7:33 pm - 07/07/2013

I'd like to extend an invite to Minji's body party!!!


Gong Minzy reveals her strong body at the gym.
On July 5th, 2NE1′s Gong Minzy uploaded onto her own twitter accounta message saying “Dead Lift. gogogo” together with a picture.
On the revealed picture, Gong Minzy is at the gym, wearing sportswear while in the middle of exercising. Even if she is barefaced, her face is still looking good and we are able to see Gong Minzy‘s great milky skin, and her foxy and cute facial features. Also, as expected she is grabbing our attention with her slim waist with no fats and her smooth yet strong body.
Netizens who saw Gong Minzy‘s picture at the gym reacted: “It seems like she is totally into exercising lately”, “Isn’t her bareface really cute?”, “It’s by working hard like this that she has such a flexible body”, “Is the thing she is holding heavy?”, “Since she has no make up she really looks like a high schooler”, “She is working hard at the gym”, “Her body looks strong”, “She lost a lot of weight”, “Her dead lift position is perfect”, “Seeing her like this is great”.
Meanwhile, Gong Minzy, with 2NE1, will have their comeback stage on Inkigayo on July 7th with their new song “Falling In Love”.

Source: 뉴스엔
Translated by: pab0sarang@EROMAKNAE
Also from her Instagram

More womanly gorgeousness here~

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"Morning stretching!"

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"Follow me right now :)" (I'd love to but it's not possible right now)

minji airport

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"I Love U ❤"

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"What's up ;)"

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"I love this cake :) thank you blackjack!" wow this is a really nice cake, i wonder what it tastes like

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thank you for your time~ let's make this a fun and qt post! so many themes to explore: any new exercise regimes? favorite summer looks? amazing cakes??? minji's general flawlessness???

devilsatin 8th-Jul-2013 03:29 am (UTC)
she usually grosses me out but she's qt in their new video only cos she looks like celia cruz in that wig
turdferguson 8th-Jul-2013 03:37 am (UTC)
get out (leave)
right now
it's the end of you and me
heartsolid 8th-Jul-2013 05:52 am (UTC)
Flawless icon btw!
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