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RaNia plans seven country promotional tour + US advancement delay

RaNia is set to begin a whirlwind promotional tour that will take them to at least seven countries.

In a recent update on their Facebook, RaNia reports that they will visit Cambodia on July 11th for four days, then China at the end of July. After that they will promote in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, and Indonesia. Lastly, they will attend the 'I Love K-pop Concert in Chile' in September.

While in Cambodia RaNia will visit the same orphanage where Angelina Jolie adopted her son, for charity work. They will perform on Bayon TV and even meet the Prime Minister's daughter, who specifically invited them to visit the country.

Of the American advancement RaNia explains, "We have been discussing for a long time with members of Rania and management companies in the U.S and decided to postpone our promotion in the U.S. The reason we decided to delay is because we felt that they are not ready for it now in terms of language and some other stuff."

They continue, "U.S. market is one of the largest and the most competitive in the world so that we strongly felt that we should be more prepared. By delaying it, Rania can improve their language skills so that they could communicate with people more fluently than now."

Since the group has already signed a contract with MTV, DR Media does believe the advancement will happen, it is just currently delayed.

source: akp
Tags: overseas activities, rania
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