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Mexician News About U-Kiss

Last night wrapped up the extremely successful South and Latin American leg of the U-Kiss tour. The group performed in Columbia and Peru, but saved Mexico for their last stop… a country which has been waiting a long time for Kpop!

After arriving in Mexico, the group took the time to tour local pyramids and get a taste of the Mexican culture. The members posted plenty of pictures as they were out sight seeing and tweeted some of them to fans.

On Friday morning, the group held a press conference at the historic Camino Real Polanco Hotel in downtown Mexico City. Despite the language barrier, the members were very at ease and friendly with the many reporters and photographers who turned out for the event. Junsu of JYJ was the first Korean artist to perform in Mexico in 2012, making U-Kiss only the 2nd Kpop artist to ever give a concert in Mexico and very first idol group to do so.

When speaking to the press, the members looked fresh and energetic despite their exhausting schedule. Reporters asked a variety of questions, such as what is their ideal woman and have they ever kissed a fan before. Though the members told that AJ had kissed a fan on the hand once, the others didn’t confess to anything else and instead said they consider all the Kiss Me’s to be their girlfriends. As far as their ideal type? Hoon and Kiseop both agreed they liked cute, petite girls and are sometimes in competition with each other because their ideal types are the same. On the other hand, Eli admitted he liked tall, voluptuous girls and Dongho said he likes girls with pretty hands. Leader Soohyun won the hearts of everyone present when he said he liked pretty Mexican girls.

On Friday night, the group gave an amazing performance to a sold out crowd. Because of general seating with most tickets, fans started forming a line at 6 a.m. in order to be close to the stage for the performance that night. Though the wait was exhausting, the spirit was one of excitement- fans spent the time talking about U-Kiss and Kpop, singing, dancing and making new friends. People had come from all over the country of Mexico, some even riding 13 or 14 hours in a bus to attend the event. One fan was even from Spain!

After the hugely successful concert, UKiss held a fan meeting the next night to a crowd of almost 1,000 people. Though the fans were a bit disappointed that the meeting only lasted an hour due to the fact that the band had to leave to catch their flight, everyone was in agreement that it was worth the time and money it took to attend. One fan said, “Every single moment was pure magic! Beautiful!”

The group sang 3 songs and also played some games with the crowd, such as musical chairs. Several lucky fans were pulled on stage to participate. The most exciting moment was when one young fan and Soohyun went for the same chair. He won, but in a fun spirit, he pulled her down and made her sit on his lap. When the crowd went wild screaming, he scooped her in his arms and stood up, carrying her like a groom carrying his bride. To the fan who was the final winner of the game, the members gave her a group hug and then danced around her as they were hugging her.

At the fan meeting, 50 lucky fans also won the chance to meet the members and get autographs. Another fun moment came when the members had a competition to see who could give the “cutest” confession of love. One by one, they all performed or got down on their knees to the crowd. Kiseop stole hearts when he knelt down and then made his heart “beat” by using his hand underneath his shirt.

When the weekend was finally over, many fans were crying, knowing the moment they had waited for was finally over and it would be a long time before they could see U-Kiss again. But no worries, Mexican Kiss Me’s… before leaving the stage, Soohyun promised that this wasn’t a goodbye but simply a “see you later!”

Sources:, Rocketboxx

The South Korean group U-KISS, one of the exponents of the Asian boy bands, is distinguished from other groups by their ambitious plans.

Mexico City, Mexico June 28-2013. The South Korean group U-KISS, one of the exponents of the Asian boy bands, expressed that what distinguished them from other bands of the genre is that their musical plans are more ambitious.

"We debuted when we were young and we became famous bit by bit, but we are sure to want explore others genres in the future”, said Kevin Woo, one of the singers.

With the expansion of K-pop, or Korean pop throughout the world, interpreters stated that this "boom", boosted his short tour of Latin America.

“It makes us very happy that Hallyu is expanding, our dreams is that our popularity bring us to make a world tour”, said Eli.

"What we can offer is that the rhythm of our music is different. One of the reasons that make us special is that we value the support of our fanclub. Also, we are beautiful, we are sexy”, joked Kevin.

In this, their first visit to Mexico, where they will present tonight at Jose Cuervo Salón, AJ said that his knowledge about Mexican culture arose in his History classes that he took at the United States, although he said that he would like to know more about it.

"What I know about Mexico is that since the pre-Hispanic cultures, like the Maya or the Teotihuacan, have been ahead of their time," he said.

Sources: Noticieros Televisa, trans @UKISS_Venezuela, Rocketboxx

I can post the pyrimids pics in the comments if you like. It looked like the boys had so much fun in Mexico! Lucky fans are lucky. Were are any Omonazians at the concert and/or fanmeet?
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