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Teen murderer's SNS accounts uncovered by netizens

A follow up to this post
The victim's name is Yongin

These articles are about his SNS posts he left following the murder and netizens digging up his identity.

After the murder: "I'm dried out of any emotions that can be felt by human beings. I didn't feel any guilt today at all, not even sadness or anger. Nothing but a short smile. Today, I'll fall asleep buried under the smell of blood."

3 minutes later: "I wanted to be a **** today. So I was a **** today."

"I didn't have any feelings of hate or positivity. Hate me. I want to go to hell. I have a person I want to bring to hell with me."

"I'd like to praise your bravery for staring into my eyes until your very last moment. Thank you for letting me know through your gaze that you weren't scared at all."

Later that afternoon, on the bus to meet a friend: "Cherry blossoms are a scent that you miss no matter how much you smell it. It smells nice from here on the bus. I feel at rest."

Four hours before he turned himself in (6:28): "My heart feels at rest today. I may get hate, people may be disappointed in me, but yeah, I'm a bad guy. Let's just take this easy."

Article: Yongin murderer mentions victim on SNS "I'd like to praise your bravery for staring into my eyes until your very last moment"

1. [+1,297, -17] And for 15 years, the nation will spend fostering another devil and release him back into the world once again

2. [+1,088, -10] No solution to this other than the death penalty...

3. [+1,002, -14] Psychopath + mental issues... I'm already worried about what will happen in 15 years.


Article: Yongin murderer, Facebook + Kakao Story accounts revealed

1. [+552, -5] Another life will be sacrificed... When he's released, he'll only be in his 30s or 40s... People will forget all about him by then and the same murder will happen all over again. Goosebumps..

2. [+513, -12] His identity should definitely be revealed to the public. I heard teens are only charged with a max of 15 years? Throw an electronic anklet on him or just kill him off for good.

3. [+496, -8] And of course the screwed up human rights groups will demand that a criminal like him receive rights too. Why does he deserve any rights? What about the rights of the victim? And her family? Criminals don't have rights. We should be like America and release the identities of criminals on the internet.

Financial News via Nate | Kuki News via Nate | Netizenbuzz
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