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[TS♥] Calvin Harris - Feel so close #예전사진 #정리중

응... 맞아 그날^^
yeah... it was that day^^

Working? lol. #탱화백
Working? lol. Painter taeng.

B r i n g b a c k m a n y delicious cereal bars♥

[Q] I Phone? or Galaxy? ☺ #new #baby

Despicable Me ➋ !!! cant wait❣

+_+♥ #Again #보여? #인스타ㄷㅠㄱㅡㄹㄹㅐ #아프지마
#Again #canyouseeit? #instagramdoyouwanttodie #dontbesick

또안보여요????? 헐
Still can't see it????? Heol

아 잘보이는구나 데헤헤
Ah so you can see it de-heh-heh

[TS♥] Lisa Ekdahl - I don't miss you anymore #expect #dayNnight #first

재즈듣고있었는데^^^^^^ 젠장?♥ 좋았어. 오늘은 파전이다.
I was listening to jazz^^^^^^ [and it was] dang?♥ good. Today is pa-jeon.

노래와 태그는 관련이 없네요^^ 태그는 사진과!
The tags have nothing to do with the song ^^ The tags go with the photo!

She kissed me '3' BORI♥

보리. 이름 귀엽죠????? 누가지었나 왜이렇게 귀엽지 'ㅠ'
Bori. Its name is cute right????? I wonder who named it, why is it so cute 'ㅠ'

I'm waiting. w/ ARI♥ #sonemissU

Trafffic >< w/ YoongEYE. tiffLEG. 소원 조심해들어가야해요우리가많이좋아해요 #girls #mine
Trafffic >< w/ YoongEYE. tiffLEG. SONEs, you must take care while going home, we like you a lot #girls #mine

mama's nail♡ hahaha. #turquoise #HPPM #mothersday #nail

For my Mom♥ Happy Mother's Day!!☺#mothersday #엄마져아

#deepkiss #꺄 #아리이녀석
#deepkiss #Kya #AriThisKid

#chocolate cookie #GODIVA #탱화백
#chocolate cookie #GODIVA #PainterTaeng

응?? 김태연에게 ㅎㅐ수ㅣㅌㅐ그란......샴푸같은거? 안하면 찝찝하고 꼭 해야만 할것같고. 꼭 해야만하고.안했다간 반드시 후해하거..
Eung?? To Kim Taeyeon, h a s h t a g g i n g...... is like shampooing? It seems like it just doesn't feel right if I don't do it. I have to do it. If I don't do it, I will definitely regret it..

Good Morning People #black #poodle #baby #gg

You love CHANEL??? Lol. His name is [ginger]my new baby #gg #black #baby

노을을바라보아요 #twilight #beautiful_sunset #drive #seoul
I'm looking up at the sunset #twilight #beautiful_sunset #drive #seoul

you’re not supposed to do that, ginger

Comment. your favorite season.

난 소시즌...
So-season for me.
*Note: She asked people to comment on which season is their favorite so she used SoShi (소시) as a pun and put it as So-season (소-시즌) and said that it's her favorite.

Happy B-day SUNNY❀ 오늘도 우리는 행복했다. 써니끼니사랑해내꺼 #515 #HPM #bd
Happy B-day SUNNY❀ We were also happy today. Sunny I love you, she's mine. #515 #HPM #bd


#DAMNED #NARS velvet matte lip pencil. #makeup #김탱구

오. 다들 이 색이 더 좋은가봉가
Oh. It seems like everyone prefers this shade
*Note: She means the color in the second picture.

Happy! #Love&Girls

태그가 나에게 똥을주는구나...
the tags are giving me crap...

소시꾸러기;) Nanananana~
Soshi-holic* ;) Nanananana~
*Note: 꾸러기 (-ggu-reo-gi) is a suffix added to describe someone who overindulges or overdoes something so 소시꾸러기 (so-shi-ggu-reo-gi) is Soshi-holic


뮤비촬영끝나고 다 철수하는데 잠시 사진하나만 찍겠다고ㅎㅎ해서 급하게 찍은사진이에요ㅎㅎ 저 "GG"가 참 이뿌g
After the filming for the music video, everyone was leaving but I said I wanted to take a photo ㅎㅎ Therefore this was a very rushed photo ㅎㅎ That "GG" is really pretty isn't it

네 굿모닝여러분^^
Yes good morning everyone^^


Oooops. 진져손은 귀여운손 저 손은 나쁜손
Oooops. Ginger's hand is a cute hand while mine is a naughty hand

^^아무렇지 않은건아니지만 아무렇지않아요.. 감당해야할것들중에 하나이니까요 앞으로 우리소원도 먼저 즐겨줬음해요! 즐기기에도 모자란데...^^ 걱정은무슨. 걱정 마니 하지않게 제가 더 잘 할게요 사랑하고고맙고좋아해여
^^ Even though it's not something to think nothing of, I'm thinking nothing of it.. Because it's just one of the things that I have to bear with. I hope from now on, SONEs will learn to enjoy first! There's not even enough to enjoy*... ^^ What worry. I'll do even better so you don't have to worry. I love you, I'm thankful to you and I like you.
*Note: Meaning there's already not enough to enjoy, so why waste time worrying.

Love&girls♥ Love that girls!! I mean...guys :D 멋져!

[they were] PROS

자유롭게 와루이간지를 부탁드렸더니 표현해주신거에요 나쁜분들 아니세요~ ㅎㅎ 촬영하는동안 분위기메이커이셨답니다 덕분에 정말 신나게 찍을수있었어요^^
They did it like that because I told them to express freely a "bad image"*, they're not bad people~ ㅎㅎ They were the mood-makers throughout the whole filming process and so thanks to them, we were able to have a very fun shoot^^
*Note: She used Hangul to type "wa-ru-i-kan-ji" which means "bad feeling/image" in Japanese.

Mommy SONE...^^ *

제가 좋아하는 사람들을 욕하지말아주세요 부탁할게요.. 맘
Please stop cursing/scolding the people that I like, I'm asking a favour..

Source: Taeyeon's Instagram | Taengstagram
Translations by: Ch0sshi | Kymmie
Tags: hyoyeon, jessica, seohyun, social media/youtube, sunny, taeyeon, tiffany, yoona

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