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Yoo Seung Ho to appear on 'Real Men'?

Fans, better start watching Real Man since there is a glimmering chance to see Yoo Seung Ho on television again.

On July 9, a MBC staff stated that the cast of MBC’s Real Man will be heading to the 27th Infantry Division for the next round of filming, raising the anticipation of viewers.


The reason why this base is being spotlighted is because it is the same division where Yoo Seung Ho is currently serving as an instructor.

It’s not certain if an appearance by Yoo Seung Ho will occur,” said the staff member, mentioning that even the filming will be planned according to the base’s training schedule.

In a previous episode, singer Wheesung appeared on the show as an instructor. However, the appearance was not planned but highly coincidental.

If Yoo Seung Ho does appear on the show, it will also be by chance.

source: enewsworld
Tags: actor/actress, army, whee-sung, yoo seung ho
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