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Wonder Girls’ Sunye Plans on Going to Haiti as a Missionary

After getting married through faith, Wonder Girls’ Sunye has paused her career to focus on her family. But now it’s become known that she might have plans to move to Haiti to become a missionary.

An old tweet by broadcaster Lee Mina on June 20 has been attracting attention. She tweeted, “I finally met Wonder Girls’ Sunye. She visited Spa The El with Byul. It was our first meeting, but we had a good time, even losing track of time talking about our faith and the grace of God.”

The tweet continues, “Six months after giving birth, she said she’s going to Haiti as a missionary. So beautiful to see her being careful with each action to not steal the spotlight from God. So beautiful to see her being thankful to be even going out on missions. She had so much humility and gentleness that her entire being was beautiful. I was quite surprised to see that the love of the cross was this big.”

Netizens were quite surprised with the news, but sent her good wishes, saying, “I hope you decide carefully. Be happy wherever you go,” “I guess it’ll be hard to see her as a singer again,” “I’m a bit sad,” and “Hope she gives birth safely.”

After meeting him on a mission trip in Haiti, Sunye married James Park in January and is currently pregnant with their first child.

source: enewsworld
Tags: overseas activities, sunye
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