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Rain revealed to have become a celebrity recruit even without the necessary paperwork

After the Ministry of Defense made the decision to abolish the celebrity recruit system and Rain's discharge, it's now been revealed that Rain was accepted as a celebrity recruit even though he hadn't submitted the necessary forms.

According to the results that the Ministry of Defense provided, 10 celebrity recruits, including Rain, had not submitted the necessary documents, but had been accepted to the program anyway. To be a celebrity recruit, actors need to have had lead roles in a movie or a drama. Comedians need to have been on the main popular comedy shows, and singers need to provide their album sales data as well as appearances on music shows.

They also are required to submit a confirmation and a letter recommendation from one of their required sources within 3 months of their enlistment. However, these 10 soldiers never submitted these documents, and had been accepted anyway.

Chairperson Kim Kwang Jin of the Democratic Party under the National Defense Committee said, "Looking in detail of the inspection from the Ministry of Defense showed that there were bigger problems than those initially announced. This problem shouldn't be solved by punishing the celebrity recruits or the employees, but by making the director of the Defense Media Agency and the administration of the Ministry of Defense take responsibility".

Source: My Daily via Nate + akp
Tags: army, rain
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