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4minute takes over Seoul's clubs and club culture!

“Is it poppin? It is!”

In front of E club in Cheongdam-dong, at 11 PM on the 5th. Loud music beats, flashing neon signs, clubbers sitting here and there in groups. It truly is the scene of Friday night filled with passion. The heat of the Cheongdam-dong back alley is flaming hot.

“Is it poppin?”

People always gravitate to that place at that hour. Friday night. In other words, they are checking out the scene. At that moment, an attention grabbing beauty appears on to the spot. Slender figure, flashy style, she rises above the many clubbers gathered at the spot.

“Is it poppin? It is!”

Five beauties arrived in a small car. It was a white ‘Ray’. As the small car came to a halt in front of the car, an adorable driver steps out. Four ‘older girls’ follow suit. Eyes are drawn to the five girls and instantly the club elevates to another level.

☞ 5 girls arrive at the club. What’s your name?

"Adorable cutey, I drove the car here."

"Amazing figure. What's your name?"

They look somewhat out of the world. They dominated the scene with their presence. Who are they? What's their name? How old are they? Revealing the beauties that made the scene 'pop'!

"It's 4, 4, 4, 4Minute!"

Yes, it’s true. It’s girl idol group 4Minute. So-hyun, the youngest had become their driver. The four who stepped out of the car were Hyun-a, Ga-yoon, Ji-yoon and Ji-hyun. The Ray that 4Minute rode is So-hyun’s car. They drove to the club without their manager.

When 4Minute started to move, the clubbers froze. At their tiny faces and amazing figures, a few clubbers cheered excitedly. Others pulled out their cell phones and took shots. They had never imagined that 4Minute would make appearance at such a late hour.

Their beauty was unbelievable. On that day, the members had on a smoky make-up that screamed bling. They were sensational from heat to toe. An outing to the club by the girl idol group. One could practically see how excited they are.

Their fashion style was outstanding. They transformed perfectly into clubbers. It was also an opportunity to see 4Minute out of their performance costumes. Ga-yoon, ‘The creator of airport fashion’ and others were so stylish that it would not have been awkward if they stepped up to the stage at moment.

Let’s take a look at their outfits. The group divided into two, those in ‘skinny pants’ vs in ‘short pants’.

First up is those in tiny shorts. So-hyun, the youngest, displayed an adorable look. She wore a tight denim shorts and a white top. She accentuated her figure by wearing silver platform heels. She looks adorable with her hair tied up high.

Ji-yoon, next to S0-hyun presented a chic look. She outfit was an assortment of black and white. She wore a long cardigan, and white shirt with a pair of short pants. Her pants hid beneath her long cardigan, which made it look a if she had worn no pants. Her see-through shirts also grabs the attention. Her toned down sex appeal melted the hearts of many.

Ji-hyun’s club fashion was more outgoing. She wore a white print t-shirt that revealed her shoulders with black tiny pants. She accentuated her look with high-top shoes. She looks as if she’s talking on the phone with someone. Her outfit was a fine choice that showed-off her perfect figure.

Now left are Hyun-a and Ga-yoon. Both of them are known for their long legs. They had selected skinny pants.

Hyun-a proved herself once again as a sexy icon. She wore a loose sleeveless shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. She highlighted her looks with stilettos that have transparent heels. She looks like the essence of Gang-nam. One can sense her presence just by looking at her profile.

Ga-yoon, the creator of airport fashion, presented a rock-chic look. She wore black sleeveless shirt and a pair of khaki roll-up skinny jeans. Her kill-heel boots that go slightly over her ankle is very impressive. She looks more than perfect to become a mega-star just like Hyun-a.

The member who was the most eye-catching was the youngest, So-hyun. She fully performed the role of the driver. She drove ‘Ray’ to the front of the car herself and then had the valet boy take over. Manager was absent throughout the whole outing.

So-hyun is said to have received her driver’s license just recently. She is a formidable (?) novice driver. Perhaps that was why there was a sticker at the back of the car. The sticker has a cute comment saying ‘I’m also afraid of my own driving’. Yet, I find So-hyun utterly adorable.

According to one of the staff, on the night of the 6th, 4Minute is going to have a surprise concert at that exact club. The group is going to have a performance that matches the concept of the song ‘Is it poppin?” All the members visited the club prior to the actual performance.

One way or the other, the club visited was really poppin thanks to 4Minute

"So-hyun! Thank's for the ride!" (Hyun-a)

"Do we have to wait in line?" (Ga-yoon)

"Here comes 4Minute." (Ji-hyun)

"Is it poppin today?" (Ga-yoon)

Girl group 4minute’s April and June releases of ‘What’s Your Name’ and ‘Is It Poppin?’ respectively are driving a whole new trend in clubs, hence, 4minute have become the ‘Queens of Clubs!’

The two title tracks have recently turned into representative songs for club culture as club DJs have fallen for these songs!

‘What’s Your Name? What’s your phone number?’ lyrics that can be found in ‘What’s Your Name’ asks the opposite sex for their name and telephone number which we usually see in clubs, therefore the song creates a more fun factor to the clubbing atmosphere. Whenever this song plays, clubbers would strike gestures to people beside them, asking their names and telephone numbers as they have fun listening to ‘What’s Your Name’.

Surprisingly, 4minute’s recent release ‘Is It Poppin’ further raised them to the ”Queens of Clubs’ title. ‘Is It Poppin’ has a part that goes, ‘(You/I) like people who looks pretty and dances well and have fun’, which is also the reason why club DJs commonly use this song to raise the overall atmosphere in clubs.

With the growth of such trend, 4minute have received invitation to perform in a few famous clubs across the nation. The hot responses for their performance in these clubs are currently being considered by 4minute.

Meanwhile, 4minute will soon be performing a 19+ ‘Poolside Party’ at a club, along with DJ DOC.

sources: youtube, naver, loveindacube, sports donga
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