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YG talks about things being postponed, no one is surprised

The survival program “WIN”, the program that was to help form a new YG boy group for the first time in 7 years after BIGBANG, is to be postponed to July 26 for several reasons. But with the postponing of the program, there were some positive changes made to solo album debut plans for KANG SEUNG-YOON, who is one of the members of the show “WIN”.

I extend my sincere apology to all the fans for not announcing this earlier.

What are the changes and when will KANG SEUNG-YOON release his first solo debut album?

KANG SEUNG-YOON’s debut song, “WILD AND YOUNG”, which was scheduled to be released today, will instead be released in 2 weeks time, at the end of July. However, his other song in the mini album titled “IT RAINS”will be released first on July 16.

The biggest reason for postponing “WILD AND YOUNG” for 2 weeks was the weather.

As I explained before, “WIND AND YOUNG” is strong rock with KANG SEUNG-YOON’s refreshing voice, which makes it perfect for summer. But as the rainy season has begun in Korea, we are going to release “IT RAINS” first, and when the heat wave hits at the end of July, that’s when “WILD AND YOUNG” will be released.

We are now carefully coming up with plans for KANG SEUNG-YOON to make an appearance on TV, which was not included in the original proposal. And we are thinking the beginning of September for his mini album release.

The “WIN” program that consists of 10 episodes is an unpredictable show, as the voting result depends completely on the watchers. So we have to take into account that Group A, which includes KANG SEUNG-YOON, may win, and in that case his team will form an official group under the name “WINNER” as soon as the program finishes in the first week of October. The group will be involved in many different activities until the end of the year.
If this is the case, KANG SEUNG-YOON’s solo music activities will be carried out for about 2 months, from the beginning of August to the end of  eptember.

Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow’s “IT RAINS” and “WILD AND YOUNG” at the end of July, and also for KANG SEUNG-YOON’s mini album that will be released at the beginning of September!

How is TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album going?

TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album that is to be released in September is his first one in 3 years.
To make it an album in which he can be completely satisfied with, TAEYANG himself is in charge of everything related to album production.

Unlike G-DRAGON who has an experience of being fully in charge of producing BIGBANG’s entire albums and his own solo album, it’s the first time for TAEYANG to be producing on his own, so it may take him some time. But we believe that the hardship will reap a fruit for his career and that the skills gained will aid him in many ways for the rest of his music life.

For the last few years, TAEYANG has been working not only with the main producers but also been travelling to the United States several times to work with world-renowned songwriters. Just a few days ago we completed the track list of about 10 songs for his 2nd regular album, so there will be no change in plan for releasing it in September.

Any more news on 2NE1’s plan for releasing a new song every month?

2NE1’s next new song will be released at the beginning of August as planned.

CL’s hip-hop solo song “THE BADDEST FEMALE” and 2NE1’s reggae “FALLING IN LOVE”, which were both non-mainstream, were a first attempt at the genres for the group. But the new song that is to be released at the beginning of August is a fast-paced and rhythmic song that is aimed for summer. The song is very 2NE1.

The new music video for the song in August will be directed by director SEO HYUN-SEUNG, and Japan’s famous choreographer, KOHARU SUGAWARA, who designed the moves for “FALLING IN LOVE”, will once again choreograph 2NE1’s new song.

Give us a brief explanation on DOULBE PARK TV

2NE1’s BOM and DARA are diligently filming DOUBLE PARK TV, which will be revealed online soon.

DOUBLE PAKR TV does not have any set format for regular viewing, it’s sort of “do whatever you want” online program. BOM and DARA are showing great affection for the show, so I personally think the two will be filming it until the end of this month, which is the month 2NE1 will be wrapping up their album activities.

Like you have seen in 2NE1 TV before, the two members are of greatly unique characters, so they embarked on the DOULBE PAKR TV as they thought a non-formatted and customized show would suit them better than regular TV variety shows.

As you have already seen in the sneak-peek intro video clip of DOULBE PARK TV, the two idiosyncratic MCs will be delivering you every tiny detail of what’s happening at YG.

To be continued… Thank you!

2013. 07. 15 FROM YG

What I get from this is that "Winner" is KANG SEUNG-YOON back up plan like Su:pearls was for Lee Hi...

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