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Tao "accidentally" likes a Tao/Sehun NC-17 fanfic on weibo; makes online news headlines


Yesterday (7th) night, EXO-M’s member Huang Zitao updated his weibo profile, but his profile description doesn’t look very happy, why is this so?

According to fans, Huang Zitao accidentally “liked” a fanfiction (T/N: The chinese phrase used means they are paired together in the fic) about EXO-K’s member Oh Sehun and him, and got teased by fans, hence he changed his profile, to show his gloominess: “ Don’t want to explain anything anymore, don’t know anything. Can only say that weibo is a “pit”!! (T/N: The phrase “pit” means trap.)

Regarding Huang Zitao’s rant, fans on one side are consoling him: “Don’t mind us, everyone is just playing around”, but on the other side did not forget to tease him: “Taozi is too Tsundere.” What will Huang Zitao think after he knows about this? But this is also a way that fans are showing their love for Huang Zitao, hope he doesn’t mind.

T/N: He has now changed his profile and it just says "Don't want to explain anything anymore"

Excerpt of the fanfic he liked

"[FANFIC PARTIAL TRANS][M-18] Hey I miss you.

Taking away public holidays, Tao has never left Sehun for a day. They skipped lessons together, fought, went to PC rooms. They pretty much did anything boys their age would have done. Of course, including things that they are not supposed to do. Like holding hands, like hugging, like kissing, like doing//it…

Their first time was on Sehun’s 17th birthday, and it wasn’t that long ago that it happened. When it entered his body, it was painful as hell and he cried really hard. He wanted to back out but instead shouted, “Don’t stop”. He is afraid of pain, really, but he is also as tolerant. When the deed was done, even when his butt was hurting, he still could hop and jump around his hyung, smiling and asking for a present.

*Sehun bit his own tongue accidentally in school while eating”
Tao bent down and enclosed that naked tongue that was sticking out and sucked it, licking it with his own, and then loosening his mouth to look at the flushed face.

“It’s no longer painful right?”

original poster: 亦鹿冲天
trans: @exonyeoshidae"

Source: original article; fic author
Translation: rellasoo at exochocolate (news article)
Fic translation: exonyeoshidae; posted by gdgdbb at exochocolate

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