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Cho PD "I have no regrets about Block B, I just hope they succeed"


Cho PD confessed his thoughts about Block B.

He addresses the separation due to financial issues with the group he had found, Block B, in his new album. In the extraordinarily thoughtful lyrics of the 2nd and 3rd tracks, “Nothing has changed” and “It was a very good year”, Cho PD did not hide his feelings about what happened with Block B.

“When you’re a bit young, you have ideals. Without actually experiencing it yourself, you can only know superficial things through books or movies, right? There are many things that are completely different in the nature of real life. Looking in from the outside as a producer or company staff, I thought I could just work hard with the kids and do PR, but the reality was that I had to deal with publicity, networking, financial affairs, operations, and rubbing shoulders with people. After experiencing those things, rather than thinking, “I can’t do this”, I thought, “After this all passed, I think I offered the cause a lot”. The lyrics express that kind of frankness. Especially in “It was a very good year”, it means that this year was the best year, right? There were bad things that happened but they’ve been resolved, and there’s 5 months left so let’s make it the best year, it has that kind of meaning. It was one of the most severe years of my life, but after it passed I was happy, some kind of feeling like that?”

Block B is a hip hop idol group that was ambitiously made by Cho PD who runs Stardom Entertainment. But this past January, Block B filed an injunction against Stardom for the termination of their contract due to non-payment, and they have transferred to another agency.

“I have no regrets. Rather than regrets, I feel sorry. There were too many happenings at such a young age in such a short amount of time. I hope that they do well now.”

He showed his side of self-reflection saying, “At the end of last year before the issue exploded, there were many business offers. At that time I was easily swayed and blinded, and I didn’t make the right decisions. I looked back at a lot of things the last 6 months. If this situation did not happen, then I would still not have been able to see what was wrong.

Afterwards, Cho PD changed the office operations system.

“All the office staff except two people has been changed. Right now the administration team has the most members. Before, we did not have an administration team at all. Now the administration and planning teams come before the management team. We’ve completely reset.”

At the question about if he felt any regret about Block B because the response to them had been good, Cho PD was at a loss for words for a moment.

“…I haven’t even felt if this is better or what. Because money was continuously going out until that time. If I had taken care of them more, they would have at least made money… so at that time it was hard.”

(T/N: Information that do not relate to Block B have been omitted in this translation.)
source: XSPORTSNEWS via NATE and translated by Youngha@ BLOCKBINTL
footballfina 9th-Sep-2013 11:17 pm (UTC)
Apparently he shaded EXO hard in this interview too, something along the lines of "You can see that SM's EXO has a lot of members but not one of them has any outstanding talents" which...... lol nice try dude, you sound like an asshole and you screwed Block B big time, like you are in ANY position to talk
hearttaek 10th-Sep-2013 12:56 am (UTC)
Can't waitfor exo fans to eat him alive tbh.
Douche deserves to get his ass handed to him
dapo322 10th-Sep-2013 01:45 am (UTC)
Well whenever his group comes out, he'll probably change his tune and give them some praise. He did that with Big Bang like dissing GD multiple times and then when Block B was about to debut, he had nice things to say about Big Bang.
uguukawaii 10th-Sep-2013 02:45 am (UTC)
Lol he didn't lie (I mean no one in exo seems to have zicos passion or solo drive I mean) but that's so tacky to say
footballfina 10th-Sep-2013 02:52 am (UTC)
........I mean Kai is an unbelievably talented dancer / choreographer who has trained the second longest in all of EXO despite basically being the maknae, and is one of the most passionate performers I've ever seen in kpop

/end rant

(I'm not even mentioning the ridiculous talent of a vocal like Chen)
uguukawaii 10th-Sep-2013 02:58 am (UTC)
Yeah that's true I didn't want to sound like I thought they were untalented at all, I more meant that zico has a lot of solo efforts outside of idoldom? I mean when u watch an exo performance they are all great at what they do (I didn't know Kai did choreo that's cool) but they are also good at blending together in a way block b don't, when watching a block b performance it's obvi zico has it as a solo is all I'm trying to say lol no hate
footballfina 10th-Sep-2013 03:06 am (UTC)
Oh that is DEF true then, I personally think Zico is the most talented pure rapper in kpop - boy is INSANE.

And yeah, Kai choreographed all of his teaser dances (all 5 billion of them haha)
(no subject) - Anonymous
footballfina 10th-Sep-2013 04:01 am (UTC)
back in the early Mama days, one of EXO's choreographers (Shim Jaewon) said about Kai: "Perfection. That all I can say. Having various dance background is really an advantage for him. Smart and creative, he also creates the dance step in his own teasers. Full of improvisation, powerful and expressions. He once said that he didn’t want to sing, just do the dance instead." which is what I was going off of :)
bauci 10th-Sep-2013 07:14 pm (UTC)
I really appreciated that Zico said in that YG show to Mino that as a leader you can't just focus on doing the best yourself, that if you do that you fail. You have to make sure of your group first and then yourself.
I think it's something he's struggles with and CHO PD's blatant favoritism back then probably didn't help.

He is quite exceptional though :D
kingalexarnold 10th-Sep-2013 10:16 am (UTC)
"You can see that SM's EXO has a lot of members but not one of them has any outstanding talents"

please their vocal line and dance line are amazing and shows how outstandingly talented the guys are. so he can take a fucking seat or better yet go back into hiding like a coward.
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