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This is a BtoB interview post!

BTOB, “We have made all preparations, all that’s left now, is a leap”
Idol group BTOB has changed. They knocked on the doors of the entertainment industry in March 2012 and have been running for almost 2 years since that day. Although they are still lacking, through their latest album, BTOB have gotten a step closer in becoming an artist that understands their musical preference.

BTOB released their new album ‘Thriller’ in September, making a comeback to the music scene after a year of blank period. Every month, we see idol groups attempting fresh concepts in the entertainment industry. In such competitive environment, idol groups definitely find themselves filled with impatience and insecurities about their future.

Despite that, BTOB used this situation to their advantage, building themselves a solid music foundation, like how they put it, this is an ‘album that helps in their self-development’.

BTOB members’ participation for this 3rd mini album is the largest so far. That’s why we have more affection for it. We do get insecure during a year of blank period, therefore we practice hard as much as that of our insecurities. I think this helped us a lot in developing ourselves.(Seo Eunkwang)

“It has been my goal to include my very own songs in the album. Therefore, I’m really happy. ‘Star’ was written during our trainee days. In fact, it was intended to be included in BEAST’s recently released album, but since the song suits more towards BTOB’s colors, we have decided to make it one of our album tracks.” (Im Hyunsik)

Also, ‘Why’ was a track composed by Im Hyunsik and Lee Kikwang, which has gained attention from fans. “I know how to compose and Kikwang-hyung was the one who firstly propose that we use the same production room. Thanks to him, I can produce different style of songs rather than (songs I produced) when I’m alone. It’s a really good experience. Surprisingly, the song was well-received, so my burden to do even better in next album grows too.(Im Hyunsik)

In order for Im Hyunsik to portray each member’s distinctive vocals, he dedicated a lot of his time studying music. This is because Hyunsik wants to grow into an artist, not just merely having his songs on albums.


Whatever it is, the high anticipation received for BTOB’s latest album was not only due to the fact that the members involved actively in its production, but also because of their 180 degree change of their image. BTOB usually gives out a youthful teenager vibe. However, in this new album, BTOB made a surprising comeback with their masculinity side,

“All of us actually agree to show a manly and sexy side. That said, we do not want to show merely our masculinity. Although it seems like this now, but we still have our rascals image during ‘Wow’ and ‘Second Confession’. We do see surprising responses from many people who watched our stage, but that is something we have expected. We want to show them that BTOB can do a manly concept, therefore, we worked with more determination” (Yook Sungjae)

“(Thriller) Choreograph was inspired by ‘I am a legend’. After monitoring how zombies acts, we called it the ‘Zombie dance’, but it was somehow being upgraded and fans called it the ‘Group Chicken Dance’. (Therefore)) This choreograph seems to show both its taste and fun at the same time. It’s really addictive.” (Lee Changsub)

Within 60 minutes of this interview, BTOB has shown their aspiration towards music far more than expected. Towards the end of this interview, we asked which variety program BTOB would like to participate, and they chose KBS2 ‘Immortal Songs’. ‘Immortal Songs’ is a popular program that showcases hidden talents of capable musicians as well as idol singers.


“‘The reason why we want to go on ‘Immortal Songs’ is because we want to show ourselves as a vocalist. We are the type that have fun in composing and arranging songs. So, if we really have the chance to appear on the show, I think we will have more anticipation for it than feeling burdened” (Lee Minhyuk)

Up till now, BTOB has indeed presented different styles of themselves, and the road goes longer in the future too. When asked what is their ultimate goal as a singer, they answered that they want to be a group that spans across the generation. We wonder, will BTOB continue to promote and pursue their music colors so as to blow across the generation like a wind?

“A frogs squats before it jumps. This new album is probably BTOB’s most diligently prepared work ever. If you listen from our first album, you will feel that we have made progress every day and that BTOB have found their colors. Therefore, this album is even more precious. Lately, fans have been gradually promoting BTOB musically. Thanks to them, we gained hope and dreams, as well as the confidence to be successful. All that is left now, is a leap.” (BTOB)
source: tv daily, translated by loveindacube

BTOB members, “Watched Eunkwang’s musical stage with mouth open”
BTOB members have praised leader Seo Eunkwang in his musical debut.

BTOB Seo Eunkwang recently debuted as a musical actor in ‘Monte Cristo’ as Albert. Seo Eunkwang’s musical debut was unlike existing idols. Usually, idols would be cast and the casting list will be revealed early before their performance for promotional purpose. Seo Eunkwang’s participation in ‘Monte Cristo’, on the other hand, was announced prior to his first performance stage.

Further stages were also decided after his first performance. The good responses gained from his first stage allowed him to perform even more stages than expected.

Seo Eunkwang expressed, “I think musical is a charming genre. Having to stand alone rather than all seven members together, and to present a musical stage taking in consideration both singing and acting. At first, I was scared and nervous. My first musical stage was probably the most nervous moment in my life ever.”

The members then asked, “What about our debut stage?”, and Seo Eunkwang replied, “During our debut, all the members were together, so it felt like I can do it. I was more fearful of musical performances, and that’s why I prepared hard for it. After all, there’s this idol prejudices so I hold my mindset to perform better. On my first performance, BTOB members all came to watch, and I think that helped me to do well.”

When asked how their leader fare in his first performance, the members unanimously complimented Eunkwang. In particular, Lee Changsub commented, “It was really cool. I’m proud of him. He doesn’t look like BTOB. That performance was the first ever moment where I think Eunkwang-hyung looks the most handsome. I watched his performance with my mouth open”, he wittily added.

Seo Eunkwang concluded with his thoughts, “I completed my first performance, and became familiar to the stage after a few more rounds. Because of that, I started to discover the fun in musicals, and that made me fall in love with it. Actors that I’ve worked with praised that I did well, and that really helped a lot. I’m really thankful for that.”

source: newsen, translated by loveindacube

BTOB Jung IlHoon, “Saying that I rap because I couldn’t sing hurts a lot”
BTOB Jung IlHoon has revealed his frustration as a rapper.

On September 27th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Fullhouse’, BTOB member Jung IlHoon shared his hurtful story as a rapper.

Jung IlHoon started by saying, “When some people first meet me, they would ask my position in the team, and I’ll reply by saying that I’m a rapper.”

He continued, “There are some who would ask, ‘Why are you a rapper? Is it because you can’t sing?’” and he added, “It’s because I like to rap, that’s why I rap. It’s not that I rap because I couldn’t sing,” confessing that he gets hurt with such questions.
source: newsen, translated by loveindacube

BTOB IlHoon, “HyungDon called to say ‘I love you’, but couldn’t remember it the next day”

Idol group BTOB has recently met up with TV Daily for an interview. Member IlHoon revealed a special episode with ‘Weekly Idol’ MC and gagman Jung HyungDon.

IlHoon now co-hosts ‘Weekly Idol’ with Jung HyungDon and Defconn (Doni Coni). Towards our question, “It seems like Jung HyungDon and Defconn always give you a hard time on the program”, IlHoon responded, “That helps to give me a character on the show. We don’t take it seriously”.

He continued, “Coni-hyung and Doni-hyung gave lots of advice to me. They helped me a lot”, he added with a bright smile.

IlHoon also revealed an episode with Jung HyungDon. He recalled, “One day, HyungDon-hyung called me. I’m usually the one to text regards to him first, but it was my first time receiving a call from him out of the blue” and, “I thought it has something to do with the broadcast, so I answered. But with a drunk tone, he said ‘I love you’ to me.”

“The next morning, I text HyungDon-hyung with a message that says ‘I love you too’, but the reply I received was, ‘Why would you love me?’. He really couldn’t remember that night. I said, ‘Hyung, you said I love you to me first.’ and he replied, ‘There must be a mistake’”, which caused the members to laugh.

Towards Defconn, IlHoon revealed his actual personality, “We worked very well together on broadcast. He’s the type that couldn’t care less but deep inside, he takes good care of us.”

source: tv daily, translated by loveindacube

BTOB, “We want our songs to be played on streets”
Returning with a mini album ‘Thriller’… “We do envy EXO and other groups that debut around our time. We do get desperate.”


Idol group BTOB, EXO and B.A.P were groups debuted around similar period last year. This year, EXO sold 740,000 copies of their first album while B.A.P successfully concluded their Asia and America tour. Both of them have a solid fanbase in and out of Korea.

BTOB who has recently made their comeback after a year of blank period have released their 3rd mini album ‘Thriller’ to secure their position in the industry. Last March, they received attention for being under the same agency as BEAST and 4minute, and they were indeed impatient to stand out among the tremendous competition.

Recently, we met up with the seven members and they revealed their honest thoughts, “It’s a fact that we grow impatient and afraid when we look at how other groups do (in the industry). But in order for a frog to jump higher, it will squat first. We will do the same as well. We will work even harder to lower ourselves so as to jump higher.”

“Although we are envious of the competitor groups, that made us even more desperate and impatient. We have debuted for a year and six months now. Once again, the motivation to start again is burning within us, and together with our company, we prepare (albums/promotions) with lots of greed. What we can do is to practice and to upgrade our strong points to another level. Therefore we diligently write, compose and learn instruments.” (Eunkwang, MinHyuk)

The members goes to their practice room on the second floor of Cube Cafe together. They spend their days busily going to one-person vocal practice room, group dance practice room and band room to practice. During blank period, Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik who are involved in musicals and drama OSTs will be busy honing their singing skills so as to find their very own vocal colors. For their latest title track ‘Thriller’, in particular, the members even went for acting lessons to capture the right expression for each parts.

Im Hyunsik who self composed track ‘Star’ and co-composed track with BEAST Lee Kikwang ‘Why’, was folk singer Im JiHoon’s son who was famous for ‘사랑의 썰물’, and therefore, has already owned an excellent capability in guitar and keyboard. Moreover, Hyunsik studied composing since his trainee days.

Hyunsik expressed, “I would compose a song through guitar or piano or sometimes, I write one after singing the melody” and, “G-Dragon and Yong JunHyung sunbaes are rapper-composers, but for me, I’m a vocalist, so it seems that there’s an anticipation that I will do a genre slightly different than sunbaes (them). I was really proud when my songs were firstly registered under Korea Music Copyright Association,” he shyly smiles.


When asked on how they feel on standing at the starting line again with a new album, they said that although there are still several conditions need to be met before they can achieve success, their emphasis is placed onto becoming a musically recognized team in the future. That is also one of the reason why they have their pre-release track firstly aired through live radio broadcast despite being an idol group.

“We want our songs to be played on streets, we want our songs to be sung by people. If we are able to hear people saying ‘we trust, listen, and saw BTOB’s music and performance stages’, I think we would be very happy.” (Hyunsik)

Sungjae added, “Our confidence pierces through the sky. We believe that we will be better in the future”, he smiles.

Also, the members revealed their wildest dream they ever had.

“I was wearing my underwear, a dragon soaked onto my body like a tattoo.” (Changsub)

Hyunsik revealed his dream, “We were playing at an outdoor swimming pool, and suddenly a rainstorm with thunder and lightning came along” he laughed and, “But we won’t be hasty at results. To me, (the situation now) is better than fears of an uncertain future that we faced during our trainee times, as written in ‘Star’. (Now) We are hopeful to know who to dream of, and to who we will become,” he added.
source: yonhap news, translated by loveindacube

BTOB “We are envious of EXO, but this is just a start”
Idol group BTOB who has recently made their comeback in the music scene has confessed their honest feelings towards popular idol group, EXO.


BTOB recently met up with Star News for an interview, and they revealed their thoughts, “As a group that debuts around popular idol group EXO, we really felt motivated” and, “In fact, we do envy them but it’s just a start now, so we don’t want to be hasty either.”

Debuted as a new rookie group of Cube Entertainment that houses large idol groups such as BEAST and 4Minute, BTOB showed a diverse spectrum of musicality and therefore, receives high anticipation. At that time, they have a comparable existence with EXO who debuted at the same period.

However, circumstances changed this year. While BTOB were busy preparing for their new album, EXO became a huge popular group with new track ‘Growl’ which was proven on on music charts and broadcast stations.

BTOB expressed their thoughts, “Looking at teams that are of our era, we may become impatient but more than that, we have gained the awareness that we have to devote ourselves more into practices” and, “We heard about questions whether we are envious seeing other teams doing well at a fast rate. But because of our very own mindset, (we understand) that we can only work harder (to do well in the future).”

Regarding their newly released 3rd mini album ‘Thriller’, Seo Eunkwang reveals that it was a concept from ‘Ghost Bride’ and, “It includes an exhaustive list of scary yet thrilling elements. The choreograph has a little comical yet cool look to it too“, he explained.

Im Hyunsik also spoke on his co-composed song ‘Why’ with Lee Kikwang, “Kikwang-hyung and I use the same production room. Unlike working on a production alone, we are able to complement each other’s colors in a song, and that’s really interesting,” he said.

“It’s an album that we can call an excellent production. We have that kind of confidence. We were able to reach to an agreement among the members and active in giving suggestions. We really put in a lot of effort in the album than other thing else. We have really worked hard to show a new face that we have never shown before.” Seo Eunkwang

Other than album production, the members took an active part in musicals, dramas, and OSTs but they revealed that they can never miss out in the ever rapid changing industry.

Lee Minhyuk confessed, “We had such vague thoughts during our trainee times, if we are able to succeed after debut” and, “After actually debuting, we felt that there’s nothing that we’ve taken easily. We have learned vigorously and we have even achieved a point where we want to develop even more”.

When asked how they would evaluate themselves in the entertainment industry, Lee Changsub responded, “I think we are right before reaching the middle tier” and, “We will continue to hone our skills, and since each of our personalities are different and we have a strong color, we will work harder so that we can rise to the center.”

He continued, “We feel that now is just the starting of a marathon where everything can be changed anytime” and, “We will work even harder, just like how the frog grabs its position before it jumps. We will maintain our pace with the faith that we will shine some time in the future.”

Meanwhile, BTOB will be spending their Chuseok holiday and will be back into activities on 21st September.
source: star news, translated by loveindacube

BTOB, “We might have a chance to go to restaurants with girlfriends?”

Interviews with idols are usually tiring. If I were to speak from my personal view, interviews with boy groups are often fun to conduct. And it is particular exciting when it comes to BTOB. We invited BTOB on the 12th of September to a restaurant called ‘Nobel Cafe’. It was 1pm, the time where everyone are at their hungriest. BTOB started choosing their meals after reaching the cafe.


But these kids show no signs of stopping as they kept on choosing from their menus. At last, they decided on ordering grilled vegetable salad, grilled chicken sandwich, Mexican Chicken Quesadillas, ‘Morning After’ Burrito, spicy seafood pasta, aglio olio, salmon sandwich, crazy burger, various drinks and pancake. We often meet up with boy groups that look after their diet, just like most girl groups. But for BTOB, they were as excited as children, saying that, “It’s fun conducting the interview while able to eat delicious food”. Isn’t it more interesting to be together with people who eats well?


◆ “BTOB’s colors? We change to different colors like a chameleon!”

“The album this time round has a thrilling yet good songs. ‘Thriller’ has a magnificent sound and a strong beat. It is lyrical yet emancipates a scary atmosphere. It talks about a love story whereby a prince search to rescue his princess from a demon. Although we have participated in the writing of our songs since our debut album, through this album, it seems like we have grown more maturer. All the members participated and all of us have a strong motivation. We even personally involved in the featuring or arrangement of the songs. During our blank period, we talked with producer-nims about songs and work with them. That’s why this is an album that we’re even more proud of.”

BTOB started their promotions on MBC ‘Show Champion’ on the 4th of September. They flaunted their contradictory charms through ‘When I was your Man’ and ‘Thriller’ stage. ‘Thriller’ was a strong charismatic dance song while ‘When I was your man’ portrayed their gentle charms. However, ‘When I was your man’ was a song that talks about their revengeful thoughts (?) on their ex-lover. We wonder if the members themselves have such experience, and the members immediately pointed to member Lee MinHyuk.

“I treated an ex-girlfriend of mine very well, but she wants to break up with me for many times. I kept on persuading her but I was the one who broke up with her later on. I always treated her well, but after I had delivered the break up and left coldly, she kept on contacting me. She said she regretted it. This happened few years back, but the experience helped me in singing this song.”


BTOB who have debuted less than 2 years have been presenting their different abilities through ‘Insane’, ‘Father’, ‘WOW’, ‘Second Confession’ and more. We asked, “You were cute and sweet. but now you guys have become manlier. So what exactly is BTOB’s color?”, and the members replied, “Like a chameleon, we have diverse colors.” When asked how much they would evaluate themselves,”, each of them gave different scores like 30 or 50. Doing well in various genres, we can obviously feel their aspiration to be musically recognized idols.

BTOB’s weapon is musicality, live and confidence. Up till now, we have been promoting with confidence and presenting our perfect lives on stage. We want to show our best to everyone. Not just performance stages, we want to sing and dance well too. Looking at our seniors of the same company (BEAST, 4minute and more), we are quite envious. But we want to rise slowly, rather than hastily. We want to climb up the stairs step by step but safely, so that we can truly feel the happiness when we really reach there. Also, as a junior group of our company, we want to be a group that senior groups won’t feel ashamed of.


◆ 7 members 7 colors, Explore BTOB’s charms!

BTOB members enjoyed their meals throughout the interview. When asked if they would want to go to such restaurant often, the members answered will we have this chance? The members of BTOB who eat well, we shall now reveal the charms of each members.

- ‘Timid leader NO, Attentive and kind older brother’ Seo Eunkwang (23)

“I am placed 7th in my group. I always worried about others more than myself. The ‘leader’ position has two types. The first is one that leads while the second type is the one that is pushed to the front. I’m the latter type. So I’m really grateful to the members, for my dongsaengs respect me so that I can be matched up to be called as a leader. They followed my instructions well, and I’m really thankful and moved by them.”

“My role model is Kim BumSoo. I want to be the best vocalist (like him). I had the chance to be on the same radio show with Kim BumSoo sunbae. He sang a hidden track titled ‘기억을 걷다’ and I love it a lot. It was really blissful. But my vocal scores around 65. I’m still lacking a lot. If I were to choose a team as role model, then it would be god sunbaenims. Musically wise. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, we hope to be a ‘Nation Group’ BTOB with music that appeal to the public.”

- ‘New generation versatile Sports-dol’ Lee MinHyuk (23)

“Last February, I participated in MBC ‘Idol Sports Championship’ and gained good results in the hurdles, sprint and many other categories. Actually, during this Chuseok special edition recordings, I don’t really have that confidence to retain the champion title. Without any burden, I did my best, so it turned out well for this year too. I was known through ‘Sports Championship’ and that naturally promotes BTOB. I feel proud with this.”

“Since debut, not just ‘Sports Championship’, I’ve been the most active member on variety programs. Since there are each things the members would want to go for, so the members were not envious of me. tvN ‘The Romantic’ was like a field trip to me, I went for the shoot happily but instead, I was being scolded as the bad guy (laughs). We actually enjoyed ourselves and got closer to each other.”


- ‘The founder of Kiyomi Player’ Jung IlHoon (19)

“I have many individual activities such as variety programs and featuring but rather than my own effort, I think it’s because I have good lucks. As a rapper, I feel comfortable featuring for other artists. On ‘Weekly Idol’, I could show my personal talent ‘Kiyomi Player’ and that has gained loves from many. Coni-hyung and Doni-hyung treated me very well. They chose us as the idols that left a strong impression, and I’m really thankful for that.”

“Since young, I like Dynamic Duo. My first songs are all Dynamic Duo’s songs. So my role models are Dynamic Duos. The charms of my raps? Chewy raps? Whatever it is, I’m young so I think I have this refreshing charms (when I rap) lively lyrics.”

-’An unimaginable man, A special member’ Lee Changsub (22)

“Since high school era, I have always been preparing for music courses. I became a trainee when I was in my 3rd year in high school, but in reality, I don’t have a specific inspiration. It’s just that when I was 20 years old, I watched Michael Jackson’s concert DVD and dreamed of becoming a singer. I went to auditions thinking that I will fail so I tried it comfortably. I sang the song comfortably and dance frivolously. This are my charms. Are they special?”

“I’m the member who lifts the atmosphere. I think that we have to have such unique character in the group. A fun, lively and special member. Since it’s fun to make them laugh and make them happier. I often show my aegyo to my dongsaengs, but maknae Sungjae scolds at my aegyo. Just now as I ate my burrito, he suddenly scolds me too!”

- Im Hyunsik (21) who ‘dreams of becoming a capable singer writer’

“I often write and compose on my own, but I’m really happy to produce ‘Why’ with Lee Kikwang-hyung, which was also included in the album. It’s a song that differs from my style, so I’m even more satisfied with the song. All this while, it has been my goal to produce songs and have them included in the album, and I could finally realize this dream through this album. My next goal is to self-compose our title track, so I’ll work hard for it.”

“I have a strong greed musically. If I have a personal target, then it would be becoming a wonderful artist or musician. Actually, I draw and have a keen interest in fashion, but since I’m a singer first and foremost, I want to be a singer writer that gains recognition. Drawing or fashion will be my hobby.”

-’The puppy that speaks English’ Peniel (20)

I was born in America and started living in Korea since 2010. Still, my Korean language may be awkward but it’s fine to some extent. I enrolled in Hanyang International Studies and is currently on temporary leave after my first semester. So I didn’t really live a student’s life yet.”

“Before we debuted, the hardest part was the uncertainty of the future. Will I ever going to debut? Or will we do well? After debut, the most difficult part was definitely the cultural gap between Korea and America. But it was fortunate to have the members with me. I really hope that BTOB will get their first #1 award. What would I want to say to fans? ‘Thank you Thank you!”

-’Maknae On TOP’ Yook Sungjae (18)

“I’m the ‘last of BTOB’ Yook Sungjae. Since I’m the maknae, all the hyungs treat me well, especially Lee Changsub-hyung (laughs). If I have the chance to play Yaja Time? (T/N: Yaja Time is a game where formalities are dropped and they speak informally with each other) It’s fine. We usually speaks informally so…”

“I am the vocalist of the team. The advantage of my vocals is that it has an old charms that doesn’t match up to my age. The lower range of my voice sounds manly while my higher pitch sounds like a young teenager. For every stage, I always do my best. I would look into the camera thinking they’re my girlfriend. This is my very own know-how. My role model is Kim DongRyul sunbae!”
source: sports seoul, translated by loveindacube

Growing day by day, BTOB will surprise everyone
BTOB set their steps into the entertainment industry with digital single album ‘Insane’ last year.

Today, they who filled with charisma and youthful charms are back with a strong look. BTOB released their 3rd mini album on 9th September. It was an album that shows the different sides of BTOB.

In particular, the 7 members of BTOB successfully transformed from their gentle image to one that shows their sexy maturity. Their performance stage further showcased their precise dance skills.


◆ We are no longer teenagers now

“We have prepared a lot for us to show a transformed look. We worked out as well. We can say that this is an album which BTOB has participated a lot in it. We contributed from its concept to lyrics writing and composing as well” - Eunkwang

The members personally took part in the production of songs, showing their vast musicality. ‘Why’ was also a song composed by both BEAST Lee Kikwang and BTOB member Im Hyunsik. Meanwhile, Lee MinHyuk and Jung IlHoon’s further enhanced the completeness of this song with their writing skills.

Just as how active they are in the production of the album, to BTOB, this is an album of a deeper meaning. In particular, to Hyunsik who produced his very first self-composed song.

“We actually intended on just one song, but having to include two songs was somehow amazing to me. The production of the song went well and I was able to express our own colors through it. In the future, I would want to attempt on producing a really sad song” - Hyunsik

This album was also a motivation for the members’ greed to show their vast musicality in their next albums as well.

The keyword for this title track is ‘Powerful’.

“It seems that we have yet to show a powerful look up till now. Therefore, in order to portray our masculinity the best , each of us have practiced really hard. You can feel it even with our hairstyle transformation” - Minhyuk

“We made our performance for this title track heavier and stronger. It has a demon-like vibe. There is a point choreograph that adds more fun to it. We have produced this song with an inspiration gained from director Tim Button’s production. The choreograph buries an atmosphere like in the movie ‘Ghost Bride’ and ‘The Nightmare before Christmas.” - Eunkwang

◆ To gain recognition musically. That’s our aim.

BTOB is an idol group that showcases both singing and producing skills.

“Although we care a lot about our visual looks, we hope to be a BTOB that does their best at live performances. We don’t want to be limited to performance stages. We place a strong weight on live skills too. If we are able to emancipate that ‘They can do good in singing too’ vibe, then we’ll consider ourselves as successful.” - IlHoon

BTOB have faith and confidence in the growth of their own producing capabilities. And that makes them fully aware that they have to work more diligently to reach their goals.

But with the sprouting of idol groups lately, the results and expectations varies by a large length. It has become a commonplace for idols to be called ‘incapable’. However, it has been a year since their debut, and since BTOB’s future road are long and far, it is hard to predict their results.

At one point, the members were impatient with their greed. But now, they laid those down and instead, they try to have fun on stage.

“It was serious last year. Now we don’t want to be hasty. We feel that rising up slowly is a good thing too. Won’t we be even happier when we really rise to the top spot then?” - Hyunsik

“The frog squats before it jumps further. We think that BTOB will have to do (like frogs) to achieve that era. In order to jump higher, we will squat and hone our skills better.” - Changsub

The members of BTOB are all diligent in their work. They have their reasons to be low-profile, and they have their reason to rise higher, and that’s why they are always busy. Those come from their faith and confidence to be able to do well in the future.

“It has been a long time since we last stand on stage. We’re very grateful that many came and show their support for us. There was a sense of relief and encouragement through fans’ cheers. We felt the excitement too. We know that it’s a really happy thing to stand on stage again.” - BTOB


◆ It’s safe to anticipate BTOB

BTOB are quite popular overseas as well. In Thailand, BTOB are welcomed by fans since their arrival, till the extent that it caused a difficulty to move in the airport. Local fans even sang the song in Korean and coverage from the local media was well-received too.

BTOB was amazed to see such situation, not forgetting their grateful greetings.

“As a Korean, I feel proud. We were shocked to see fans came to support us. That helped us to grow more self-confidence and gain more strength. In particular, when we weren’t able to see fans during our blank period, our energy grow and we practice even harder.” - Sungjae

“It felt like as singers, we often gain strength starting from fans. There are times where we felt tired spending the night working on schedules, but seeing fans waiting outside for a long period and giving their cheers make us stronger.” - Peniel

BTOB grows in capabilities, internally and externally. Rather than growing individually, BTOB grows as a team.

“Our thoughts, in particular, our self-management has become more thorough. We always think that we have to show our best and fittest look to everyone.” - Hyunsik

As time passes and as dreams become bigger, the members grow closer to each other.

“Our goal has been large since our debut. All the members are aiming for the top together. We do not focus on one place but we want to produce songs we want to sing as we grow older.” - Eunkwang

“Also, more than the future, we want to focus more on the present. We feel that understanding precisely and focusing on the current circumstances is an important thing to do right now. If we want to go further towards our dreams, we have to do our best now. That’s why we will put on a good stage for every performances.” - Changsub

BTOB who wants to do music that they like, and they who do music so that to gain recognition as singers, are the goals of the whole BTOB members.

“We want to come out with albums, everyone of them of high quality. Up till now, it has been like that, in the future too, we want to rise in an orderly manner. One day, we will be showing a BTOB that will grow this- big!” - Changsub

source: herald crop, translated by loveidacube

BTOB Eunkwang’s ‘Broad’ charms
Under the same house as BEAST, 4minute, there is rookie group by the name of BTOB. Take note of this group who will soon stand on the axis of the KPOP world. The more you know their charms, the more these charms will overflow. In particular, Seo Eunkwang’s charms are beyond imagination.

The point of Seo Eunkwang’s charm is ‘broad’. There are two things in which Eunkwang is ‘broad’ at. One is when he hits the high notes, and the other is definitely when he laughs. Being the main vocalist of the team, Seo Eunkwang laughs a lot, and that is why he has ‘broad’ charms.

For now, we shall unfold the ‘broad’ charms of leader Seo Eunkwang!


#. Read ‘Seo Eunkwang’ as 볼매 (The more you look at him, the charmer he is)

Debuted March last year, BTOB has been a hot topic for becoming a group that links to BEAST. BTOB’s support further came from their vocal capabilities. And the figure that contributes a large portion of vocals is none other than Seo Eunkwang, who possesses a broad vocal range.

Although he is the eldest in the team, Eunkwang leaves lots of cute messages to fans through BTOB’s official SNS, not forgetting to show lots of bizarre expressions and poses that easily makes one laugh.

Standing on stage, he showcases his explosive vocals. Off stage, Seo Eunkwang appeals to fans like a friendly Oppa. And, that’s the reason why fans read Seo Eunkwang as ‘볼매’


#. Eunkwang’s aegyo attack and horror

One of Eunkwang’s charms is none other than his aegyo. But most of his aegyos come with a horror effect. He may be the leader of BTOB, but Eunkwang often puts that position down and throws some aegyo with his ‘Huk’ sound.

Every time that happens, members would go “Eunkwang-hyung’s aegyo is scary even in our dreams”, jokingly showing their close relationship.


#. What are rejects? I’m a humble icon

Eunkwang is a person that does not get angry easily. As a leader, he has a concerned personality but when you asked him, he’d say, “The members know my personality well, so I don’t have much problems”. Indeed, this man comes with a kind personality.

Eunkwang is known for his modesty and at the same time, his nosiness (?). At the waiting room filled with idols waiting to go on music programs, Eunkwang will play a role like the President of Women, and introduce himself to idols he’s not close with. When asked why he does so, he said, “Isn’t it better to know each other?”, answering with his innocent smile.

# The woman who marries me will be blissful!

On a rainy day recently, BTOB has held an interview with OSEN. We met up with Eunkwang. We asked about his views on love relationships. His first words were, “The women that dates me will definitely be very happy,” his strong self confidence will surely gain loves from females.

However, unfortunate(?) Eunkwang had just one girlfriend during his school days. Self-proclaimed ‘pure guy’ said that he was too sad to do anything after the breakup. And that’s the reason why he’s careful when looking for a girlfriend now.

“I’m that all-in style when it comes to love relationships. Like an idiot. I’m definitely far from being a bad guy. If I have a person that I love, I will really make her a happy woman. But I’m really careful when it comes to love now. Haha”
source: osen, tranlsated by loveindacube

also, happy b'day to Ilhoon!
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