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☆ Bangtan post! Lots of photos, interviews, and profiles ☆

Rap Monster

Name: Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)
Birthday: September 12th 1994
Blood type: A
Nicknames: RapMon (shortened!), Leader Mon (because I’m the leader), God of Destruction (everything I touch breaks).
Family: Dad, mom, younger sister.
Favorite foods: Meat, Korean knife noodles.
Favorite color: Black.
Favorite items: Clothes, computer, books.
Ideal type: Someone with a nice voice, is appropriately tall, is pale, and looks good in a white t-shirt + jeans + red Converse.
Habits: Rolling back shoulders, warming up my throat before No More Dream.
A word that describes me: Rapper, gag (jokes)
Role models: Kanye West, A$AP Rocky.
In 10 years I will be: A rich rapper.


Name: Jin (Kim Seokjin)
Birthday: December 4th 1992
Blood type: O
Nicknames: Pink Princess, Jin Princess. Fans gave me these nicknames because I like pink.
Family: Parents, older brother.
Favorite foods: Lobster, meat, naengmyeon (cold noodles), chicken, greasy food.
Favorite color: Pink.
Favorite items: Maple Story action figures, Super Mario action figures, Nintendo games.
Ideal type: Someone who’s a good wife, is good at cooking, and is nice.
Habits: Blinking my left eye when I’m hungry.
A word that describes me: Hidetoshi (called Youngmin in Korea) from Doraemon. V found a character that looks like me.
Role models: T.O.P sunbae from Big Bang.
In 10 years I will be: Sergeant Kim Seokjin ㅠ.ㅠ and when I succeed in Bangtan, I will be a Jin that mothers like watching on TV.


Name: Suga (Min Yoongi)
Birthday: March 9th 1993
Blood type: O
Nicknames: Motionless Min (because when I have free days I don’t do anything), Dad (I’m a typical Gyeongsangdo dad at the dorm).
Family: Dad, mom, older brother (I miss you. Love you ♡).
Favorite foods: Meat, meat, meat.
Favorite color: White.
Favorite items: Camera, electronics, accessories.
Ideal type: A girl who likes music, someone who likes hip-hop.
Habits: Making rhymes in everyday situations, overdoing gags (jokes), writing lyrics, thinking about what kind of tweets to post, speaking in satoori when I’m nervous, 슙슙 and cry ㅠ.ㅠ, laughing sounds like eungkyakya.
A word that describes me: Glutinous rice cake, sugar (I’m really pale in real life), lazy (I’m not lazy when I’m doing anything related to music, and also on stage!!), tiresome (I dislike anything tiresome!!).
Role models: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, Hit Boy.
In 10 years I will be: Dominating the world with music! I want to let the whole world listen to my music.


Name: Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)
Birthday: September 1st 1997
Blood type: A
Nicknames: Jeon Jungkookie. Suga hyung calls me this a lot.
Family: Mom, dad, older brother, me.
Favorite foods: Bread, pizza, anything with flour.
Favorite color: Red, black, white.
Favorite items: Shoes, makeup.
Ideal type: Someone who’s at least 168 cm but smaller than me, is a good wife, good at cooking, smart, has pretty legs, and is nice.
Habits: Sniffling (I have rhinitis), wriggling my fingers.
A word that describes me: GoldMak (Golden Maknae)
Role models: G-Dragon sunbaenim (y)
In 10 years I will be: Owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattooist.


Name: Jimin (Park Jimin)
Birthday: October 13th 1995
Blood type: A
Nicknames: Park Jiminnie (Suga hyung calls me this, I don’t know why), Dooly (I hear that I look like it when I puff out my cheeks)
Family: Dad, mom, younger brother.
Favorite foods: Meat (pork, beef, duck, chicken), fruits, stew (kimchi jjigae)
Favorite color: Blue, black.
Favorite items: New Era (snapbacks), bandanas.
Ideal type: I really like nice and cute girls. Must be smaller than me.
Habits: Dancing/moving along to the music no matter where the location.
A word that describes me: Bangtan’s charming member, cutie.
Role models: Taeyang sunbae from Big Bang. I want to follow (become like) him and I highly respect him.
In 10 years I will be: A cool singer who enjoys the stage.


Name: V (Kim Taehyung)
Birthday: December 30th 1995
Blood type: AB
Nicknames: TaeTae (friends call me TaeTae~ because it’s easy to say), Blank Tae (because I always have a blank expression, I’m Blank Tae).
Family: Dad, mom, younger sister, younger brother, me.
Favorite foods: Japchae, any type of meat.
Favorite color: Black, green, white.
Favorite items: Computer, big dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, anything unique.
Ideal type: Someone who becomes more charming by the day ♡, someone who only takes care of me ♡, someone who only loves me ♡, someone who’s chic outdoors but makes me hot chocolate and has a lot of aegyo inside.
Habits: Biting my nails, opening my mouth, touching anything that’s cute, and saying “Mom?" and “It hurts!" a lot.
A word that describes me: Monkey. When I was younger I got spit on by a chimpanzee at the zoo and after that incident, my friends started saying I was the chimpanzee’s rival, a monkey.
Role models: Dad. I want to be a dad like mine; someone who takes good care of his children, listens to everything they say, encourages and advises their future plans well, and gets scolded by their wife a lot.
In 10 years I will be: Taking my future children Taekwon (male, two years old) and Taegeuk (female, seven months old) to the zoo and feeding the pigeons shrimp crackers and being a cool fall guy.

Name: J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)
Birthday: February 18th 1994
Blood type: A
Nicknames: Hope. First of all, my name is full of hope. I also have a very bright personality. I’m a hopeful being.
Family: Me, dad, mom, older sister.
Favorite foods: Original Korean foods, foods that kings eat, kimchi.
Favorite color: Green.
Favorite items: Clothes, Legos, shoes, Apple products ㅎㅎ
Ideal type: A girl who loves me, who is good at cooking, and who thinks a lot.
Habits: Cleaning up the area around me, dancing when there’s music ㅋㅋ
A word that describes me: @-@, hope.
Role models: A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Beenzino, G.D
In 10 years I will be: J-Hope of the internationally famous Bangtan. And….in the army? ㅠ.ㅠ

Rap Monster. Real name Kim Namjoon. Born on September 12th 1994.

During my underground days, I used the stage name Runch Randa. I got that name from the character my friend (who introduced me to rap) and I were taking care of in Maple Story. I read lots of books and all sorts of writings while writing rap lyrics to increase my vocabulary. It didn’t really work out after debuting though, because we’re so busy. But if I ever get an idea or remember good words, I always right them down on a notepad. At one point, my nickname was “Dance Prodigy" - I was so bad at dancing that my dance teacher and the company staff called me that. The difference between the things I’m good at and the things I’m bad at is extremely obvious. I thought “Ah, that’s not my speciality. Everyone has their own thing, and there are just some things you shouldn’t do." about dancing. But turns out, it wasn’t impossible. Nowadays I’m told that I actually dance like a normal person. The members might not agree with that, though. (laughs)

Although I don’t show it, I’m really nervous on stage. I used to watch people on TV walk out from behind LED doors on Mnet so actually doing it was fascinating and nerve-racking. I once went on stage without my microphone pack so I started fretting about that also. But when I got on stage, I got the feeling that I was in charge of the place. I think you need that kind of mentality when doing hip-hop. Because I have a fierce image, I often think “I’m the best here." But unlike what you see, I have a shy personality in real life. The members tell me that there’s a big gap from me on stage and off-stage. (Suga: On stage, he wears sunglasses and has a powerful image but he actually likes cute things. He keeps the ball he received at a fansign on his bed.) I have a habit of singing loudly at night in the dorm. I always sing so I never thought that it’d affect the members. I realized that after a while but the members never said anything - probably because I’m the leader and I was the first member in the dorm. (laughs) I think I’ve improved by 7, 80% now.

I always check the current affairs and general topics in the news. It’s easy to neglect things happening around the world because of our busy schedules. I don’t like that so I check the news. If I ever have a girlfriend who isn’t an idol, I want to write them a song that apologizes for being an idol. Imagine how much the girl would dislike the fact that I’m an idol, since I’m always busy and because there are so many other fans who like me even though she’s there. I would like her to know that ‘I’m a much better person than you think.’ It’s because no matter what others do or say, I know myself the best. Also, even though this may make me sound arrogant, I want to say that I haven’t shown half of half of my abilities. I have a lot of charms and hope to show them in the future.

Suga. Real name Min Yoongi. Born on March 9th 1993.

There was a stage name I used as a lyricist in Daegu. I wanted to use that but people said it had no impact and that I should have a prettier name so Bang Sihyuk PD and I came up with a few ideas. Out of those choices, he said “Suga" suited me best so that’s how I got this name. It’s kind of a dazzling name but I think that’s what people wanted. It’s a name that contradicts the image I have on stage. When I first came to Seoul and went to the recording studio, Rap Monster and two other trainees were wearing Adidas tracksuits in different colors - blue, green, and black. I felt like I had to buy one too, so I got a blue tracksuit. (laughs)

The name Bangtan was finalized before we even thought of other names. There were a few other suggested names, though. Young Nation, Big Kids, and a few others were candidates but we decided that Bangtan sounded cooler. I decided to pursue a career in music after hearing Stony Skunk sunbaenim’s “Ragga Muffin" in 6th grade. I chose to rap after listening to “Fly" by Epik High sunbaenims. I had some basic Midi gear that was essential in music-making before entering the company. They were things that I had bought as a lyricist after saving up enough money by walking around for two hours every day and skipping dinner every day. But all the equipment in our logs are things that Bang Sihyuk PD gave us. (laughs) In our pre-debut song “Satoori Rap", I rap in my native Daegu satoori. My satoori is kind of awkward now because I’ve fixed it, but it’ll be solved with a quick visit to Daegu. In one of the lyrics that I wrote in 2011, there’s a part that says “My rapping makes Superstar K’s Huh Gak gasp~" I had that much confidence in myself but as my training period got longer, I couldn’t help but think “I’m only worth this much. Should I just give up?" Even while saying that, I always wrote raps at midnight and trained a lot.

My role is to nag or scold the younger members when they make a mistake. It’s because I’m the only member in the group who can speak harshly. I have an honest and blunt personality so if I feel that something isn’t right, I always speak up about it. I’ve posted it on Twitter before but once I get all the necessary supplies, I’d really like to have a cooking battle. Jin hyung is good at cooking but I also have some know-how that I’ve collected. (laughs) On Twitter, I use the words "슙슙" and "응캬캬" frequently. There are people who like it and people who say it’s greasy. My real personality isn’t aegyo-y like that and I’m actually quite straightforward. I just write like that because I want to do that with fans. You could say that it’s my special way of showing fans that I like them.

J-Hope. Real name Jung Hoseok. Born on February 18th 1994.

I received commissioned education in Gwangju after signing a contract with my company. I thought ‘They’re so cool. There are these type of people at my company.’ after Rap Monster and Suga hyung were revealed. I moved to the dorm in December but there was a really big difference. My hopeful fantasy of trainee life shattered. (laughs) I got a lot of prizes in Gwangju for my dancing. I won an underground dance battle and even performed at a festival. (V: I can confirm this. While enrolling at Korea Arts School, there were lots of trainees coming from different districts. When I debuted with Bangtan, my friends asked me “J-Hope hyung, is he the one from that dance academy in Gwangju?" That’s how famous he was.)

Before debuting, the members and I always did midnight dance practices. Me, Jimin, and Jungkook would often take lead and practice at midnight or sometimes even 1 or 2 am, practicing for two hours each time. First we practice the basics, then move onto details. Dance has freestyle like rapping, so sometimes we’d gather in a circle and dance. What I like best about dancing is that we all can agree. They understand faster when I explain by saying “In rapping you do this, it’s the same in dancing. Let’s try it out." These days I think V is the best at catching up and understanding. At first I thought “Ah….what do I do." but now he enjoys dancing and is showing a lot of interest in it. Rap Monster’s dancing skills have also improved a lot. In other words, he’s become great [at dancing]. (laughs) I’m the only member with an older sister. She’s five years older than me but we’re really close. You could say that she’s a tree who gives me constant support.

There’s a lot of negative things about wearing a mask. First of all, it’s really hard to breathe and it gives me bad skin. I have to put it on straight after singing but depending on the type, there are some masks that don’t pull up that well and it’s hard. But lots of people recognize me because of it so I’m happy. Jin hyung made seaweed soup* for me and it tasted really good. It made me speechless. It tasted like my mom’s. (Jin: That was before we had a diet menu so I could put in soy sauce, salt, and beef into the soup.) I’m the type of person to approach someone without hesitation and my speaking habits are also like that. I sometimes nag Rap Monster and he says “Okay. I won’t do that anymore." but he never really listens. (laughs) Of course, now most of his bad habits are fixed. (Rap Monster: If I’m fire, J-Hope is water - he’s good at ‘turning off’ my bad habits. He’s really sociable so he’s good at mixing with others and our group members.)

* It’s a Korean tradition for somebody celebrating their birthday to eat seaweed soup.

Jin. Real name Kim Seokjin. Born on December 4th 1992.

I made a big mistake during our first performance at It was my first time wearing a microphone pack and went up on stage with them attached to my normal pants, but they turned out to be too heavy. During “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2", there is a part when we jump down but while doing so, my pants went down all the way to my thighs. (laughs) I quickly pulled them back up but they fell off again during the second time. Other than eating, I also enjoy looking at photographs and recipes. But when I cook, the members’ reactions aren’t that good because my food always tastes the same. Even when I change the order I put in the ingredients, the results are the same. It’s because we have a diet plan to follow and the only available options are chicken breast meat, onions, paprika, and rice. (Jimin: Once we actually skewered some chicken breast meat and onions on a chopstick and cooked it but it tasted burnt.) Because I’m bad at cooking, I want to marry someone who is better at it than me. I’ve never even thought about marrying somebody who is worse at cooking than me. I eat all health products that I see. But I don’t eat other people’s [health products].

I was the last to enter the dorm so I had a hard time adjusting at first. I don’t live extremely neatly and don’t clean up all the time but feel that everyone should put away their dishes themselves after eating or put their laundry in the laundry basket but only J-Hope and Suga do that. After they left a big mess, I thought “Ah, will I be able to live here?" and started cleaning up everything. (Suga: Everything got fixed after the cleaning lady started coming to our dorm.) Once after school, I went to the practice room and spotted a new friend. He suddenly came over to me and started dancing while rubbing his body on me. (laughs) That friend was V. (V: I didn’t volunteer to dance, it’s just that another trainee hyung told me “The eldest hyung is going to be coming later. Show your charms then. Make a first impression that he’ll remember." As soon as Jin hyung came, I got embarrassed so I kept dancing while looking down. Hyung kept staring at me with a blank expression and eventually told me “You go dance in the front, over there.") I thought, “What is with this kid, really?" It’s still amazing.

I didn’t really know it at first but after living with him for a while, I learned that we share a lot of hobbies. When I’m on the computer, V sometimes comes over and says “Hyung, you do this too?" and when V’s doing something, I ask him “You do this too?" From that moment on, I realized “Even though this kid is 4D, he’s a normal person who has the same hobbies as me." I like playing Super Mario and Maple Story. I started Super Mario when I was five years old and Maple Story in seven grade and still faithfully play them. I feel at ease when I see Super Mario characters and the monsters in Maple Story are extremely cute.

V. Real name Kim Taehyung. Born on December 30th 1995.

The members call me 4D. I don’t really know why they do that. (Rap Monster: When he has a blank expression like he does right now, he seems really 4D / J-Hope: I think V would have a lot of charms to show off in variety shows because of his 4D-ness.) When I’m on the top bunk and watch animations, the members stare at me as if saying “That…addict." But after Jin hyung came into the dorm, I learned that we had a lot of the same hobbies. Hyung has a clean and prince-like feeling to him but he actually really likes animations, just like me. (Jin: Being clean and liking animations don’t link with each other!) These days whenever there’s a new animation, we talk about watching it together. I watched all the episodes of <Digimon Adventure> Also, <Wolf Children> and <The Girl Who Leapt Through Time> and other works of the director Hosoda Mamoru are my current favorites. I like almost all of the cartoons on Tooniverse and I think I’ve watched most of them. I was so moved after watching a video of Danny Jung and started playing the saxophone for three years. However, I suddenly got interested in dancing and decided to take a different path. I quit only a bit after changing from the classic saxophone to a jazz saxophone so I don’t know if I’m still as good as I was before. But I think I played really well three years ago. Clap!

I don’t practice any individual talents on my own. I don’t prepare anything. I just do anything that suits the situation and think what should I do today? Should I try this? But……there are lots of times when I can’t come up with anything. (laughs) I was really sad when I couldn’t film any logs (videos that the Bangtan members take themselves and upload onto their blog). I followed the hyungs whenever they filmed a log, but couldn’t actually upload any of mine on the blog. I sat by myself and said “It’s this month and this date 2013, today I did this, this won’t go on the blog, right? I’m sad." I was also there when they filmed their group log, it’s just that I wasn’t shown on screen - I was actually standing by the trashcan.

When I was revealed as a Bangtan member, I received exactly one letter. I was so happy. I didn’t sleep until 4:00 am and read it about fifteen times. I kept showing it off to the hyungs. I made a lot of mistakes during the part of ‘No More Dream’ when I have to throw off my glasses. The glasses are in my back pocket that has a zipper on it and once I had to make glasses with my fingers, and there has been several situations in which I threw my glasses off so hard I couldn’t find them after the performance. I don’t usually cry while watching movies. I’ve cried recently though, when I watchedwith Jin hyung. I cried as if someone had turned on a faucet in my eyes. I haven’t been in a serious relationship yet. I want to marry my first love and be with them forever.

Jimin. Real name Park Jimin. Born on October 13th 1995.

I was actually looking forward to what kind of stage name I’d receive. Some of the choices were Baby J, Baby G, and Young Kid, but we eventually decided to use my real name. (Suga: We all agreed that “Jimin" sounded the best.) I see my face every day so I just think “Did my face change a bit?" but people around me tell me that I’ve lost a lot of weight. My parents worry about me a lot because they only see me a few times a year and ask me if I’m eating properly. I personally feel that I’ve become more handsome after dieting when….fans take nice pictures of me? (laughs) I eat the same things as the other members but exercise more. I didn’t really feel anything when I first started developing abs but when I first stood on stage, people’s reactions were good so my thoughts on that have changed a bit. (Jin: Jimin’s body was really good when I first met him.) I didn’t talk about that because it’s embarrassing. (laughs) During the ‘No More Dream’ choreography, there’s a part when I kick all the hyungs while they’re standing in a line, but I always feel really sorry for kicking them so hard. Once I kicked Rap Monster hyung so hard he ‘disappeared’ for a while. While doing the next part of the choreography, all I can think is “Ah, I’m so sorry. What should I do. Are they hurt?" (Jungkook: You can actually hear the kicking sound.)

I danced popping since 8th grade and gained interest in this kind of career after watching Rain sunbaenim’s performances. After that, I moved to Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department and came here after my dance teacher suggested I audition for an entertainment company. While doing modern dance, I once danced TVXQ sunbaenims’s “Mirotic" with my friends and the reaction was really good. It was to the extent that….I felt like I had become a celebrity. (laughs) (Jungkook: Hyung said that there were girls waiting for him outside the bathroom.) It’s my first and last memory. My first log was done when I could barely open my eyes. It was right after I had finished my dance lesson so my face was a mess and there were eight other people in the room at the time so I felt really awkward. I could’ve filmed more comfortably if I were alone.

I was last to be added to the group so that’s why I practice so hard. (Jin: Jimin practices whenever he has free time; he has an addiction to practicing. He sleeps three hours a day, and he practices so much it makes me worried that he might die practicing.) Once I wrote lyrics and brought them to Suga hyung but he said “You call these lyrics?" He told me to bring lyrics that we could actually use in a song. (Suga: He wrote lyrics that sounded like a children’s song.) I have a lot of know-how in skincare. I take a long time cleansing and put on moisturizer straight after washing my face. The main point is to put it on three seconds after drying your face with a towel.

Jungkook. Real name Jeon Jungkook. Born on September 1st 1997.

Some stage names that were being considered for me because I was from Busan were Seagull, Young Gun, and many more. But they all told me that Jungkook was the best. In 7th grade I learned b-boying in a club with some friends and hyungs. Afterwards, I went to the Mnet auditions and got casted by my current company’s staff. When I danced, Bang Sihyuk PD told me “No emotion. No emotion while dancing." So, I went to the U.S for dance training. I learned urban style, female dancing style, powerful dances, and many more from famous choreographers. I think I learned how to properly show emotion in dancing. As soon as I came to Korea, I told the hyungs “Hyung, the U.S is great. I want to go again." so the hyungs were a bit upset. (laughs)

In ‘No More Dream’, I’m in charge of saying “Okay mom, I told you I’m going to study hall now!" I have been to study hall a lot. I didn’t always study, but mostly read books. Mainly comic books…wait, was that the library? Never mind, I’ve never been to study hall. Hyungs gave me the nickname “Golden Maknae" I think I misbehave a lot because we’re all really close. I like to say annoying things a lot to the hyungs. (laughs) (Suga: He has a good memory so he can imitate us well / Rap Monster: He makes our voices sound weird when he imitates us.) There’s nothing bad about being the maknae. We all have our own beds in the dorm. The hyungs use the top bunks but because I got my bed last, I didn’t really have a choice.

I’m about 3 cm taller than Jimin hyung. I don’t think he’s growing. (Jimin: I’m two years older than him but he keeps making fun of me for my height; I don’t think that’s right / Suga: I remember that when Jungkook first came, he was shorter than me. Seeing him grow taller makes me feel like I’ve raised him.) I like a lot of foods, so I’ll only pick my top three. First is pork soup rice, second is sashimi, and third is sea eel. Jin hyung and I have a five-year age difference but when he talks about his childhood, I really feel the generation gap. Sometimes I don’t really understand when hyung talks about crackers he used to eat, the movie , H.O.T, and things like that. Hyungs say that I’m going through a stormy period* right now. But I don’t think it’s puberty. (Suga: People going through puberty don’t know it’s puberty. I feel a bit sorry that he’s not able to experience the things he should be doing at that age / Rap Monster: I’m still jealous that he gets to go to the army later than us.)

* Korean expression commonly used to describe puberty.


Rap Monster

My nicknames - RapMon, God of Destruction. Strangely, everything I touch breaks. The legs of my sunglasses snap off, or the refrigerator handle falls off. Because of that, I got the nickname God of Destruction.
My image before debuting - A neat and quiet student.
Adjusting to idol life - The one and only thing that makes me think “I’m really a singer now" is when I perform at music shows.
My ideal type - A feminine girl with pale skin.
An episode while you were a trainee - Dancing is not my thing. There were multiple times when I thought about running away while taking dance classes. These days the members call me “Dance Prodigy" Of course, they mean it in an ironic way.
One day I will also - Will there be a day when Bangtan tops the charts?
How to enjoy hip-hop - Don’t think of it as something difficult. The genre that anyone can dance along to and enjoy - that’s hip-hop.
Bang Sihyuk PD is? - To the public, he’s somebody who makes stinging remarks, but when he listens to music with a good beat and praises it, he shows his boyish side.
An episode after debuting - During a music show, my in-ear piece fell out so I missed a few bars of the intro. I got scolded severely but because of this incident, I’ve gotten into the habit of meticulously preparing and checking myself.
To the members - Let’s meet sometimes for a long time. It’s the title of a song by Dynamic Duo sunbaenims, but if you think about it, it actually has a good meaning behind it. Just because I remembered it.


My nicknames - Pink Princess. When Bangtan’s profiles were first released, fans gave me this nickname after learning that I like the color pink and cooking.
My image before debuting -The cute maknae who always listened to his parents.
My charms  - My full bottom lip. The back of my head is round.
Attractive points - As a trainee, I practiced taking photos. While practicing, I learned that my right jawline is attractive.
Members’ secrets - On a very tiring day, roommate Jimin fell off from his bed with a loud thudding sound. Both Jimin and I were very embarrassed.
Things I want to steal from other members - Jimin’s abs.
When someone tells me I’m handsome - I’m always happy to hear that. These days, I also like hearing that I’m cute.
Something that made me happy recently - I’m usually a really hard-working person. It’s chaos when all seven members wake up at the same time so I feel more comfortable waking up earlier than the others to start getting ready. A while ago, I woke up two hours earlier (as usual) and ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and felt very happy. The quietness and relaxing feeling.
The best part about debuting - This is the first time I’ve received so many letters. Apart from letters from my family. I’m so thankful that fans send me so many letters. I re-read all of them and talk to myself. Saying thank you.


My nicknames - Hope, Smile Hoya. I got these nicknames because my name is J-Hope.
My image before debuting - A passionate child who liked dancing.
When I was younger - I was quite famous in the Gwangju underground. Rapping, dancing, and singing was my life.
To me, Bangtan is? - Another me.
A song to listen to on rainy days - Remy Shand’s “Rocksteady"
When I feel strained - I look at the sky. These days I’m happy so it goes away naturally.
Things I want to steal from other members - Jimin’s chocolate abs since mine have started to slip away because of our busy schedules. Also, RapMon hyung’s rap skills, and his good English?!
Members’ secrets - We all have abs. It’s just that mine have melted a bit.
One day, I too will - [Be like] Beenzino sunbaenim and A$AP Rocky. They influence my music and fashion style.
If we ever get to do variety shows - V is the best for it. He has 4D charm. If he just controls it well, I think he’d make everyone laugh. I’m looking forward to it.


My nicknames - Blank Tae, TaeTae, Vee. My real name is Kim Taehyung. I’m Blank Tae because I make blank expressions sometimes, TaeTae because it’s derived from my real name, Vee because some people have trouble pronouncing my stage name.
My image before debuting - A normal, energetic and humorous student.
When I was younger - I played the saxophone since 7th grade. After receiving advice from my dad, I decided to become a singer.
My charms - My eyes may seem blank most of the time, but they can also give off a unique feeling.
The number one cook - Suga. Knows how to make really good kimchi fried rice. I prefer sampling than cooking. Ah! There’s another episode related to cooking - the seaweed soup Jin hyung made for J-Hope hyung’s birthday.
Background on my stage name’s creation - My grandfather is actually a naming specialist. Because of this, he’s sensitive when the subject of names comes up. I got the name “V" as a suggestion from Bang PD. It’s a good name with impact but I haven’t told my grandfather yet. I’m worried that he might get mad. (laughs)
At the dorm, the members - Spilling food is something that happens frequently at our dorm, and at times like this, the one who cleans up the mess is J-Hope. He cleans up after us neatly, just like a mom. He’s also good at folding the laundry like a mom. My role is the son. I’m in charge of the washing machine. We take care of our dirty dishes individually, Jimin is in charge of the kitchen, and RapMon hyung sweeps the floors.
Mood-maker - Of course it’s V. The members might think differently. I think they might choose Suga hyung.
I’m the best in these kind of moments - When I’m on stage. I noticed this while monitoring myself but I look cooler than I expected during closeups. Of course it’s something achieved thanks to the hard work of the staff, but I’m satisfied.


My nicknames - Suga. My real name is Min Yoongi but now that’s my nickname and name.
My image before debuting - I started music in 6th grade. In middle school I learned classical composition and started writing songs daily after that.
Am I a sweet guy? - Hm. I’m closer to straightforward Gyeongsangdo guy than sweet. But in front of fans, I’m a sweet guy.
My charms - Eye smile?
How I deal with stress - Write lyrics like crazy. It’s something I always do but I’m used to relieving stress through music.
Music I listen to when I’m angry - Rick Ross’s “Hold Me Back"
Music holds this kind of meaning for me - All-in. If you take away music from my life, there would be nothing left.
Things I want to steal from other members - The thing you can’t buy with money; maknae Jungkook’s age.
If I go back to being 17 years old like maknae Jungkook, I want to - Study. I want to be a good son who doesn’t rebel against what his parents tell him.
The member who would best suit variety shows - I don’t think there’s anyone but if I had to choose, me?! (laughs)
To hip-hop newbies - It’s definitely not a difficult genre. It’s a popular type of music. Hip-hop is something that allows you to feel the sincerity of the artist.
At the dorm, the members - When we don’t have schedules, under the command of our manager hyung, we monitor ourselves thoroughly and practice whenever we can. We live to practice!
Something that made me happy recently - Our first fansign. Also today because it’s our first photoshoot.


My nicknames - Jeon Jungkookie, Golden Maknae, Kookie.
Role as the maknae - Benefit of being able to act childish.
My image before debuting - A normal student who liked playing games and liked hip-hop.
When I was younger - I was a child with a lot of interest in the arts.
Currently, I am - A curious 17 year old. Games, cars, makeup, drawing. I normally didn’t use it but now when I receive makeup I come up with lots of questions. When you use this tool, how you use it.
To me, Bangtan is? - Bangtan is my life~!
Something I really want to accomplish - Composing. I’m studying it really hard. Although I’m only lightly reviewing a basic music program, I want to be a musician who writes brilliant lyrics like my hyungs.
My favorite times of the day - Resting time, free time, eating time. I just noticed that they’re all times when I can play. (laughs) Practicing and performing on stage is also fun.
Things I want to steal from other members - Rap Monster hyung’s knowledge, Suga hyung’s diverse knowledge, J-Hope hyung’s positive mind, Jimin hyung’s persistence and effort, V hyung’s natural talent, Jin hyung’s wide shoulders.
Something I’m addicted to these days - Only music. I have my earphones on all day and listen to music. I think I’ll be like this forever.


My nicknames - Ddochi. Since middle school, my friends said I looked like a puppy so they called me that.
Role in the team - In charge of abs. These days I don’t have time to exercise so they’re sliding off a bit. I need to restore them to their original state.
My image before debuting - I wanted to be a singer since middle school. I planned my future and told my parents about it and they happily approved.
My ideal type - A cute and charming girl.
To me, Bangtan is - Another family that allowed me to reach my longtime dream.
My charms - My abs aren’t actually my charm, my eyes are.
Someone I think is “cool" - I like Big Bang’s Taeyang sunbaenim and Shinhwa’s Minwoo sunbaenim and Chris Brown.
Jimin’s gaze - You can’t find charisma in it yet. I’m only cute. I can’t even find the camera properly. (laughs)
Things I want to steal from other members - RapMon hyung’s height, V’s talent and gaze, J-Hope hyung’s cleanliness, Suga hyung’s diverse knowledge.
I’m sexiest when - When I find the right camera while on stage and stare into it intensely. You usually can’t find sexiness in me.
In 10 years, I will - A satisfied and publicly recognized musician. And 10 years from now, wouldn’t I be in the army…I think I’d be lonely and sad. (laughs)
To fans - Please love Bangtan lots, and watch over Jiminnie a lot!

source: the star + 1, 2, 3, 4 + @_kimno 1, 2
trans by Christie @ bts-trans 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

LOL at Jungkook almost having 'Seagull' as a stage name. Mods I don't usually ask for tags but...but...please? ╥﹏╥
ETA: translations for their Ceci interview
Tags: bts, interview, magazine, nugu, photoshoot
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