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Nine Muses Sera hit by CEO? Is this the reality of idol life.

[Trigger Warning]

"The man in the gif seems to be her CEO... If he's willing to treat her like this on broadcast, imagine how he's like once the cameras are off?"

"Nine Muses CEO is known for hitting them and swearing at them at the smallest of mistakes."

"I remember those photos where he made them all line up in shorts and started criticizing them as if he were grading mannequins..."

"Yeah, I think their CEO's a bit abusive. I saw a clip where he was lightly slapping their legs once."

"He's famous for being a former gang member."

"With the way she's smiling, it looks like this happens often and she's just used to it now."

"His name's Shin Joo Hak and he's a former gang member, yup."

"Ugh, this upsets me so much.. Sera, you don't deserve that. Nine Muses, ZE:A, none of you do."

"With the way she closes her eyes right as he raises his hand makes it seem like he hits her often.. ㅠㅠ This is shocking."

"In the Star Empire documentary, it's not only the CEO.. The other staff members are all intimidating, too."

"I think he needs to relearn what it means to be a CEO... Being a CEO doesn't mean abusing your power like this."

Source: Instiz, Netizenbuzz

Scum. Poor Sera.

The Nine Muses documentary you can watch here. Shows how hard it is to debut.
Tags: body image, douche, nine muses, trigger warning

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