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[Rumor Mill] Entertainment Radar (with guesses)

1. Beautiful star A is the talk of insiders with her frequent trips to Japan because her partner has been changing with each trip. A may be a top star but she has low public recognition in Japan, making it a less noticeable practice. The men who accompany her on the trip are top stars in Japan, however, but because not many know A, the Japanese just think he's visiting with a fellow friend. One insider said, "She has so many men to pick and choose from. She should be careful in Japan. Once this starts getting noticed by the Japanese, it won't be easy for her to make a Japanese advancement."

2. Male top star B is worrying those around him with his marital life. B originally dated a young girl in America but the long distance relationship must have taken a toll on him, as he ended up cheating on her with a one night stand who got pregnant. He had to get married to her to take responsibility, but insiders are saying, "It's fortunate that he was able to get married without further problems... but it's a marriage he never wanted so his future is worrying."

3. Actors C and D are in an uncomfortable predicament over a girl. C is a 'hot' figure in the industry with his various variety show appearances and is currently dating a college student a decade younger than him. The problem is that the girl also previously dated actor D. D ended up being cast in C's program, and after finding that out, C spoke to producers to block his casting. D didn't seem to know that C is dating his ex-girlfriend considering the fact that he had agreed to the casting despite being rejected in the end. Insiders say, "We're all actually curious about how beautiful this girl is. She might end up debuting in the industry at this rate."

4. Beautiful star E is said to have gotten breast reduction surgery for her boyfriend. Known for her stick thin figure, E had a flat chest that gave her a mysterious and androgynous image. Since her debut, it helped her stand out. Unfortunately, she felt embarrassed with her small size while filming a bed scene in a movie, which led her to get a breast augmentation surgery. Her boyfriend had told her, "You've lost your own unique charms" and was deeply disappointed with the decision, eventually leading E to take them back out. An insider said, "E fell deeper in love with her boyfriend for loving her the way she is... Unfortunately, it's disappointing news for her male fans."

5. Since a few months ago, anchorwoman G has been rumored to be in an affair with married senior H and is said to be pregnant with his baby. H has history of bad rumors in the industry a years ago so he's definitely been the talk of broadcast officials lately. H was revealed to have slept with prostitutes but was fortunately saved from further image tarnishing by moving to a different channel.


1. [+225, -50] 95% of entertainment rumors are true

2. [+144, -21] Guess I'm here too early

3. [+110, -13] Reading things like this makes me scared of celebrities... Imagine how much more we don't know. They act all cute and innocent in front of us but behind the curtains, they're having affairs, gambling, doing drugs, committing sexual assault ㅋㅋ Images are all fault... Se7en and Rain have just proven that ㅠㅠ

4. [+76, -2]
A = Lee Da H
B = Kim Jae W
C = Ryu Soo Y
D = Baek Sung H
E = Kim Sae R, Hong Soo A, Kim Min H (one of the 3)
G = Kim Kyung R
H =

5. [+54, -3] This is the same blind item that had the Won Bin and Lee Na Young rumor in it.

Entertainment Radar | Netizenbuzz
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