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MYNAME releases teaser photo for Day by Day feat D.O(Lee Hyun Do) and opens official youtube channel

BVdZWhHCEAAjPhK.jpg large
MYNAME is raising the bar for their comeback by recruiting legendary artist Deux's Lee Hyun Do!
Their upcoming title track, "Day By Day", is a hip hop and R&B track composed and written by Lee Hyun Do. This is also the first time that the veteran musician featured in an idol group's song in the 20 years that he has been in the business, making MYNAME's comeback all the more special.
The group also suited up in new teaser images shown above to hint on their maturing image and music, which we'll soon see and hear when the album drops on October 11!
최근 프로듀싱을 끝낸,
환희가 제작한 그룹 마이네임.
준규,세용이와 함께.
대박나라~!! ㅋ
Finished producing for them recently,
MYNAME, the group Hwanhee created.
With Jungyu and Seyong.
Hit the jackpot~!! ke

sources @hyundolee72|mynamesg|allkpop|MYNAMEofficial

Have you opened your eyes to the perfection that is MYNAME yet, omona?
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