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Dino boy is a Girl's Day (Yura) stan, proceeds to clear out any possible controversy

Proving to be quite the fanboy, SHINee’s Jonghyun said that he likes Girl’s Day on the radio.

On July 3’s broadcast of MBC FM’s Shindong’s Shimshimtapa,, Girl’s Day appeared as guests, singing Female President live on the radio.

Following the live performance, Girl’s Day sat down with Shindong to read some of the comments left by the fans. To everyone’s shock, Jonghyun had also left a comment, saying that he’s listening to the radio, unable to detach himself from the car in the parking lot.

Shindong read that Jonghyun especially likes Yura, who sings live very well, leaving Yura very touched and emotional as she thanked her sunbae for the supportive message.

Girl’s Day later chose a few fans to give autographed CDs and the members made sure to give Jonghyun a copy.

Jonghyun continued to leave messages on the radio forum, expressing his excitement at receiving an autographed copy of Girl’s Day album. Shindong eventually had to tell Jonghyun to hurry up and go home.

source: enewsworld

With SHINee’s Jonghyun cheering Girl’s Day on on MBC FM’s Shindong’s Shimshimtapa, the SHINee member felt the need to clear up some misunderstandings that may have occurred.

On July 4, many news platforms reported that Jonghyun admitted his interest towards Girl′s Day′s Yura on the live radio broadcast. Before things got out of hand, Jonghyun turned to his Twitter.

He wrote, “I never thought I would write something like this on SNS… I was just saying it in support…and I meant that Shimshimtapa was so fun as always that I was parked in my car…I didn’t send any texts to Shimshimtapa but was Kakao messaging with the PD. Because it was a live broadcast, a lot of things were left out and caused a bit of misunderstanding!

Girl’s Day fighting! Dal Shabet fighting! Nine Muses fighting! Crayon Pop fighting. All the girl groups in Korea, everybody fighting!!” added Jonghyun, showing that he supports everyone, not just one specific girl group or one girl group member.

Moments later, he tweeted once more, “Boy group fighting too!!! I’ll get in trouble again if I leave them out. Kekekeke.

source: enewsworld
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