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A [sort-of] B.A.P Mass Post

Zelo doing Gwiyomi Player:

Public Transportation Advertisements parade across Korea for B.A.P's Daehyun's birthday!

BABYs celebrated B.A.P's Daehyun's upcoming birthday with a parade of bus and subway advertisements!

BABYs joined forces to fund the advertisements throughout subway stations across Korea, from Seoul to Busan. Bus advertisements especially caught eyes in Daehyun's hometown of Busan with banners reading, "Busan's very own B.A.P's Jung Daehyun! Happy birthday 6.28!"

Daehyun also posted on B.A.P's official fan cafe on the 11th, "With my thankful heart for all of you, I thought it would be nice to spend my birthday doing a meaningful deed. I hope we can be a source of strength for the youth around us who need warm interest."

Group B.A.P has ranked number 1 on the German music charts for 4 months with their song, "ONE SHOT." They have also been in the top 10 for 17 months straight.

On June 22, it was revealed that B.A.P's song, "ONE SHOT" was ranked number 1 on the German Asian Music Chart for 4 months straight. B.A.P beat other K-Pop artists such as SHINee and G-Dragon for the number 1 spot on this chart.

This German Asian Music Chart started in 2010 and has asked fans to vote each month for their favorite K-Pop artists. B.A.P seems to be at the top of the list as they have been in the top 10 for 17 consecutive months.

Their other song, "No Mercy" is also seen on this chart and has also won "Song of the Year" and the "Rookie Award" in Germany as well.

B.A.P debuted with their song, "Warrior" and has been on the German charts for 17 months in the top 10, with 4 of the months ranking at the number 1 spot. They have set the record for being the fastest rookie group to accomplish so many things in such a short amount of time.

B.A.P can be seen as the top K-Pop artists in Germany and they will be making a comeback this summer with triple title songs.

They also recently held their 'LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC' tour in the U.S. in 4 cities as well.

They have also released the teaser video for their first title song, "Coffee Shop."

They will be releasing the song and official music video on June 28.

source: B.A.P's fancafe, TSENT2008, kpopstarz & akp
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