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EXO's So Cool Magazine Interview....this is a LONG post...you have been warned

EXO-M Survey

Unforeseen Sights
It is really difficult to connect the word “youngest” with him, after all, with that physique from martial arts exercise, it really does create a fearful aura. Just like a martial arts master who has been isolated (t/n: to train in the mountains), his cleanliness has been protected. With “unexpectedness”, Tao who uses out of the ordinary eyes to see the world, is now slowly walking out towards the west that he could once only gaze at. (t/n: that he’s walking out from the mountains to the mainland.)

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Stature…… (pauses for a while) and rapping.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.
A Kris, Lay, Lu Han, Sehun, Kai…… (If we didn’t stop him, it seems like he would have called out all the members names.)

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A Earphones and perfume.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A …… (He didn’t manage to think of anything, then let us not force him any more.)

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A A boss.

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Beef!

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Irreplaceable.

[Luhan]LU HAN
The Road to Integrity
His cut off point is between a man and a boy. He’s cute enough to be like a child yet handsome enough to be like a man. There aren’t any tears on the road to manhood and there shouldn’t be any. The road to manhood is filled with thistles and thorns, even if all is lost you must hold onto that fraction of self-esteem. After opening his heart, Lu Han only lives for his integrity.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Sports.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A Perfume

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A I hope that we will be the same as we are 10 years before that, helping each other! Working hard together!

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Football player (that is why he shone at the Shanghai Asian Dream Cup, for more information please check our report in this issue)

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Xiao Lu (Could it not be Xiao Lu?) (t/n: the second xiao lu is pronounced in a different way from the first, he way some korean members would pronounce it)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A The air.

The emotion found within the high notes
Languages, environment as well as homesick…. Although the road from Korea to China is not far, but to Chen, that road was difficult. When you lose the stimulus of vision, after the communication has been interrupted, only then will you realise that when Chen holds is that radiance that you can feel even when your eyes are closed. Once you understand his voice, only then will you comprehend his uniqueness.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A High notes

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.
A Baekhyun

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A Best of best!

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Vocal trainer

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A They all call me “Jongdae” ……. (Shows us a pitiful face, you mean it isn’t ‘Chen chen’?, So Cool will evacuate the other members)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Fate.

Men must have their duties.
In every group, there are all sorts of roles: lead vocalist, rapper, the face, dance…… His role is “sub-lead dancer” and “sub-lead vocalist.” However in reality, his more important duty is being EXO’s biggest brother, it’s the most “dutiful” role there is. Even though the burdens heavy, he does one’s duty, Xiumin does very well in his role.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Cleanliness.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A Handsome uncles… …? (Yes, that is right, EXO in their thirties)

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Architect

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Jongdae-Jongdae, even though it’s not a nickname.

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Younger brothers who I want to protect.

Multi-faced Prism
Reserved was our first impression of him, that is, if you’ve never seen this handsome boy’s teenage-year videos. He’s a person where the more you taste him, the more flavours you get, also the type of person where the more you see him the more profound he seems. His modesty leaves a favourable impression on people, leaves you at wit’s end and also breaks your heart. There are still many Lays that have yet to be discovered, his shyly half-hidden sides which are waiting for you to unearth.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Nothing.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.
A All of them were very deep

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A Face mask

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A I don’t dare to imagine.

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Student, high school student

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A J.B.Lu (Can you guess who this is?)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Eternal

The Song of the Mysterious Garden
Scorpios give people the feeling that they are very mysterious, just like this person who has yet to fully show his true nature. A Scorpio’s birthstone is opal, which gives him the ability to look straight through people. Kris’ heart is a mysterious garden, always making people lose themselves at different places. He in turn takes a sweeping view of this all, and once more places the royal crown upon his head.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Height.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A Keys

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A Actor at the Hollywood level, but will still continue coming out with albums

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Professional basketball player, NBA’s pretty good

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A I like them calling me ‘duizhang’ (t/n: leader)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Pizza (Because you like to eat it? Because you eat it often now? We cannot figure it out…)

source; 倒倒天才_Critty
trans credit amy + xuan + angi at exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

EXO-K Survey

Microscopic Love
He is someone who you will fall in love with, he’s gentle and tender. His brightness can chase away the darkness. His talent will make you surprised, but will not cause a distance between you and him to be formed. His strengths are like the morning sun and the stars in the sky, but under your microscopic love, he represents everything that is perfect.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Being the official spokesperson

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.
A D.O.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A MP3 player

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A I have become a perfect artiste. EXO will be holding world tours!

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Teacher.

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A (Pitifully) They call me ‘Jun Ma Hao’….

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Buff. (The method in games to increase your defense rating? If you choose EXO, your strength will double and your energy will increase by a hundred times!)

A worrisome and suspicious person.
He is the kind of person who silently tolerates things, waiting for every difficulty to become an advantage. He goes around stealthier than a ghost, his actions are faster than a thief’s. When you realise that at some point in time, your breathing and emotions all rise and fall along with this man’s, he has already stealthily walked into your heart. He doesn’t need to get your permission, because he is KAI, no one will reject him.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Memorising the names of soccer players. (This must be one of the games in the dorm that the members dislike, because if they play this, KAI will never have to wash the dishes.)

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.
A D.O.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A These are the only two things that I need.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A I haven’t thought about it yet. (Too straightforward.)

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Ballet dancer.

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Kkamjong. (The first time seeing someone so calmly saying their nickname!)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Life.

The strength of smiling
His smile brings lots of healing. It chases the darkness and negative things away, and causes depression to disappear. With his seriousness when sucking on his fingers, it is as though the person in the picture has smelt the seductive smell of food; even when he’s sneezing, the people around cannot help but frown along with him. This is a kind of influence, a kind of virus called CHANYEOL.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Enthusiasm. (Flashes his signature ‘teeth smile’, it’s too white and blinding! Xiao Cool couldn’t help but flash him a ‘teeth smile’ in return.)

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A MP3 player

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A The peak, we are all the TOP.

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A A composer.

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A I like calling CHEN’s real name ‘Jongdae’. (Once again on the charts.)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Everything.

Intriguing Travel Guide
To understand this person, I’m afraid that you will need an instruction manual. If there are no instructions, he will keep challenging your sanity, forcing you to accept surprise after surprise. There’s nothing bad about it, it’s just that your heart will constantly be beating very fast. When your eyes meet, when he sings… … even right now, he’s bringing you into BAEKHYUN’s world.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Games.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A MP3.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A Emblems of China and Korea! The representative group of Asia!

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Self-employed entrepreneur (What kind of self-employed job would you have? You need to apply for a industry and commerce business license!!)

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Beef! (TAO said beef as well, you two people with the ‘beef’ horoscope.)

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Oxygen.

Brave to dream
Everyone dreams, sweet dreams or bad dreams. Some people have lots of bad dreams; as time goes on they are afraid to sleep. He is cautious and conscientious, doing what he can do to the best of his abilities, and not requiring anyone to worry about him. As it is him by their sides, everyone else can dream with a peace in their heart. And D.O. has won trust, becoming the best safeguard to his ability to make beautiful dreams.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Nothing.

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.
A Earphones.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A Holding our tenth anniversary concert!

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Too many.

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A I don’t have a nickname, neither do I really make nicknames for other people.

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Family.

Seduction is a kind of sickness.
He has yet to develop, doesn’t tease, isn’t special, isn’t incisive. But, the feeling he gives others can really be described by this word – seductive. His innocence envelopes you, his goodness sucks you in, his sincerity touches you, his deepness surrounds you. SEHUN is the one who is the strongest hunter; once you’ve been hit there is no chance of you escaping.

Q Within the 12 members of EXO, I am number one in terms of _______.
A Baby. (Are you trying to say that you are the youngest and the cutest?)

Q When the 12 of us first met, my deepest impression was with _______.

Q Aside from your wallet, identity card, mobile phone etc, the thing that I must take when leaving the house is _______.

Q Please use a short and simple word or phrase to describe what EXO and yourself will look like in 10 years time.
A The best. It should be an age where we are enjoying our own personal lives.

Q If I weren’t an idol, the profession I would have liked to be is __________.
A Just a normal person would be good.

Q A nickname made within the members is _______
A Xiao Lu (Pronounced slightly off), DIO, Jun Ma Hao

Q To me, EXO is ________.
A Family.

source; 倒倒天才_Critty
trans credit:  amy at exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

[The EXO Interview]EXO's Interview

[Page 1]

Individual Interview: EXO’s Wolf Emblem

There is no prey that you cannot catch; it depends on whether or not you have the ambition to catch it. There are no dreams that cannot be fulfilled; it depends on whether or not you have the ambition to do it. In the eyes of this pack of “wolves”, you will never see the kind of despair or regret that makes people disheartened. Because they know, no matter how many failures they experience, that as long as they persist they will definitely succeed. Because they want to become the princes that people adore, all of the hard work is worth it.

Teamwork, unity, endurance, dedication, struggles, loyalty, even the appropriate amount of greed……if you tightly link life and dreams together, then you will discover, that they will always shine.

Waiting is a type of distinctive feeling, and to be filled with waiting is a forever unsatisfied desire

Whether it’s the romance novels that are unripe and ignorant, or the interlinking detective novels, or the abstract fantasy stories, they all cannot escape this kind of setting – waiting. Waiting is a kind of distinctive feeling; it might be within the sense of excitement in a person waiting for their loved one, or it may also be within the anxiety of waiting for a result. Even more so it may be within the despair of awaiting danger……in this year’s time, EXO’s 12 members experienced the process of waiting for a comeback. At first, they thought that like normal groups they would come back with something new within three months, and meet with the fans. After all for a group that has waited for a long time and finally debuted, the feeling of wanting to quickly be back on the stage is very strong. But slowly, as the time between comebacks only got longer and longer, the members’ moods became nervous. Do the fans still remember me? Is everyone still anticipating us? In this kind of doubtful and nervous situation, the comeback became particularly difficult and heavy. The blank period of a year – please try to imagine the changes in mood that the members experienced. Although they resented the company for waiting an entire year before finally returning the kids to the stage, at least they didn’t let the kids wait till they gave up all hope. Before the «Wolf and Beauty (Wolf)» comeback, EXO’s mood was expectation. From the end of «MAMA» promotions to this year’s April, held within EXO’s fans’ hearts was constant expectation. And this time’s title song, being hunters — wolves are still waiting. Awaiting their own prey, waiting for companions that can recognize and influence their wild nature to appear. These three types of ‘waiting’ feelings, aren’t they all exactly the same? Everyone can figure it out for themselves.

SMP is SM Ent’s signature style. Starting from H.O.T, to Shinhwa, TVXQ, then Super Junior, SMP continuously doesn’t break from its previous place, and its success in the music market has left a mark. The SMP (SM Music Performance) created by Yoo Youngjin has a magnificent musical style; the song’s rhythm has a strong feel, and the choreography is also extremely brilliant. Its key essence is in its content — accusing society, changing society, emphasizing individual value! It’s awkward to say this, but starting from SHINee’s «Lucifer» and ever since then, SMP’s music connotations have begun covering this musical topic of “overwhelming" love. «Wolf and Beauty (Wolf)» is an example of this, wherein a wolf falls for a girl that becomes its prey, and the mood changes from nervous to crazy love. As said by the members in the interview, the moment in this song that poisons people the most is the “I love you” part.

[Page 2]

Enjoying the ultimate faith, the pride that cannot be tamed.

Since this is a work using the SMP style, it is the same as the other previous works produced by SM that have the SMP style. Just like the name of the style, the influence they have on the stage draws people in – however the digital sales are normally less than ideal. But, surprisingly, ‘Wolf and a Beauty (Wolf)’’s digital sales were better than expected, and even managed to score four consecutive number ones!

Rino is SM’s in house choreographer. Naturally, she would not be careless in choreographing with regards to this large scale comeback. After looking at all of Rino’s works, you would find that her dances are all very ‘pliable but strong’. She incorporates the feeling of strength into her dances at the same time, without losing the softness of a female. Although this means that her choreography for SM’s male groups are destined to be viewed by some people as ‘feminine’, the Wolf dance this time is really too nice to look at. Using the members’ bodies to create a tree ensures that the whole song’s opening is filled with even more mystery and impact, and the caves and forest are very detailed moves that require slow analysis before you see the trick. (Looking at the ‘Ceci’ interview, the hints that the members gave really do have value~)

COOL: This is the first time since debut that EXO is meeting your various fans through ‘COOL MUSIC’. Please use the most unique way to introduce yourselves to our readers.
LAY: Hello everybody, I am the healing unicorn!!! LAY! (Xiao Cool also couldn’t help but yell out LAY!)
SEHUN: Hello everybody, I am the maknae, Sehun.
BAEKHYUN: Hello everybody! I am EXO’s crafty BAEKHYUN.
KRIS: Hello everybody, I am EXO’s KRIS.
LU HAN: Hello everybody, I am EXO’s LU HAN. (Hey, aren’t yours both a bit too simple?)
TAO: Hello everybody, I am EXO’s Romantic Kungfu Panda, AB Style Rapper TAO. (Lots of information~)
CHANYEOL: Hello everybody~! I am in charge of the voice in EXO, CHANYEOL.
D.O.: Hello everybody, I am EXO’s D.O..
KAI: Hello everybody … (pauses) Hello to ‘COOL MUSIC’’s readers, I am in charge of dancing in EXO, KAI. My charm is dancing. (hesitates) My bronze skin and eyes that cannot be woken up are my charms too.
XIUMIN: Hello everybody, I am EXO’s cute oldest brother, XIUMIN. (particularly cute, ke.)
SUHO: Hello everybody, I am the mother who protects EXO, SUHO!
CHEN: Hello everybody, I am in charge of the high notes in EXO, CHEN.

COOL: It has been about a year between your debut mini album and this official album. Who does everyone think changed the most during that period of time? When you hear the word ‘wolf’ which member do you first think of?
SEHUN: The members have all changed. They take more notice of their appearances, and like dressing up even more.
BAEKHYUN: TAO especially became even more handsome!
D.O.: I agree that it is TAO. Within that year, everyone has changed a lot. TAO seems to be the one who is the best at expressing the movements of a wolf. He looks like a wolf too.
KRIS: Actually for this comeback, everyone has had quite a bit of change in terms of appearance. TAO, LUHAN and SEHUN’s hair colour, CHANYEOL and my hair colour etc. But when you say ‘wolf’, the first person I think of is definitely myself.
TAO: It is definitely true that everyone had changes made. When you say ‘wolf’, other than KRIS, I still think of KAI. (Turns to look at KAI; KAI is spacing out.)
CHEN: I feel that I have had the biggest change. Through various performances, my dance skills are even better than the ‘MAMA’ era!

[Page 3]

COOL: The Korean media call “The Beauty and the Wolf (Wolf)” SM Company’s SMP’s ambitious piece of work. In the members’ perspective, what kind of special charm does this song hold?
CHEN: This album of ours, XOXO, has been split into two versions: a Kiss version and a Hug version. Kiss is the Korean version and Hug is the Chinese version. The album used the concept of old school and style of a yearbook. I hope everyone will give us a lot of support. When I first heard the song “The Beauty and the Wolf (Wolf)” I felt this burst of freshness, especially the “Saranghaeyo” within the song, it’s quite interesting. It left a huge impression. (Responsible for professionally introducing the album, he definitely memorised this!)
SEHUN: This song, “The Beauty and the Wolf (Wolf),” is really good at demonstrating everyone’s brand new image, right?
TAO: Yes, because in the first place, a stage with all 12 members in itself is a special charm. All 12 of us have different kinds of charm and by fusing them all together it’s really special. (The maknae line’s teamwork is incomparable)
SUHO: The combination of dubstep and hip-hop as well as the performance’s intense genre can leave a deep impression on people. With “Saranghaeyo”, it’s a really catchy lyric that is constantly echoing by everyone’s ears.

COOL: Just as Chen just said, what was the reason for choosing an old school and yearbook concept?
CHANYEOL: “The Beauty and the Wolf (Wolf)” is a song that can reveal the unique charm and powerful dance that only EXO possesses. But when considering the overall concept of the album, aside from the usual look, we utilised the old school and yearbook concept in order to present the occasional youthful image.
D.O: Even though the song holds quite an intense, sexy etc tone and all sorts of different charismatic features, and even though we’re already grown up, I still want to wear a school uniform just one more time……. (So a uniform advert should be filmed!)
SUHO: This is the first time that all 12 members are promoting together. Presenting a fresh student lifestyle is pretty good too.
CHEN: I also think that one reason we chose this concept is so that we can remember our school lives.

COOL: “The Beauty and the Wolf (Wolf)”’s MV is very characterful. When the members transformed from humans to wolves, it was incredibly eye-catching. The dance version, which was released first, really really caught people’s eyes. What’s the most memorable, key point in the dance? Which part was the most difficult during practice?
EXO: (in unison) The wolf ears! (This part left the deepest impression after all, imitating it is really easy too)
KRIS: There’s also the cave, the tree etc and moves similar to those. They really match up with the song’s style.
D.O: If everyone looks closely at the “tree” part when we’re performing, you can see how each detail is formed. When practicing, as expected I wanted to demonstrate a “wolf-like feeling”, so this part was pretty hard.
BAEKHYUN: I also think that in order to match the “wolf” concept, to perform like a “wolf” is very difficult. Just making the actions seem similar isn’t enough.
SEHUN: To be honest, the dance very easily allows people to connect with the story, so to perform it is very difficult.
CHEN: Especially because when we’re practicing all 12 of us have to cooperate, so our minds have to be really focused. This was pretty difficult.
TAO: (wanting to speak but having second thoughts for a long time) I think the most difficult part is probably the tree, I guess? (No one answers, kongfu panda is very sad. Pats you~)

COOL: The album included a lot of songs that were once featured in the teasers, as well as lots of new songs. Aside from the title song, what are each of your favourite songs? What’s the reason for your choice?
BAEKHYUN: “Baby Don’t Cry”! The fairytale lyrics and the powerful title song have completely opposing melodies, I really like it.
SEHUN: I really like “Peter Pan”, it’s a song that really makes people associate it with a fairytale. It’s a song where when you hear it your mood is really good.
D.O: The song I like is “My Lady”. The reason I like this song is because when we were first publicising the teasers, I sang this song solo. This time we included the whole song in the album, so I’m really happy.
TAO: Does no one like “Don’t Go”? I think that this song is the most intoxicating.
CHANYEOL: I like “3, 6, 5” the most. It’s now the summer, so this is a refreshing song. Moreover, it’s filled with hopeful messages inside.
CHEN: I want to recommend “My Lady” to everyone; this is the song that featured in the very first teaser video, so it’s very special.

[Page 4]

We are One is not just as simple as a catchphrase.

As of now, K-pop is trending around the world, and China is not an exception to this trend. But if you were to ask which of these idols have the biggest share of the market in China, then it is definitely SM’s idols. Perhaps it is because they took into consideration this market, thus making sure EXO’s activities were split into EXO-K and EXO-M from the very start. The advantages naturally are: being able to get twice the amount of popularity, being able to yield twice the results from promoting, even being able to split one song into two and listen to it. It is very different from the promotions of many of the so called ‘Chinese versions’ translated directly into Korean. After looking carefully, you will find out that, be it K’s original lyrics or M’s Chinese lyrics, they have all been very carefully worded. Although the very Chinese phrases perhaps do not match very well with the Korean melody, you can tell the importance that SM has placed on the Chinese market through this album. K’s activities in Korea are very monotonous; other than performing songs there are essentially no other public schedules. Only in their resting time do they go out to do volunteer work at the nursery. In comparison, M’s promotions in China are extremely plentiful. Online media, television media, print media, new songs, commercial performances, variety shows…… essentially EXO-M has tried all promotional methods. If you were to compare the promotions EXO has done in China to that in Korea, EXO have not frequently been on shows in China, but haven’t they already been on shows in Korea?~

COOL: We have to say that when looking at the Asian music industry, China is a very large market. What do the members think are the advantages of EXO splitting into EXO-K and EXO-M and separately promoting in Korea and China respectively?
LAY: Actually, rather than it being an ‘advantage’, EXO should be considered a very unique group. Our debut method was very unique, and the K and M groups can help each other. Furthermore… we have many members, so we can continue trying out new things in terms of style. (The point ‘many members’ is an unsurpassable advantage, we acknowledge!)
SEHUN: Being split into two groups and conducting activities gives us more time to meet with the fans in both Korea and China. K and M are also able to showcase different sides of each group.
KRIS: The biggest advantage is that we are able to simultaneously conduct activities in both Korea and China. The effect of our activities is also twice that of a normal group’s.
CHEN: I also think the same.
CHANYEOL: I feel that in comparison to other groups, we are able to even more quickly advance overseas. Furthermore, being able to choose between the Chinese version and Korean version of a song to enjoy, each with their own style, also feels pretty good.
SUHO: Being able to promote simultaneously in China and Korea will allow more people to find out about EXO, and can help promote the exchange of cultures between Korea and China. (Leader has added another level of meaning to promoting as two separate groups!)

[Page 5]

COOL: Because the two groups promoted separately during ‘MAMA’, but came together as one for this round of ‘Wolf and a Beauty (Wolf)’ promotions, and even go on variety shows together – what does it feel like to promote together? When you are at airports, what do you usually do?
LAY: (extremely excited) It’s fun, I’m happy! But when we’re waiting at airports, we usually just rest, because we’re tired.
KRIS: Although it feels good doing activities together, we’ve been really busy as of late so I’ve constantly been resting. There isn’t enough sleep time.
LU HAN: I also feel that having activities together is good, but when waiting at airports, I prefer to rest. Some members will end up having a lot of fun playing. (Which members are these? The ‘some members’ are actually all of the members, other than the above three!)
BAEKHYUN: Because EXO promotes together, we can showcase an even more powerful performance on stage to the masses and to our fans. This is what feels different from promoting separately.
SEHUN: Firstly, I feel that it is very meaningful – I’m very blissful! When the members are together, I like to chat or play games with the others.
CHANYEOL: No matter how you put it, being able to get together with the members who are always apart makes me feel very blissful, and very happy. I really like to play games too.
KAI: It’s pretty good because we chat about interesting things or play games when we have breaks. We won’t dryly wait at airports, but will pass the time doing interesting things. (Are you saying that those geges who either rest or sleep are ‘dry’? Even KAI doesn’t sleep!)
XIUMIN: When we promote as 12, it feels very stable. It feels like the stage has been filled even more, and we are able to show an even more powerful feeling. Half of the M members will be resting, but I still quite like to play. (Big brother, are you secretly mocking the other three?)
SUHO: Being able to promote together is really good. When we have breaks while waiting at airports, we will play small games, or sing some songs, those kinds of activities. It feels like every day is a party. It is that brilliant. (The manager must have headaches.)
CHEN: Because we have activities together every day, there is no time whatsoever to feel bored.
TAO: There is both good and bad, but regardless, I still always feel blissful, because the twelve people are one.

COOL: It hasn’t been long since EXO debuted, but is there a member that the other members think has performed unexpectedly well on variety programmes, or naturally has the best variety sense?
LAY: Me! I am pretty goofy, hahahahaha (crazily laughing by himself). Other than me it’ll be BAEKHYUN.
LU HAN: LAY only knows how to express himself well – the person with a natural sense for variety is me!
SEHUN: I acknowledge BAEKHYUN, but CHANYEOL, CHEN, SUHO are all not too bad (carefully thinks for a long while) Actually, everyone is interesting!
CHEN: The members are all very talented, and very interesting. If I had to pick, I would pick BAEKHYUN and CHANYEOL.
KRIS: As of now, I don’t know who is more interesting, but if I were to predict, I agree that it would be BAEKHYUN.
XIUMIN: If I collate all the answers, then it’s BAEKHYUN, LAY and CHANYEOL.
BAEKHYUN: Everyone’s praising me too much! Actually the unexpected ones are TAO, LAY and CHEN; they are funnier than me. Our variety sense is pretty good. (BAEKHYUN presently has 4 votes! Is there anyone else who wants to nominate themselves? LUHAN only has one vote, is there anyone willing to support him?)
CHANYEOL: Actually I feel that the unexpectedly funny one is D.O., and isn’t the member who naturally has a good variety sense CHEN? (CHEN definitely does not know that everyone calls him the heartless ‘final stab!’* group leader)
KAI: I also feel that it is D.O..
SUHO: Actually, I am the person who is unexpectedly funny! Hahaha… … (Crazily laughing) But if he works with me, our cute variety genius BAEKHYUN will become more interesting.
TAO: (puts on a face that displays feigned ignorance) Isn’t the member who naturally has a good variety sense TAO? In private everyone’s variety senses aren’t bad, it’s just that our personalities are different, and our methods are different.

* a member that attacks with sharp comments while another member is already down

[Page 6]

COOL: EXO-K already has their own endorsement! How did it feel like shooting the ads for it? EXO-M has yet to have their own endorsement activities. What kind of product would you to choose to endorse? How would you like to shoot the ad? Just imagine it a bit!
BAEKHYUN: Because it was an endorsement filmed when we were still rookies, we were really nervous. We felt panicked and overwhelmed. If we did it now we could do even better.
D.O.: When we were filming the endorsement there would always be various interesting things that happened, so I don’t think we felt tired. (Continually drinking beverages, changing clothes, conveniently watching the embarrassment of fellow members filming scenes with female idols really is pretty happy~don’t know what those two leads were thinking.)
CHANYEOL: In contrast I was really nervous when we filmed our first CF, and really excited. (Because he was the lead? Laugh.) EXO-M’s members all have a lot of talent, I think they will film better than I did.
LAY: As long as a chance to film an endorsement comes to us, it will be our honor. We’d like to try any kind of endorsement!
LU HAN: Yes! No matter what kind of ad it is, we want to film it!
TAO: Because we are rookies, we’d like to film any kind of endorsement, it’s all a worthwhile experience.

COOL: If M were preparing to film an endorsement right now, do K, as experienced colleagues, have any suggestions for them?
KAI: Actually when I first began filming the endorsement I was really nervous, but the entire experience was very interesting. If M were to film an endorsement then it would be — don’t be nervous, enjoy it!
SUHO: The first time we filmed an endorsement it was really meaningful. The endorsement was……even though our faces were also very important, the most important thing is that the product must be filmed very well. This part is harder, especially filming a drink endorsement, you have to make very ‘refreshed’ expressions.
XIUMIN: (Suddenly became excited after hearing “drink”) I want to film a Coca-Cola commercial!
SEHUN: It was really meaningful and amazing. And if you film a drink commercial, you have to make a very refreshed expression!!! (The feeling of the little brother constantly encouraging his older brothers was a little strange but also cute!)
CHEN: (Said a sentence muffled) I want to be a clothing endorser.
KRIS: (Suddenly entered the second element, as if he saw fire in the corner of his eyes) I feel that I could endorse Angry Birds. (Doing his best to put on a frowning face) hahahahahaha. (Leader is very accurate about his position.)

As wild as we are on stage, we also have the small lives of grown men

In school the teachers’ favorite way to teach was “become a bookworm and immerse yourself”, or “when you’ve practiced it a lot then tests naturally will not feel unfamiliar”. Actually this has a point, or else how would EXO have this many fans? A great variety to choose from! If their dominating, aggressive power on stage is their basic characteristic as idols, then in private what will it be like? We believe a lot of fans are also very curious, bringing the also curious Xiao Cool in this part of the interview to deviate gradually from the route, and compared to the serious promotions of before have already deviated from Earth 80,000 meters……life has losses and wins, e.g. taking turns washing the dishes is normal. Those little rascals that always say that they have won, please be careful because in the future you may be in the kitchen working for a long time! (Laugh)

When we were outlining the interview, we also thought: for this group of kids who give most of their time each day to practicing, do they have any so-called “private time”? We also prepared our hearts; maybe the question of “What do you do in your break time?” will along with their replies become this interview’s most optional question. If we don’t ask, we won’t be content; if we ask, we’re afraid they’ll just say “Most of the time we practice. Because we’re too tired from practice everyone uses the remaining time to rest”. For a rising group like EXO, it is understandable that this kind of answer for a magazine interview gives them a bit of rest; but even more so, it is distressing. (Their days are too busy, so maybe the so-called rest time at most is called a “breather” or “shut-eye”? It’s a good thing there are a lot of members. If they take turns splitting into groups and doing activities then they should have more resting time.)

From start to finish they’re still young people in their twenties. Because their hard practices deprive them of the remaining “off stage time”, becoming hyperactive and crazy has become these kids’ way of venting. Playing games, not playing at any time! Xiao Cool, who heard everyone’s replies, wanted to investigate the members’ pockets; he predicted that he would be able to find some toys. When EXO were still taking advantage of the gaps between interviews to talk about the record-breaking night, Xiao Cool again brought up the topic that had already revolved around EXO Planet three times — “What kind of idol do the members want to become the most?” We’re really sorry, we ruined the good spirits everyone had from wanting to break records. We again felt the members’ personalities change with ease, and also hope that EXO, who in the future can become “the worldwide-accredited, one and only, respected, Super Idol who have become models”, will not remember their hatred toward Xiao Cool’s and his dampening of their enthusiasm~ (Laugh)

[Page 7]

COOL: This has been mentioned in interviews before. EXO’s members use Rock Paper Scissors to decide the member who cleans – which member constantly wins, and which member constantly loses?
CHEN: There doesn’t seem to be a member that constantly loses?
TAO: I don’t know about the constant winner, but the one who constantly loses is me!!! (Listen to this grieving tone! Look at those three exclamation points! This kid originally wanted to put five.)
LAY: There is no one who wins all the time, but there is also no one who loses all the time. (Why does this sentence sound so much like the voice of wisdom in a horse betting ring who has been floating along for many years? The thought that I’m slowly getting old welled up in my mind)
LU HAN: LAY is right, who knows who loses or wins. (These are the feelings of a football fan.)
KRIS: Right, it feels like we’re all about the same.
SEHUN: It’s different every time so it’s pretty interesting.
BAEKHYUN: It seems like XIUMIN and CHANYEOL win a lot, and LU HAN, SEHUN, and D.O. lose a lot.
SUHO: No! Before I lost all the time, now I don’t really lose much!
CHANYEOL: (spoken with an arrogant face) Lately it seems like we take turns losing, but I can always win!
D.O.: It seems like lately we all take turns washing the dishes. (Looking at the head chef, I suddenly wanted to ask what they were eating tonight.)
KAI: (Throughout the entire interview this was the first time a face that was at ease appeared, what’s going on!) Rock Paper Scissors has “trends”, sometimes scissors are “trending”, sometimes rock is “trending”, sometimes paper is “trending”, so you have to think before you put [your hand] out. (Do we dare to ask Master KAI which is trending right now?)
XIUMIN: However there is a curse. Generally the person who suggests playing Rock Paper Scissors first will lose.
SUHO: XIUMIN-ge is right, the one who suggests it first will lose, so lately the one who constantly loses is KAI!!! (A sense of instant counterattack.)

COOL: During breaks what do you usually do? Are there any activities you’re particularly enthusiastic about lately? For example, reading books, watching movies? Or cooking, composing, etc. If you play a game together who is better?
LAY: I like to compose. (Composer Zhang showed talent since he was little, now he is still working hard to learn…)
CHANYEOL: In my free time I also write lyrics and compose.
KRIS: For me there are more. I read, compose, write lyrics, play basketball, sleep……( Actually that last one did not have to be said) Occasionally I also play games.
LU HAN: Yes, the members like to play games together.
CHANYEOL: BAEKHYUN likes playing games, he is the best at it among the twelve of us.
BAEKHYUN: I really am the one who plays the best. (self-satisfied, smug face) Aside from writing songs together, LAY and CHANYEOL occasionally also go out to exercise together.
SEHUN: For games it’s KAI or BAEKHYUN. Actually for each game the one who’s good at it is a bit different. (Is this pouring cold water on BAEKHYUN?)
KAI: For games it’s still BAEKHYUN-ge who plays well. Most of the time I watch videos or read books related to dancing. I also like to listen to music. I don’t often play games.
CHEN: Everyone splits into teams to play video games. Watching TV together is also pretty fun.
XIUMIN: The thing I do the most is exercise. During breaks I drink coffee.
SUHO: I like going to the Han River to run or to ride my bike. (The life of a rich boy, a spirit that enjoys freedom.)
D.O.: I’m a bit different from everyone because I like movies, so during break time I often watch movies.

[Page 8]

COOL: Right now do the twelve members live together or separately after you have events together? How are the members’ rooms divided? We’re curious about whether anything fun happens to you usually?
LAY: There’s actually 16 of us living together! (The other four should be the managers.)
XIUMIN: With how the rooms are divided… I, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Tao are in one room, Lu Han, D.O and Sehun are in a room, Suho, Chen and Kai in a room, Kris and Lay are apart living with the manager-geges.
SUHO: There’ll definitely be a lot of fun things that happen when living together. Chen and Kai are constantly looking for new games to play, they’re also becoming closer and closer. The two of them seem as though they want to become the world’s kings of games! (Would that be because they’re constantly losing to Baekhyun?)
CHEN: After activities we began living together, and the rooms were arranged by our manager. There are a lot of us, but because there are only 2 bathrooms, sometimes when you go to take a bath you realise that there aren’t any towels. Whilst you’re coming out to grab a towel, someone else has already gone into the bathroom and locked it.
D.O: So when we shower, 2 or 3 of us wash together. (Images, an image that does not go away!)
BAEKHYUN: When everyone’s living in the dorms together, the funniest parts are when we’re eating or tidying up, as well as when we’re playing the “lucky or not” game or when we’re making bets.

COOL: You’ve discussed so many interesting topics, so let’s ask a bit more of a deep one this time. Members, what type of idol would you like to become?
LU HAN: To become the best idol!
KRIS: A unique idol!
SEHUN: An idol who knows how to enjoy things and is able to do so.
LAY: I want to become the world’s idol!
TAO: A super idol that the whole world recognises!
XIUMIN: An idol who brings happiness and joy to the fans when on stage!
SUHO: An idol everyone wants to become and is respected!
D.O: A South Korea-China coordinator idol! (This term is so familiar, the EXO lot keep bringing this up, it couldn’t have been memorised as well right? Laughs~)
CHEN: An idol who is approved of!
CHANYEOL: Yes! I want to become an idol whose strengths are approved of. If I continue to work hard there will definitely be a day where everyone approves of me, right?
KAI: Rather than a handsome idol, I, or rather, EXO, want to become idols who can pass the story we want to tell to everyone, as well as be able to touch everyone’s hearts.

COOL: Becoming the idols in your dreams and gaining the support of fans are inextricably linked. Let us greet the readers once more through “COOL MUSIC” at the end of this interview; say some things you would like to say to Chinese fans. Since it’s the first time, longer messages are fine too.
LAY: “COOL MUSIC” readers, thank you for the concern and care you’ve given EXO. You’ve brought us lots of honour/glory, and we will continue to work hard. I hope you will be by our side. And please support “COOL MUSIC” and EXO a lot.
KRIS: Thank you to all of the fans who have supported us all this time. I will continue to work hard. I hope that I am able to bring even more pleasant surprises to you, and I hope that I’m able to see you more often, thank you! (You did a kissing face, what do we do! Are you trying to kill us!!!!)
LU HAN: We will continue to work hard!
XIU MIN: We still have a lot of things that we can show everyone, please look forward to them a lot! Chinese fans! I miss you guys TT^TT (pretends to cry, EXO’s cute dage is doing aegyo again) (t/n: dage = biggest brother)
CHEN: Readers of “COOL MUSIC”, hello! We’ve finally seen everyone after the endless waiting. (You’re right, it’s already been a year and only now we’ve finally caught you guys for an interview.) We’ve honestly done a lot of preparation this time, so everyone please look forward to it a lot, and like us a lot~ I love you all~ (makes heart shape, they’re all kids who won’t let others live.)
TAO: Thank you for your support, no matter where we are. No matter how far away we are from you, I miss you, and I love you.

COOL: And the members of K?
SEHUN: Thank you to the Chinese fans for always liking EXO, we will come to China often to see you. I love you all.
BAEKHYUN: (quickly comes back to it) Ah! I love you all! You are the beauties I am the wolf! No, we are EXO! (what are you talking about) We will be going to China very soon for activities, just wait a bit longer, okay! We will be coming to you with an even more handsome image!
CHANYEOL: I hope you guys like our first official album and I hope that we can meet everyone in China as soon as possible! Everyone, please wait a bit longer. I love you all!
D.O: Honestly, thank you so much to everyone for liking EXO so much. We will become an EXO who will present an even better image for everyone! Thank you!
KAI: Yes, hello everyone. “COOL MUSIC”’s readers, fans, hello! I am Kai. (Suddenly so formal and awkward. All readers, please sit properly and listen to His Excellency Kai’s speech.) This time, we’ve only met everyone through this simple and short interview, next time we will definitely come to China personally to see everyone. We will become an always modest, always hard working EXO!
SUHO: We prepared this album whilst thinking of everyone and working hard! This time, we won’t only come on music shows but also a lot of other shows, in order to present a different us, please support us a lot!

[Page 9]

Club: EXO-M
Team: Park Jisung’s team
Distinctive features: Blonde hair and smooth looks, primary school student’s body
Killer skill: Innocent, child-like face

Live broadcast: During the time that XIUMIN was on the field there was not enough time for the opposition to attack, but in the role of assisting, XIUMIN performed very well. Using the advantage of his nimble body, XIUMIN did not play the role of messing up the view of the opposition just once. Even though a soccer game is just a game where a group of people chase after a soccer ball, we must say that XIUMIN’s speed is really fast! In that short time that he was on field, XIUMIN was constantly chasing closely after that soccer ball. He did not rest for even a moment, his fast speed made his smooth and neat hair turned completely into an ‘all back’ style. His fringe that was originally smooth and straight down his forehead, eventually ended up lying flat on the top of his head because of the winds blowing in the opposite direction. You can just imagine how fast our little guy’s speed was in running. During the match, XIUMIN did not just flip his shirt up a bit once, but eventually just stuffed his entire shirt into his shorts while on field. Before he officially went on field, this person was hopping and jumping about, not resting a moment. In the time that he was on the bench, he was constantly warming up; the Korean staff could only hold onto this kid’s waist and inform him of what was presently happening on the field. Looking at this scene, we want to ask if this little guy is really the oldest member in the group. Is this really not the venue of a youth friendly soccer match?

I haven’t seemed like the eldest brother for many years

When we’re at the venue watching XIUMIN play soccer, we are really unable to connect this little boy with the image of the oldest in EXO. Amongst the Korean idols, there are many who are lovers of soccer. XIUMIN being a hot blooded soccer fan is something that we have personally confirmed; in private, he often plays soccer with his members for fun. Speaking of which, becoming a member of the Asian Dream Cup and his love for soccer have a very large correlation. In comparison to the way he looks playing soccer on the soccer field, when XIUMIN has yet to officially go on field, the way this kid looks warming up is something that leaves a deep impression. Not only did he warm up from head to toe, he even carefully tied his shoelaces again. Squatting down at one moment, stretching the next, his waistline, leg-line, even his butt-line, everyone took this in with their eyes. Not only was it a feast on the eyes for the fans who were sitting on the stands and looking on, even the gazes of the staff sitting on the side were drawn to this happy boy, taking out their phones and looking as though they are preparing to take a photo of this posture and keep it as a momento. While XIUMIN was in the midst of warming up, the cheering of the fans in the stands did not pause for even a moment. This caused our little guy here to keep turning around and greet his fans while warming up, expressing his thanks with a face full of shyness (laughs).

[Page 10]

Name: LU HAN
Club: EXO-M
Team: Ex-stars team
Distinctive features: Strong and muscular thigh muscles, fluorescent hair colour, deer eyes
Killer skill: right whirlwind kick

Live broadcast: Be it when he was waiting at the benches to get on field, or when LU HAN was running on the green grass, this kid’s gaze was always determinedly fixated on the soccer ball. In the first half of the game, Park Jisung’s team’s carelessness allowed LU HAN to grab hold of an opportunity for a shot in the goal. Although that attempt to shoot into the goal while one-on-one with the goalkeeper was a beautiful one, ultimately, he missed the goal. LU HAN, whose attempt had failed, had a bashful look on his face, even embarrassedly sticking out his tongue. Even though his first attempt failed, it did not seem to affect the fierce fighting spirit in this chap. (It’s burning as bright as his red hair!) In EXO, XIUMIN and LU HAN are the two youths who are famous for being in love with soccer as a sport. On that day, the two of them finally had a chance to fulfil their soccer dreams in that one soccer match. On the field, when the two people met, they would give each other a big hug. During half-time, the two of them had their arms over each others’ shoulders as they walked off field. It looked just like they were rivals on field, but brothers off field. But what is up with coming back from half-time with a number 29 jersey and number 41 shorts?

Once a red devil, always a red devil

Being the only Chinese Idol at the ‘Third Asian Dream Cup’, LU HAN played for the Shanghai Ex-Stars team. In past interviews, LU HAN had mentioned that if he had not been a singer, he would have entertained the thoughts of possibly becoming a soccer player. He is a big fan of soccer, but he had never had the chance to showcase his ‘Captain Tsubasa’ side to everyone. On this day, when everyone saw LU HAN running very seriously on the field, they were able to discover that his dream of becoming a soccer player was not just for show. This time LU HAN, who was the only celebrity on the Ex-Stars team, did not only have pretty good chemistry with the seasoned players on the field, he also received a lot of love from the various seniors. Even his photo with national player Fan Zhiyi became the headline article on the sports newspaper the next day. Be it in the dressing room, on the bench, or on the soccer field, LU HAN’s humble demeanour was always regarded by everyone. Even when he was in the changing rooms, he would constantly bow humbly to each of the seniors. When the old seniors did not just praise this young man, but also used their actions to encourage him, one could see just how loveable this kid was. During the live broadcast, the commentator even used the comment “Today, the two attacks by the Ex-Stars team that showed the most threat all came from LU HAN” to express his affirmation towards this young chap. Being able to receive the love of the masses naturally has a reason behind it; other than this young chap’s natural humbleness, another reason is the constant showing of his love for soccer, through his gaze right down to his movements.

[Page 11]

EXO-M It’s time to turn into wolves!

When EXO-M came out to perform, it was pouring heavy rain at the Hong Kou Soccer Stadium. In the rather large stadium, from time to time, the sounds of thunder could be heard and one could even see flashes of lightning across the sky. The people who were not at the stadium may have felt that the weather god was not being kind that day, but speaking from Xiao Cool’s personal experience, this heavy rain was really just right for the occasion! It was raining very heavily, and we as well as the fans were worried that the members would fall sick – however, if you were there in person and heard the sounds of thunder and looked as each member transformed into wolves during ‘Wolf and a Beauty (Wolf)’, you too would be filled with emotion over the atmosphere the rain had created that is practically like the stroke of a genius. There is no need for post-production to add on special background effects, the venue itself directly creates on its own its special sound effects! The sudden rainstorm did not extinguish the members’ passion, but in contrast, made these group of boys even more excited. These few boys stretched out their long arms, and with what looked like the wings of eagles, ‘flew’ to the middle of the stage. From the very opening, they had already positioned themselves into the ‘tree’ formation at the beginning of ‘Wolf and a Beauty (Wolf)’. We would typically see the 12 person version of the ‘tree’ at the venues of music programs, so the six person version of the ‘tree’ really opened up our eyes. Looking at it front on, there did not seem to be much change, but looking at it from the side, this ‘tree’ really seemed to have slimmed down a lot (laughs). Describing the rain that day as a rainstorm is not exaggerating at all; it was not long before the members’ clothes and shorts were soaked through by the rain. This massive rain rained down so hard that for a moment, the members were unable to open their eyes. Their hair that had just been styled ended up looking like there had been no styling done at all because of the downpour, but these few guys did not even panic at all, combing their hair back with their hands, looking exactly like a moving poster! (With them being wet and all, wouldn’t it!) “1, 2, 3. We Are One! Hello everybody, we are EXO. We are very, very happy that we are here in Shanghai today. Thank you everyone. We are also very honoured to be invited to today’s Asian Dream Cup. Next time, we hope that we will be able to bring our EXO-K members along as well. Thank you everyone, the next song is our song ‘History’. Thank you, we love you all. (By Kris)” There was no choice but to shorten the members’ MC time because of the rainstorm. The storm, accompanied by thunder, allowed everyone to see a different kind of performance.

source; 倒倒天才_Critty
trans credit to: amy + angi + hyewon + xuan at exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

The boys are ridiculous...LOL...why so adorable EXO babies? The interviewer's comments in the parentheses are cute too.

EXO-M Trans...wow...good job guys!

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