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MBLAQ to participate in their own Korea- Mexico reality tv show through Arirang and Televisa


‘Korea-Mexico Reality Show’ to broadcast in November.

On the 4th announced Lee Sang Hyun Reporter = Arirang TV’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Creative Content Agency, and supported/funded as well as co-produced by Mexico’s largest broadcaster “Televisa” for the program.

Arirang TV explained that the television broadcaster is based in Mexico and will be broadcasted in Latin America governed by Latino Max Media Group.

The two broadcasters plans to focus on both countries’ popular singers through “Korea-Mexico Reality Show” that will consist of cultural contents and performances.The program is set to finish and to be aired in November in the US, throughout Mexico, and etc.

The program in productions will film Korean idol group, MBLAQ, during their next month’s visit to Mexico on the 5th to 10th, where they will appear on Televisa talk show and hold a concert. In October of this year, Mexican pop trio “Reik” will visit South Korea.

[rest omitted due to irrelevance]

I heard REIK will also be in it.

Credit: original article naver absolutemblaq tenasia KR
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