Angelique (chibiyunie) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Ilbe user brags about his grandfather's suicide

Censored Picture

Ilbe user: "I went to the bathroom and found that my grandfather had committed suicide. I was shocked but I guess I'm an Ilbe addict after all because the first thing I thought to do was to grab a piece of paper for a proof shot picture. My grandfather was a supporter of the Saenuri Party. Pray that he rests in peace, you losers."

1. [+2,870, -191] Can't they take this site down?? How can a psycho like this exist ㅡㅡ

2. [+2,388, -149] Swear words aren't enough for this guy... what a dog

3. [+2,253, -159] A true group of psychos

4. [+252, -28] What really gives me goose bumps is that these Ilbe users pretend to be normal people in society only to turn around and pull crap like this in their own communities. I wouldn't care if they just admitted they were Ilbe users but they all act like psychopaths with their double lives...

5. [+211, -41] Seriously crazy... what is the government not doing taking this site down?

6. [+202, -33] I hope the government takes this site down... How could someone take a proof shot of their own grandfather's corpse and put it on the internet?

7. [+171, -26] I hope grandchildren of Ilbe users will remember to take proof shots once they themselves die

8. [+152, -27] Ilbe's a menace to society, can't we do something about this?

9. [+145, -21] It disgusts me that we breathe the same air under the same sky. The thought of even crossing paths with one of them disgusts me.

10. [+92, -19] Instead of calling the cops or feeling sad, his first reaction was to write his ID down and take a picture...

Did not really know if I tagged this correctly. Also, should I hide the picture under the cut?

Source: Netizenbuzz | Original article via Nate
Tags: death/funeral, douche, internet, trigger warning, wtf

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