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Heechul On Sohee, WGM, Quitting Smoking, Nose Surgeries, And Sungmin + Jaejoong

Heechul was a special guest on the October 3 installment of SBS's radio program 'Park So Hyun's Love Game'.

On this day, he confirmed that Wonder Girls member Sohee was still his ideal type, saying, "I have seen many other girl group members, but there is no one like Sohee."  It is true that Sohee has a very unique charm and charisma.

Park So Hyun revealed that EXO's Xiumin was known to look very similar to Sohee.  She said they really did look a lot alike in person.  She went even further, saying she discovered someone who looked like a combination of Xiumin and Sohee.  This turned out to be none other than Ladies' Code's maknae, Zuny.

Heechul also revealed later on that he considered joining MBC's 'We Got Married' and even had a meeting with the production crew.  He said that if he were on the program, he would probably end up dating whoever played his wife on the show.  If they were to break up, the show could either fire him or get a new girl.  He jokingly said he would probably be greatly criticized.

When asked about Super Junior activities, Heechul said, "I don't know when we'll be making our comeback, but we are continuing to practice.  It's hard since I haven't practiced dancing in a while."

Check out the video above to watch him on the radio program!  He talks about Sohee around 4:19 and 'We Got Married' around 9:18.

On October 3rd, Heechul appeared on SBS's radio program 'Park So Hyun's Love Game'. Here he revealed many different things about himself, surprising some of his fans whom he hadn't been able to update as much during his time away from the entertainment scene.

During one part of the show, he revealed, "During my break from activities, I succeeded in quitting smoking." When asked what prompted him to make the decision, Heechul said, "I've been thinking I should quit and around that time, a person I had my eye on said that it'd be good for me to stop smoking."

But what really convinced him to quit was the status of his gums. He warned others who smoke as he said, "Once your gums start changing colors, they don't go back to how they used to be. Normally they would be pink, but after you smoke a long time, they start turning purple. It's not attractive. Sometimes you'll even see girls who looks so pretty on the outside and then they'll smile and you'll see purple gums. I started noticing that my gums started look kind of purple. It's not attractive at all, so I recommend quitting."

In addition, while he was answering questions sent in by fans, he answered "no" to the comment that read "Kim Heechul is completely natural, he's never had any type of procedure or surgery". He explained, "My nose got broken before so it was crooked. While I was working as a public service officer, I got surgery to correct it. But the bridge of my nose became a little flatter than before. The doctor told me that because that part was where it broke, if I wanted to return my nose bridge to its original height, I'd have to get fillers or silicone injected. But I was scared about doing that, so I didn't."

Heechul, who is known for being quite a pretty boy, also revealed that he thought Super Junior's Sungmin and JYJ's Jaejoong were the only male celebrities prettier than himself.

He explained, "Sungmin is pretty because he's very cute; Jaejoong looks like a haughty cat."

He further said, "I never met a woman prettier than I am.  I don't really get the concept of 'pretty.'  Maybe it's because I hold my face to be the standard, but I rarely looked at a girl and thought she was pretty."

Edit with excerpts of translated transcript:

  • Heenim: "There was once, all the public service guys (in the army) were gathered together in the morning. We were just gathered and sitting down, when next to me some young guy next to me greeted me saying, "Hyung, annyeong haseyo" so I thought he was just a fan, and greeted him back.

  • But he suddenly said, "Hyung, don't you remember me? A long time ago, before you guys debuted, in front of your dorms, when Hankyung-hyung was walking past, me and my friends were cursing at him in Mandarin, so (Heechul) hyung and a few others ran towards us and grabbed us and gave us a huge scolding."

  • When he said that, I suddenly remembered, ah yes I did such a thing! Then the boy said, "Hyung, back then I was scolded so badly by you guys" and "I was young back then, I'm really sorry." And we ended up saying Fighting! to each other." cr. AllRiseXiahtic

[Some interesting stuff]

HC: I texted Park SoHyeon-sii on the way here. 'Noona! I'm gonna sing!' like this. I was preparing but they said they haven't set up a microphone! Oh no! What a radio show!

SH: Is SoHee still your ideal type?
HC: Yes. I haven't changed my mind.^^ SoHee is a symbol of my heart. It's difficult to change my ideal type. I've seen lots of other girls groups but something about Sohee is different. There's no one like Sohee.

SH: Is there any programs that you wanted to join during 2 years of public service?
HC: If I married 7 years ago, I almost could have joined "Appa Odi Ga" (* famous Korean TV program)… It's a shame!ㅋㅋㅋ

SH: We wanted to see Heechul's acting. Do you have any plan of acting?
HC: I love to do but I have so many things to do for nowㅋㅋ If I had chance to do, I love to play a role which Cha Tae-hyun-sii is doing.

HC: You know, there's a contract period for us. Our contract is about to expire soon. So we are discussing seriously like if we stay all stay… or if we leave then all leave…. It's a long way off and it's very difficult to say officially, you know.

Love Game's Audience Q&A

Q: An idol who you think is prettier than you?
HC: O. Super Junior member Sungmin-ssi!
PSH: So you thought of Sungmin-ssi. I thought you would say Kyuhyun-ssi
HC: Eh? Are you sure you know all our members names? you didn't confused (their names)?
PSH: Ah of course. Or is it not? Is it just me?
HC: (i choose) sungmin-ssi and JYJ Kim Jaejoong-ssi. If Jaejoong-ssi is somewhat like a snob girl who is like a fierce cat, then Sungmin-ssi is a foxy-like girl. He's really cute too.

Q: When are we able to see Heechul Oppa on stage in Korea?
HC: I don't know when it will be still I practiced today, too ^^ I'm so tired since it's been a long timeㅋㅋㅋ I've got to begin somewhere and I'm practicing.

Q: Have you ever had girl friend going out for more than 100days?
HC: No. This is a real story and I used to think that I don't care if not lasting long with GF. But I realized it's kind of sad. So I wanted to become romantically involved with someone during public service but I couldn't.

Q: Kim Heechul has a cute side!
HC: Yes! I think I became more like this since I've met GunHee.

Q: Do you think Sohee is prettier than pretty Sulli?
HC: Yes! I hang out with Sulli-sii a lot and I always say that " You are really ugly without make-ups!" lol We can hang out like a brother and a sister because Sulli is not pretty ㅋㅋㅋ

Q: Do you want to be a executive board of SME?

HC: No!! I'm simply not that type. I'm incapable of managing juniors like Leeteuk-ssi and Kangin-sii. ^^

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It's commendable that he chose to quit smoking himself, no matter what reason. People should cut him some slack, so what if he quit largely due to cosmetic reasons as opposed to health ones? For someone who is as aware of his appearance as he is, it's perfectly understandable. Everyone who smokes knows it's bad for their health, more often than not people quit because of yellowing teeth/smoker's lips.
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