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B1A4 post! GQ spread, Amazing Concert promos and being generally awesome

During an interview with the magazine, Jinyoung shared, "Promoting in various areas is fun. Learning new things one-by-one never fails to entertain me. I will soon be filming 'Reply 1994'. (OP note: It was actually Baro who was confirmed for the drama so this could be an error)" Sandeul shared, "My aunt, who didn't have such good health, brightened up only when she listened to carols so I want to sing songs that encourage people." Gongchan shared, "It's more fun to be busy than to rest. When I don't promote, part of me feels empty." CNU shared, "I think I'm at my prime right now."

Asking for something that will help another person, B1A4 kindly rejected flower wreaths at its upcoming concert series.

During the Amazing Store concert series from August 7 to 11, B1A4 requested that school supplies be sent its way instead of flower wreaths.

At the concert hall, B1A4 will be holding a special donation event with CJ Donors Camp, where fans gave give unused or new school supplies to help children who are growing up in difficult circumstance that may get in the way of their education.

“We’re thankful for wreaths of support, but we wanted to participate in a meaningful event with fans and at least be a small contribution to the donation culture.”

source: chosun/akp + mnet + mwave +

Donating school supplies omg let me love you all (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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