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Info on T-ARA's 2nd Japanese Album: T-ARA's Treasure Box

T-ara's 2nd Japanese album, Treasure Box, will be released in 3 versions: Diamond, Sapphire and Pearl.
Release date is currently slated for August 7th

Diamond Edition:

Special tall case

32 page photobook

1 random card

CD of all 13 tracks

DVD of Daily T-ara Directors Cut version (210 minutes total)

Price: ¥6,800

Sapphire Edition:

Special tall case

Jacket dress

1 random of 7 rubber key

1 random card

CD of all 13 tracks

DVD of 5 music videos (Sexy Love, Sexy Love dance version, Day by Day, Bunny Style and Target)

Price: ¥4,300

Pearl Edition:

Normal P case

Random 1 piece calendar (of one member only)

1 random card

CD of all 13 tracks

Price: ¥3,059

CD Tracklisting (All editions):
01 Sexy Love (Japanese ver.)
02 DAY BY DAY (Japanese ver.)
03 Bye Bye (Japanese ver.)
04 初めてのように (Japanese ver.)
05 バニスタ!
06 Sign (ソヨン&アルム)
07 シャボン玉のゆくえ(ボラム&キュリ)
08 Dangerous Love (ウンジョン&ヒョミン&ジヨン)
09 TARGET ※最新シングル
10 遊んでみる?(Japanese ver.) ※新曲
11 Deja-vu  ※日本オリジナル新曲
12 Beautiful Sniper  ※日本オリジナル新曲
13 キミは僕の宝物 ~ Happy Birthday to you ~ ※日本オリジナル新曲

source: EMI Music via Diadem
Tags: overseas activities, t-ara
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