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Se7en’s contract with YG Entertainment ended April 2013!

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Now some of you have been wondering why YG Entertainment is remaining quiet throughout this Se7en scandal.

For one, they’re not obligated to (not anymore at least). And let’s say (if) they still were (obligated to) the minute Se7en entered the army, as a citizen of Korea (Choi Dong Wook) would be under the military’s jurisdiction and not YG Entertainment’s.

Se7en, who first debuted in 2003, signed with a 5 year contract ending in 2008. He then renewed his contract for another 3 years, which ended in 2011.

In April 2011, Se7en announced that he will only be signing a 2 year contract with the agency which was “set ablaze the last moment of his youth with YG before he enters the military.”

Choi Dong Wook aka Se7en officially entered the army on March 19, 2013. His 2 year contract with YG Entertainment expired shortly after (April 2013).

In the light of his current military scandal, YG Entertainment officials were asked if Se7en would still be renewed of his contract when he returns from the military, “We don’t know" was the only response given by a YG Representative. The agency dismissed any other questions asked by the media outlets regarding their former artist.

Choi Dong Wook is currently a member of the Defense Media Agency unit of the Korean Military.

S: newsen
TRANS: ygfamilyy @ tumblr

 i was rooting for you se7en... we were all rooting for you.... /sigh
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