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T-ara reveal image from MV filming site, "Six united girls"

Girl group T-ara has disclosed pictures from their "Number Nine" comeback song music video filming.

6-membered T-ara revealed a cute picture of T-ara on the 4th. The members were in their costumes and said "We are finally coming back in our own country after a long time, so our hearts are nervous."

T-ara's music video shoot will be over two days, October 4-5, with the first day being completed today.

T-ara hope that "Number Nine" can be popular throughout Korea with it's two contrasting appeals. The performance and music video is also supposed to be spectacular and is directed by Zanybros Hong Wongki.

T-ara will comeback first at the Hallyu Dream Concert on the 6th, and then have their broadcast TV comeback on the 10th which is the same day they will release their 5-song mini album.

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