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Kenyan exchange student confesses that he received racist treatment in Korea

Source: Star News via Nate

"I really love Korea. I can drink three bottles of soju in one sitting and even love kimchi stew. Korea's a great country to live in because there's so much to love and it's safe. However, when I'm on the subway and it's empty, no one will sit next to me even if the seats are empty. People initially think I'm from America but once they find out I'm from Kenya, they'll start to look down on me. I was shocked once when an ajumma randomly touched my skin."

His Korean friend: "People also think that he can't understand Korean so they'll put down his looks. It angers me to hear them say things that would obviously hurt him."

1. [+483, -7] I'm still really grateful but also apologetic to hear that he still loves Korea ㅜ

2. [+451, -17] Seriously, Koreans need to fix this

3. [+369, -10] As a Korean, I'm really apologetic and embarrassed. We're all the same human beings. What makes them think they're so superior? It's always racists like them that think white people are the best and then get terrorized when they visit overseas

4. [+25, -5] The funny thing about Koreans is that they'll get up in arms whenever Koreans receive racist treatment in places like Australia, Europe, or America... but they're racist right back to blacks and South East Asians

5. [+18, -2] I think it's the elderly and the little children you have to watch out for... They run their mouths without an ounce of consideration for the feelings of others;

6. [+18, -3] Our country is too narrow-minded to be deserving of love


Source: Daum

1. [+772, -47] I'm so embarrassed... ㅜㅜ

2. [+754, -43] If he said he was American instead of Kenyan, I'm sure Koreans would be willing to do anything for him. Koreans are so stupid with the way they'll chase after Westerners and view them as superior while looking down on blacks and South East Asians

3. [+345, -24] I think it's because Korea had a status system in the past... There are still a lot of elderly in their 60s who try to divide you into class and deny marriages based on your last name..

4. [+293, -15] Hey man, we don't like our dumb ajummas either... Just ignore them.. We don't deal with them either.

5. [+255, -27] One of the things I'm most embarrassed about Korea is the racism. Whenever it's found that a foreigner is from a country viewed 'lower' than Korea, they look down on them. Let's please fix this.

6. [+250, -11] I purposely try to act like I don't care when a black person sits next to me on the subway. I don't look or act like I'm affected by it... but the ajummas and ajusshis on the other side always stare.. Makes me so embarrassed, I almost want to tell them to stop.

source: nate, daum, netizenbuzz

I know Hello Counsellor can be a problematic show so I really hope this was handled well, but props to him for having the courage to speak about this on national tv. I'll be looking forward to this when it airs on KBS World.
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, tv shows
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