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[Rumor Mill] Entertainment Radar (with guesses)

1. Top actress A is earning some criticism for her active dating life. For the past few years, A has been involved in quite a few dating scandals but none that were brought to public light. Earlier this year, industry reps actually found out the identities of the men she's dated, causing her image to downgrade to an 'easy woman'. Even among other fellow actors, A's active dating life is on the chopping block. One rep said, "There's no end to A's tastes. From stars to even 'normal' celebrities, she's dated them all." B also shocked the people around him by revealing, "She dated me for three years but it seems she dated others during that time as well."

2. There are many actresses who enjoy posting up selcas, two being C and D in particular. They put up a lot of fan service on Twitter through their selcas whether they're working or on hiatus, but the one thing they both have in common is that the progress of their plastic surgery treatments can be clearly seen. Their dramatic transformation can be seen in their jaws, noses, and eyes. One insider said, "I can understand why they'd want to document their faces so much since I'd be shocked myself seeing myself so changed every time I came out of surgery. Women who get breast surgery often become addicted to taking bikini photos."

3. Hallyu star E seems to be in a bit of a curse. Ever since he moved companies, he hasn't been having anything go his way. The drama he worked hard on suffered low viewer ratings and his albums haven't been doing all that well either. He crossed a bit of a line on a variety show recently, causing viewers to criticize his antics, and it seems that his company is making the wrong move by pushing an image that doesn't fit onto his originally simple and guy-next-door image. Insiders said, "E's charms are starting to look fake and pressuring in the hands of his new management. The only thing this company has given him is his dark circles."

4. It hasn't been that long since rookie actress F has started to get a taste of some fame but already she's showing signs of a haughty attitude. F regularly ignored the orders of her PD and claimed the drama's success to be dependent on her once it started doing well. Lately, F has toned it down a notch, presumably because she's getting used to her new work environment with her latest drama. Staff who previously worked with her said that she's a hard worker, leading others to cock their heads in confusion since they know she's not one to give in so easily.


1. [+236, -32] Plastic surgery selcas must be Park Min Young and Lee Da Hae

2. [+207, -23] I think Park Min Young is either C or D

3. [+78, -7] E is totally Hyun Joong from Barefoot Friends

4. [+67, -6] Poor Kim Hyun Joong... At least when he promoted as an idol group, he was able to make up for what he lacked with his face, personality, and image. He would've sweeped Japan with KARA if he stayed with DSP but he's been hitting the floor ever since he changed companies. No one really cared about anything he did this year...

5. [+67, -33] The first one sounds like Song Hye Gyo.

6. [+58, -2] F = Ha Yeon Soo??

7. [+55, -35] Could A be Song Hye Gyo? She's quite famous for that... even dated Kang Dong Won and Won Bin.

8. [+46, -2] The only one I'm 100% positive on is Kim Hyun Joong

9. [+44, -14] A can't be Song Hye Gyo because it says that none of her relationships went public... She's been in a lot of public relationships, especially with Lee Byung Hun.

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