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#3yearswithmissa - a miss A mega post!

So as you can see, in the Melon site it states that miss A will release a digital single on July 19th, which really surrpises me as Suzy just finihsed filming GFB and is currently in France, while Jia in in China filming her drama.
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[Spoiler (click to open)]

July 1 marked miss A's 3rd anniversary, and to celebrate the day, the members shared their love for Say A.

It's hard to believe that it's already been three years since the girls took the K-pop scene by storm with their debut song, "Bad Girl Good Girl", which quickly ranked #1 and launched miss A into power rookies.

Suzy shared on her Twitter, "Thank you so much to everyone who congratulated us on our 3rd anniversary. I received the letters and presents well! I don't know if I even deserve these things. Thanks to you, the past three years have been filled with happiness. I won't forget that heart and continue to work hard!"

She also gave a shout out to international fans, sharing, "Thank you for all of your love and thoughtful presents.. S2."

Min also tweeted, "A shaky photo taken three years ago. Thankssssss I made the right decision in coming to my agency."

Jia shared a photo of the cake their fan cub, Say A, sent with the hashtag "#3yearswithmissa".

Congrats, miss A!
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July 1st - MCountdown

July 2nd - Music Bank

JUly 3rd - Music Core

July 4th - Inkigayo

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[Spoiler (click to open)]

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missAfei: I hope everyone’s safe~ I’ll be praying for you all~
missAfei: See you the day after tomorrow at Changsha ^^

@missA_fei: Thank you ~~

@missA_fei: I’ll use it well~~

ff0427: in bangkok ~~

ff0427: in bbk

missAfei: miss A 3 years anniversary I was at the mountain area and my phone can’t be used! So I didn’t get the chance to say thank you too y’all! Thank you say A that kept on supporting us! I won’t say anymore! Love you all love you~~ ♥♥ and also @missA中国首站 @Muffin_MyFei王霏霏个站 @missA组合吧 Thank you for your 3 years anniversary presents

@missA_fei: I wasn’t in Korea during miss A 3 years anniversary,
my phone can’t be used to take a confirmation picture TT thank you our say A that’s always by our side, we will give you a better look, thank you^^ I love you all
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[Spoiler (click to open)]

2PM's Nichkhun and miss A's Jia will star in the upcoming Chinese drama, 'Yi You Er Fen Zhi Yi De Xia Tian' ('One and A Half Summer')!

Nichkhun and Jia were spotted at Jimei University in Xiamen, China on the 8th, getting friendly with the cast on set. It has been revealed that the cast and crew will film the drama from July to October across Xiamen, Fuzhou, Beijing, and more so fans in China might be able to spot them there soon!

The teenage drama will portray the love story of the lead character played by Nichkhun, a student from the States, who travels to China in search of the girl he loves. 'Yi You Er Fen Zhi Yi De Xia Tian' will premiere next summer so hopefully it will be worth the wait!

omg i can't wait, this looks like it will be such a cute youth drama, but boo at the lack of jia info!
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SISTAR's Bora showed off a thoughtful present she received from one of her best friends, miss A's Jia!

"Miss A's Jia gave me a present of a T-shirt she designed herself!!!!!!" she posted to her Twitter earlier today. "It's definitely my~ style♥ Thank you thank you!!!"

The whimsical playing-card design on the black tee matches perfectly with her dyed two-tone hair and bright smile, although we can't seem to make out what exactly the drawing is about!
Any guesses?
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Recently, Jia designed a couple of T-shirts for sale with Prototype.

On July 3, AQE posted on the facebook page of miss A announcing fans to buy T-shirts designed by Jia, where her profits will be donated to people in need. They also said,” Please show love and support for this project.”

In collaboration with prototype, Jia has designed two T-shirts. One with a side profile skull head on a card, while the other has scribble of diamonds, skulls, stars, heart rates and others items that showcase Jia’s personality.

To fans, Jia has showed off her art through instagram showing a talent in drawing. Sometimes she would post her scribbling, impressing fans with not only dancing and singing skills but also drawing skills.

This is considered, Jia’s first solo work without miss A.

The shirts can be purchased on
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mjbaby0203: @seohii with unni~ ke

mjbaby0203: So hot until I have to put my fringe up!^^

mjbaby0203: Shopping time~~~yeah!!!!!!

mjbaby0203: Let’s go to Xiamen

mjbaby0203: Good night world~zzZ

mjbaby0203: Selca in the practice room~ke

mjbaby0203: with kris〜

mjbaby0203: With ahyeon~pretty dongsaeng
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[Spoiler (click to open)]
therealminnn: JYP I can see you. #seethrough #bangbang

therealminnn: Bangkok makes me fat.

@missA_min: Con to the firmation shot bye bye

@missA_min: Don’t wanna eat ..

therealminnn: Tangmo-pun <3

therealminnn: With @sohyunlim n @songyeekoo444

therealminnn: BOOM #house #hardtogetmyassup
therealminnn: I need your love. #bobo

therealminnn: Idk what to caption this #homealone

therealminnn: Bobo likes them minnies ♡ #bobo #sayA

therealminnn: Iloveuguys #sayA #thebest
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[Spoiler (click to open)]

As one of the youngest to be on the show, miss A’s Suzy is expected to appear on SBS’ Healing Camp in the near future.

On July 10, the MCs had a meeting with reporters to talk about the 100th episode special of Healing Camp in Namyangjoo.

There, the chief producer revealed that Suzy has recently completed the pre-recording of the show and she will be featured in the 101st episode.

“Wanting to return to the starting point with the 101st episode, we decided to invite a young and trendy guest,” said the producer. “Although she’s very young, her principles were solid. The filming ended well.”

MC Lee Kyung Kyu added that the filming was a very enjoyable one.

Suzy’s episode of Healing Camp will air on July 22.
» enewworld

Suzy is receiving lots of love from the advertising industry.

At the recent filming of KBS 2TV’s ‘Full House,’ Oh Kyung-Soo, the advertising producer who became known through his role in the ‘Cricket Boiler’ CF, revealed the secrets of the advertising industry.

He picked Suzy, Kim Tae-Hee, and Cha Tae-Hyun as the celebrities with the best reputation amongst advertising industry workers.

Oh Kyung-Soo talked about Suzy with especial fondness, revealing that "During CF filmings on set, Suzy is an endorphin-like presence to the staff members. That’s why with Suzy, we tell her that she can do everything she wants to do."

Netizens commented, "Seems like she gets along really well with the staff members on drama sets, it’s only natural that she receives love on CF sets too," "The people that work with Suzy can’t stop praising her, she’s on a different level for sure," "Of course, she’s always smiling even through all those schedules, who wouldn’t like Suzy?"
» forsuzy94@tumblr

miss A's Suzy gave her two cents on the trend of girl groups going for a sexy image.

When asked the pressing question, "What are your thoughts on girl groups becoming swept up in controversies due to their sexy concept these days," Suzy responded, "I think the sexy concept is a special kind of privilege that only women, including girl groups, can pull off. But I don't think that a person should focus too much on it. If it's a stage outfit and performance that match with the song, then the sexy concept is not something that should be looked down upon."

"In the past, I wanted to show different sides of myself, but now I want to find my own color and go crazy chasing after it. I've been focusing too much on diversity, so it's come to the point where I don't excel in this or that."

Suzy recently gave her farewell greeting to her MBC drama 'Book of the House of Gu' and will continue to focus on her career as a singer and actress.
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miss A's Suzy is not only beautiful, but also wise! She revealed that she didn't consider her popularity to be set in stone.

During a recent interview, Suzy shared, "Although I am receiving a lot of love right now, I don't think this will last forever. I am trying to work with that mindset...Honestly, there is pressure. I don't know if I can handle it but I think I'm doing a good job in firmly making it through. Loneliness is inevitable."

Suzy previously shed tears when asked about the rumors of earning a whole lot of money from her CFs and being referred to as the '10 billion KRW (~9 million USD) Girl' during the press conference for her drama, 'Book of the House of Gu'. Looking back on that moment, Suzy explained, "It was a result of many things. Tears just came out."

"I do get stressed mentally. I want to focus on myself and perfect my work. I want to fall into one thing but there are a lot of things that I have to do. So I have no choice. I have to do it with a grateful heart. I see everything as a fortunate happening. It is not something that can last forever."

"Now that summer is here, I will have to work out and prepare for it. I want to receive vocal and dance lessons. I want to reunite with people I haven't been able to catch up with and I have to take my dog, which has been left for someone else to take care of in the house while I was filming my drama, outside with me again. I have a lot of things to do."
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i should have done this post way earlier but i never had the time, i am a bad stan ;-; and i didn't add a bunch of suzy stuff becuase i didn't want to kill people with it, so later i will do a suzy mega post, so who doesn't like her doens't need to see a bunch of suzy articles among miss a stuff.
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