot about it”, causing laughter during the press conference.
source: Osen, translated by loveindacube

Few secs long teaser with the kiss scene


Yong JunHyung expresses thoughts on Yoon SeolChan and Sasaeng fans & Kang Haneul on idols

BEAST’s Yong JunHyung has expressed, “Yoon SeolChan is slowly taking over my usual character”.

During a press conference for MONSTAR, Yong JunHyung expressed, “Since this friend, called Yoon SeolChan doesn’t use the same words I use or acts like my usual self, it was hard but the more I’m shooting for this drama, I feel more and more excited (about this character)”, he said.

On this day, Yong JunHyung expressed, “I don’t joke a lot and seldom have any emotional ups and downs with my usual self. Fans were always calling me ‘Our Chic Oppa’. That being said, the more I act as Yoon Seol Chan, the more I’ve changed. Not long ago, on the red carpet of ‘Dream Concert’, BEAST taking funny picture poses was my idea. I think I will be able to show that image of myself more often in the future.


Regarding questions if BEAST members provide advice, he replied, “We don’t give advice to each other”. He added, “Since they knew that we’re working on an album together, and I had to go for filming session, they would finish their schedule first and said caring words such as ‘have strength’ to me.

Meanwhile, Yong JunHyung has revealed his thoughts on sasaeng fans that surround idols most of the time.

Yong JunHyung appeared on MONSTAR as a 6-members group member. He expressed, “Promoting as BEAST helps a lot in my acting.” Moreover, his character Yoon SeolChan frustrates a lot about sasaeng fans incidents which is very much relateable to his activity as a BEAST member.

Yong JunHyung revealed, “In the drama, my character suffers from various rumors and sasaeng fans. If rumors and sasaeng fans get too intense, I don’t think I’d be able to deal with it. But ultimately, if they didn’t have any interest, all of this wouldn’t be possible. Up to a certain level, I don’t think negatively of having rumors and sasaeng fans,” revealing his stand.

Also, co-actor Kang Haneul revealed that he has cleared his prejudices towards idols.


He expressed, “Working with MinHo has cleared my idol prejudices, and then I met Yong JunHyung-ssi. Through Yong JunHyung, I no longer have any misconceptions on idols anymore. Yong JunHyung felt like an actor colleague I knew for long time instead of an idol. We easily get close together and practiced a lot. The atmosphere is really great.
source: Herald Corp, Review Star, TV Report; translated by loveindacube

‘MONSTAR’ Yong JunHyung, “Still look young despite standing with Juniors BTOB”

BEAST member Yong JunHyung has expressed his thoughts on working with junior group BTOB which is of the same company.

During a press conference for MONSTAR, Yong JunHyung revealed, “In the drama, I and BTOB members act as popular idol group ‘Man In Black’. We were of the same company but we don’t meet each other often. I thought a lot, ‘What to do if these friends give me a hard time’, and worried very much about it.


Yong JunHyung continued, “Unlike my concerns, during the shoot for our jacket picture, we matched each other well. BTOB members are younger than me but because I was with them, it seems that I looked younger as well”, he expressed, causing laughter on the press conference today.

He has also expressed that he felt burdensome on his first drama. “I feel stressful with my first debut in a drama. There were many worries as well. Director-nim hopes that I could act a Yoon SeolChan that loves music and knows about music,” he said.

He continued, “In order to act as Yoon SeolChan, I am practicing very hard to present that delicate act” and, “I’m working hard not to lie to the audience, but to make a real situation of it”, he added.

Also, he revealed, “Since debut, I’ve always wanted to act, but saying that I want to act doesn’t mean that I could act. I think that I have to be given a chance only then I can do so. I feel good since a good opportunity came”, he expressed.
source: The Star, SSTV Hankyung, translated by loveindacube

Yong JunHyung asked ‘Why?’ upon receiving MONSTAR cast proposal

Yong JunHyung has expressed his confidence for ‘MONSTAR’.


Challenging in his first drama act, Yong JunHyung and Ha YeonSu have attracted attention after being chosen as the main leads for the drama. Without any experience in acting, Yong JunHyung expressed that he was indeed burdensome at first, “I was scared. I worried and the burden was really big”, he honestly revealed.

Yong JunHyung continued, “When director-nim proposed to me, I asked him instead, ‘What do you see in me?’ and he said that he wanted someone who loves and knows about music for Yoon SeolChan’s character” and, “We have shot for about 2 months, and director-nim helped out a lot. I couldn’t say there’s a steady progress yet but I’ll show a better look as time goes. For now, my confidence level is much more than my burden thoughts”, he revealed.

During the press conference today, regarding on his first cooperation with Ha YeonSu, Yong JunHyung expressed, “I could feel Ha YeonSu’s mysterious existence.” He continued, “My first impression for Ha YeonSu was that she’s really distant. She was that type that doesn’t talk much, and so it was hard to approach her”. “Therefore, I was close with Kang Haneul first. I tried to figure out ways on how to approach Ha YeonSu under this friendly atmosphere. It was hard for me to do so, but she has a good and cheerful personality,” revealing their friendship.
source: Review Star 1, 2; translated by loveindacube

Yong JunHyung Fans donated Ramens for MONSTAR Press Conference

Fans of BEAST’s Yong JunHyung have donated wreaths of Ramen.


On the 13th May, MONSTAR press conference was held and fans of Yong JunHyung have donated 400 packets of Ramens, showing their support for the main lead of the drama.

The Ramen wreaths include sense-filled messages such as, ‘Loud cheers for MONSTAR!’, ‘ASTRO BOY by Yong JunHyung’s side’, ‘You Ramen (T/N: Word play of Ramen that means, ‘If for you’), I will keep going!’, ‘Yong JunHyung’s fan ASTRO BOY JAPAN’ and various more ribbon messages, showing support for the drama.

The StarMi Ramen wreath of 400 packets were donated to donation centers of Yong JunHyung’s preference, providing help to those in difficult situations.
source: TV Daily, translated by loveindacube

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When is this drama to air?

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17th may
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Agree with what he said about sasaeng fans. Yes, of course, it is possible to just have the kind, happy fans, but let's be realistic. Kpop is dependent on the intense fans who buy multiple album copies, show up at airports, etc. When you create this type of environment, it's inevitable that along with these fans you'll get sasaeng. Which is unfortunate for everyone.
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I used to hate him when the first time I got into Beast, but I realized that's just his natural traits while I was so used of fun & bubbly idols (like BTOB kids) and I do think he's admirable in many aspects.

Can't wait to watch the drama~
aigyu 14th-May-2013 06:02 pm (UTC)
excited for this drama :3
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Junhyung looks kinda cute here..? His pants tho.

Working with MinHo has cleared my idol prejudices
Lol Haneul ILU but why. And he looks like an adult version of Sungjae lol perhaps because of the zoom.
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"Working with MinHo has cleared my idol prejudices"
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Kang Ha Neul is such a babe :3
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Looks good.
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jun was my first beast bias back when japanese shock was released but i'm still scratching my head, wondering if he can actually act tbh

he doesn't seem terrible though
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