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Key on the chopping block for 'Bonnie & Clyde' cancellation due to SHINee's schedule

SHINee's Key is on the chopping block because of a scheduled musical cancellation due to his team's promotions. Currently starring in the musical 'Bonnie & Clyde', the performance scheduled for the 10th had to be canceled because it overlapped with SHINee's comeback schedule.

A representative of the musical said to MBN Star, "Because of SHINee's comeback pre-recording, we had no choice but to cancel the musical performance. We refunded the audience members who requested it and rescheduled it for the 25th. Although we have Um Ki Joon, Han Ji Sang, and Park Hyung Shik in the same role, it is impossible to switch out the cast due to schedules already being confirmed. Especially in the case of Key, him being an idol means that the majority of the ticket sales are his fans so it's difficult to switch him out for someone else."

It will be difficult for Key to avoid controversy since an entire day's performance was canceled due to his personal schedule. Idol singers have been on the chopping block nonstop not only due to their lack of acting talents but for showing up late to practice, causing criticism to pour about musicals using idols purely for marketing purposes.

Another musical rep said, "As a musical includes a cast of 20 or so actors, there are some schedule changes between one or two members of the cast but it's extremely rare for an entire day's performance to be canceled. There seems to have been an issue of balance between the company and the producers."

As for Key's case, musical reps have expressed that the situation is ridiculous considering that he had ample time to work the matter out before it had to be canceled. SM Entertainment uploaded a notice on the homepage apologizing for the cancellation and for asking for their fans' understanding.


1. [+1,026, -33] Nam Kyung Joo/Park Hae Mi said on Radio Star that idols are just being stuck into musicals even while knowing that they won't have enough rehearsal time to dedicate to it. This is why people are so against idols in musicals.

2. [+875, -35] SM still hasn't learned........ ㅋㅋ

3. [+809, -145] Yeah, I kinda thought he had attitude issues on Radio Star ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+138, -9] Honestly, when Park Hyung Shik asked Key on Radio Star why he didn't use the musical style of vocalization, I was really disappointed with Key's reply... He said that fans already knew his vocalization style and he thought it'd be funny if he tried to force it... I just remember thinking that he was treating his musical performance like some kind of fan service. There's nothing genuine about it... It's not only his fans that are there to watch him, there are people in the audience who want to see a real musical performance. I don't think he cares at all about the musical genre.

5. [+130, -5] Jessica pissed off Yoo Joon Sang with how late she was to the rehearsals ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fu*king SM, stop sticking your kids everywhere

6. [+91, -9] SM's really going to get it at this rate...

7. [+86, -4] What is SM doing ㅡㅡ Shows how much disrespect SM has for the musical industry

8. [+74, -5] SM's menace: Krystal (The Heirs), Yunho (Man From the Stars), Go Ara (Reply 1994), Sulli (Pirate).. A pity for the other cast members ㅡㅡ

9. [+65, -6] I personally love Key but... I'm against idols entering the movie,d rama, musical industry unless they have outstanding talent in those genres... It'd be best for Key to just quit and have someone more talented and deserving take his place. Key, just stick to SHINee...

10. [+56, -3] Even from the perspective of a fan, this is wrong;; Whether it's Kibum's fault for SM's fault, it's just wrong.

11. [+53, -6] I was so disappointed with Key on Radio Star. A musical stage is not an Inkigayo stage. A musical stage calls for different vocalization techniques... when he said that he sings as he normally does because he thinks his fans will laugh at him, I really questioned why an idol was being used in a musical in the first place.

12. [+46, -4] Can SM please just stick to singing... Ruins musicals, ruins dramas, ruins variety shows... Every single time their artists have done anything but singing promotions, they've been on the chopping block without fail.

Source: Netizenbuzz
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