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This is a Queen of Idols, Princess of The Korean Sea, Mother of The Honey Thighs, Kim Uee mega post.

Uee’s sexy and alluring look has been revealed through a recent photo shoot.

Uee’s Vogue Korea photo shoot was revealed on July 25 where she displayed her perfect body in sexy outfits. She posed on a carousel, utilizing the pole to emphasize her sexy look.

During the interview, Uee said, “When people think of poles, they think of clubs but to us, we call it ‘pole art.’ If the song was too flashy, we thought it would sound like any other club music so we chose a sad song,” and “At first, it looked easy so we quickly made a decision to do it. But it really hurt so bad that it felt that our skin was ripping. When I couldn’t practice much because of my drama, I felt so rushed that I started to cry. But I kept trying hard until I could finally do the moves that I couldn’t before and I eventually fell into the art of pole dancing. I wanted to show off this art as quickly as possible.”

It seems like the physical efforts didn’t stop at pole dancing since Uee has been working hard yet again for the diving mission through “Barefoot Friends.”

Uee plans to carry out her solo activities as well as After School‘s overseas activites in the meantime.

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After School's UEE and Kaeun were an inseparable pair it seems during their trip to Hong Kong, taking 'twin' selcas to bring smiles to their adoring fans.

The girls must have shared a room when they flew over for their showcase because Kaeun snapped the two photos unni and wrote, "Took this in Hong Kong~ hehe".

The girls went for identical poses, amusing fan with their contrasting facial expressions of sad and happy.
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» KpopMing@youtube

The cast of SBS' 'Barefoot Friends' have been training hard to participate in the '1st Gimcheon International Masters Diving Competition', and it looks like their efforts paid off.

UEE snagged 2nd place on the 3 meter spring jump event and 3rd place on the 3 meter platform jump. She was one of the 4 'Barefoot Friends' members on the spring jump, along with Eunhyuk, Kim Hyun Joong, and Eun Ji Won.

41 athletes from 3 different countries participated in the '1st Ghimcheon International Masters Diving Competition', including the 'Barefoot Friends' members.

Congratulations to UEE!
» allkpop

» Article: 'Barefoot Friends' UEE cries tears of joy at diving success "what emotion is this"
Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+273, -53] UEE was practically barefaced here and she was still so pretty. I like how her personality is so likable.

2. [+271, -52] UEE seems like a person who attachs emotionally easily

3. [+265, -52] UEE's so pretty lately

4. [+31, -8] Loved seeing Yoon Jong Shin hug UEE like she was his own little sister

5. [+21, -7] For people with height or water phobias, it's not an easy thing to do.

» Article: Yoon Shi Yoon overcomes his phobias to achieve the highest diving record, UEE cries out of joy
Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+142, -8] I loved everything about this scene. Yoon Shi Yoon afraid of the water but still overcomes his fears for an impressive dive... UEE crying because she's touched by his determination.. Yoon Jong Shin pulling her into a hug.

2. [+142, -10] Deriving away from the points, Yoon Shi Yoon really has improved.

3. [+127, -10] I think the members are slowly getting attached to each other. UEE getting touched over Yoon Shi Yoon.. and Kim Hyun Joong and the other members patting UEE on the back, consoling her..

OPN: time for me to get my cheese on, but I am very thankful to this show, it may not be a hit when it comes to ratings, but it is so heartfelt, you can see how much they grew close to each other and bonded (Uee got especially close to YJS, YSY and KHJ), and how they overall care about each other. But this show also has been great for everyone on it, showcasing their hardworking and determinate natures, and opened the eyes of many people how humble and down to earth Uee is. Also, I am incredible proud of my bb girl, who has the incredible difficult task of not only being the only girl in the show, but being the maknae of the group, she constantly has to prove herself to be equal, if not stronger than them, and she has been doing it tremendously well, even with the very little screen time she gets.
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Kahi jokingly criticized fellow Pledis Entertainment label mate UEE.

She was a guest on the June 26 installment of 'Radio Star', and MC Kim Gu Ra asked her, "When you and UEE were featured in an endorsement for a water park, she was incredibly popular at that time. Right now, it's like you're (After School) slightly losing to SISTAR. But isn't UEE still doing pretty good?".

Kahi joked, "UEE's kind of at a risk right now", which made everyone else laugh. Kyuhyun asked, "She's already at risk?" and Kim Gu Ra asked, "She's over 25 now, right?", and Kahi and Kyuhyun said she was. Park Myung Soo pointed out, "There are so many young kids lately that you can't just win solely with your young age."

Kim Gu Ra then reminisced about last week's episode which Nana and Lizzy were on, and he said, "Those two are pretty popular now". Kahi admitted, "Lately, the most popular members in After School are the Orange Caramel members."
» allkpop » MBCentertainment@youtube

» Article: Kahi says "UEE's on the brink these days... Nana and Lizzy are on the rise" (Radio Star)
Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+226, -41] How about you worry about yourself ㅋㅋㅋ Your career looks the most worrisome ever since you left After School.. ㅠㅠ

2. [+214, -35] No way... Nana and Lizzy's images have actually taken a turn for the worse, especially after Nana said she doesn't regret her iljin past and Lizzy did that weird personal talent where she pokes people's nipples... If anything, UEE is gaining a lot more public respect through 'Barefoot Friends'.

3. [+166, -18] Nana's rude...

4. [+38, -0] It's true that UEE's popularity isn't what it used to be but I don't necessarily think that Nana or Lizzy are in any position to be replacing her either... They're both still nobodies/extra members while UEE's still at the top, just on the decline...

5. [+33, -5] So is Kahi talking about other people because she has nothing to talk about regarding herself?

6. [+27, -7] Kahi, you're in more trouble than they are...

7. [+18, -1] UEE actually got rid of all of her antis through her dramas and she's been getting a lot of attention for her healthy, sexy image so I have no idea what Kahi's talking about ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+18, -4] We barely even see you on TV anymore, Kahi.. I don't think you're in any position to be worrying about others

9. [+17, -2] How can she be a member of the industry and not know what the public likes? UEE is definitely the most favored out of the three...

10. [+15, -4] And what about you...
» netizenbuzz

Group After School's member Uee revealed her house.

In SBS "Barefoot Friends" aired today, singer Lee Hyori came out as a guest.

On this day, in order to raise funds for MT, the members visited Yoon Jong Shin and Uee's houses. This was the first time Uee's house was revealed, so Uee seemed to be nervous.

Uee's house had a very girly interior. But in the midst of everything, Uee had boxing gloves, arousing curiosity. Uee said, "I've been learning boxing."

She also had perfume lined up in one area of her room. Kim Bum Soo said, "I gave this one to Uee for her birthday," and Kang Ho Dong asked, "We all went to her birthday party together, how'd you give it to her?" Kim Bum Soo replied, "I have my ways," arousing laughter.
» kpopstarz
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