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New girl group TREN-D reveals music video for 'Candy Boy'

New five-member girl group TREN-D released their debut MV for the song 'Candy Boy.'
Frankly, the MV seems like it should have been released during the prime time of summer as the girls are dressed in bright neon colors and are enjoying a day out roller skating. The song is also upbeat, catchy, and energetic, which would have been perfect for the hotter days of summer.

Either way, the girls have debuted with the bubbly 'Candy Boy.' It appears that for the MV and to raise public awareness, the girls even performed in front of crowds on the streets in many various locations. They smiled brightly as their audience applauded and cheered them on. These girls may be starting a new craze as even the pedestrians attempt to learn and follow their addictive dance moves.

They chose the name TREN-D because the first letter in the name of each member spells out T-R-E-N-D and each member takes on a specific character: T for Ta Mi (Red-Headed Anne), R for Ru Ru (Pipi Longstocking), E for Elli (Sailor Mercury), N for Na Yool (Candy Candy), and D for Dan Bi (Elf Fairy).

Check out the MV above and also check out some behind the scenes footage below!

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